Raw is in Atlanta, GA tonight and we kick off things with the American Nightmare.

Cody comes out with white hair to start things off and talks up Brock Lesnar before pointing out that Michelle Rhodes is here tonight. Shortly after Cody finishes his diatribe, Lesnar’s music plays, and then peters out. It starts again as Rhodes gets closer to the entranceway and doesn’t stop once Rhodes exits. Brock then tosses a chair out before decimating Cody on the way back to the ring. An F5 and Kimura in front of Mama Rhodes finishes the action, followed by Brock accepting Cody’s challenge.

And I’m sure all the degenerates are saying, “if this was the Attitude Era…”

Matt Riddle vs. Gunther

Sigh. Oh Riddle…

Very solid match between these two… ahem… ring generals.

More great power stuff from Gunther who ragdolls Riddle for much of the match. The two trade submissions a few times but nothing really that threatening. Eventually, Gunther hits the Powerbomb for the win

Winner: Gunther

Post match, Gunther got on top of the announce desk and cut a hell of a good promo.

Before we go to the Women’s Tags, the champs are interviewed backstage. End result is Rhea Ripley getting involved and injuring Raquel. Rhea doesn’t have an opponent for Summer Slam yet, right?

Judgement Day is in the ring next for segment two of the night, hopefully this won’t be the start of a same trend as last week. Rhea takes the mic and talks up Dom’s challenge to Wes Lee for the North American Championship. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens interrupt the proceedings. Damian Priest calls for the champs to put their belts on the line.

Sonya Deville/Chelsea Green vs. Liv Morgan/Raquel Rodriguez (Women’s Tag Team Title Match)

Before the match, Raquel is checked out by doctors and goes against unofficial recommendation for the match to be postponed.

Deville starts off smartly by going after the injury. Morgan comes in (because she should be in there in the first place). Morgan goes into peril mode. Green with the Unprettyher for two. A second Unprettyher and knee strike combo means another title swtich. Believe it or not, this is Deville’s first championship in WWE.

Winners and NEW champs: Sonya Deville/Chelsea Green

Next up is a Seth Rollins sit-down interview. The interview doesn’t last long before Finn Balor intervenes. End result is the two squaring off at Summer Slam.

Viking Raiders vs. Alpha Academy (Viking Rules Match)

In case you’re curious, Viking rules is basically no rules. Titus O’Neil is out for some extra analysis.

The viking boat attachment is back out. Ivar goes for a springboard but Otis catches him and nails a slam in a very strong spot.

More great action and the women get involved as expected. Maxine takes out Valhalla with a Crossbody, only to end up on the short end thanks to a spear through a table. Final comes with Otis eating a double Powerbomb.

Good variety match but does nothing in the longrun.

Winners: Viking Raiders

Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross

Elegant squash.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Post match, Ronda Rousey appears in the crowd and delivers a rebutal promo, which in theory is fine but she delivers it like a heel. This angle has the roles confused and as a result comes off very flat.

Backstage, Ricochet challenges Logan Paul to a faceoff next week.

Back to the ring we go and it’s time for Miz TV with Becky Lynch as guest. We get what’s expected here – Lynch has to go through Zoey Stark to get a match with Stratus at SummerSlam. This “Final Boss” method has played out way too often and it’s pretty boring.

Bronson Reed vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Decent Match until Tomasso Ciampa interferes to get revenge on Reed. Nakamura doesn’t take kindly to the interference though, and clocks Ciampa (understandably).

Winner: Bronson Reed (DQ)

Backstage, Nakamura says he’s tired of people running interference in his matches.

The Quebec Connection vs. Judgement Day (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

Rollins neutralizes Balor on the outside before the match begins and Liv Morgan takes out Ripley mid-match to nullify her presence. I guess we’re getting a delay on Raquel (maybe she has a legit injury?).

Strong match as you’d expect from the champs and Priest, and Dom is… well… Dom. Helluva Kick gets the faces the duke.

Winners: The Quebec Connection


Until next time, Stay Classy.