Well, Alex Kane said with much determination and certainty that he will become the new World Heavyweight Champion after beating Hammerstone’s historic title defenses. Quite frankly, I saw it coming, but I also didn’t.

Let me explain. When you fight hard enough for something you want, there’s a possibility that you’ll achieve or obtain it. To my dismay, I believed that Kane would win, while also not wanting him to because of his arrogant opinion of himself. Regardless of what I want, Kane is the new Champion.

Also, finally seeing some secret revelations such as Kane’s business partner being Don King. Oof. We’re getting somewhere.

We’re about to witness a press conference with Kane and Mr. Thomas right after Never Say Never. “I told y’all since day one this was going to happen!” Funnily enough, he mentions that there was a bit of doubt as if he was reading my mind, yet I was only 50/50 per cent on his side as well as against.

The very thing I was paying attention to was how tired and sweaty Kane looked. Damn, his eyes seem a little red to me. Ha!

Taya Valkyrie vs. Delmi Exo (c) – World Featherweight Championship rematch

Earlier tonight, Valkyrie makes it very apparent that she is ready for her rematch against Exo. There’s a reason why they call her “La Wera Loca” being that she’s a crazy white girl, as the translation kindly informed me. Never doubted that for a second.

Although Taya reveals that she believes that Delmi has potential, she’s cute and all, Valkyire wants to kill and add her to her mountain of discarded bodies.

“I’m the craziest b*tch you’ll ever meet, and I’ll prove it tonight.” she says as she blows a kiss to the scene.

Delmi has Taya momentarily trapped until her opponent switches places with her, so Valkyrie ends up delivering massive chops to the champ’s chest.

Valkyrie escapes an incoming attack only to receive a much harder one later. She retaliates by whipping Delmi into a post then rams her against the apron. Valkyrie was the much more dominant one in this match as she previously told us.

Exo attempts to fight back, but Taya quickly puts her down on her ass. Delmi does manage to put some separation between them with a backstabber then later drop kicks Valkyrie from the top rope for another near fall. One of the many thus far.

Taya decides to pull out one of her more vicious moves such as the curb stomp, especially with Delmi’s neck injury, it was more effective. The champ ventures to end Taya with the Delmi Driver, yet couldn’t lift Valkyrie up since she’s running low on strength.

However, Delmi places Taya in the Fugima arm bar after a ridiculous distraction attempt from Hennigan as her opponent taps awarding Exo the chance to retain.

I do believe Taya could have won if Hennigan didn’t feel like inserting himself. AGAIN.

Winner: Delmi Exo

The week that followed after Mister Saint Laurent betrayed MicroMan along with Davey Boy Smith Jr.’s help of all people, he revealed a new addition to MLW at Never Say Never in the second round of the 2023 Draft being Matt Cardona.

In Round One of the Draft, Kevin Blackwood has been invited into the world of blood, sweat, tears and medical bills. Now, we await who else will be enlisted into MLW in Round Three. And it’s none other than O’Shay Edwards, who’s already part of the Bomaye Fight Club.

Ken Broadway vs. TJ Crawford

Broadway came out of the gate teasing Crawford by imitating John Cena’s “You can’t see me.” bit, which encouraged TJ to deliver a chop to his chest. Unfortunately, that momentum was immediately squished by an incoming shoulder tackle.

Crawford makes a comeback with a big boot to Broadway right on the jaw of the man. He practically snaps Ken’s left leg then plants him on his back for a near win.

Oof! Broadway turns Crawford inside out with a brutal clothesline that isn’t followed by a cover that may have granted him a victory. Ha!

Crawford manages to shake that off with a missile drop kick from the top. He attempts to send Ken a brain buster, yet his opponent counters with a punch to the back of his head.

Broadway wins with a move called Traplex, paying homage to his friend and trainer.

Winner: Ken Broadway

I’m mad. The Samoan SWAT Team’s Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau haven’t been World Tag Team Champions for long. Maybe three weeks at most before getting beat by Rickey Shane Page and Akira, making Akira a double Champion given his still the World Middleweight Champion.

Now I know those Championships aren’t going to be removed from their waists as easily as one would think. It’ll be much harder. But it does make sense they lost, if I must admit this. Although they retained their titles against all previous challengers, Anoa’i and Finau haven’t faced Page and Akira.

They bring the more dark and messed up parts of life to your face.

On other news, the brackets for the 2023 Opera Cup tournament has been sacked and prepped. The fight starts next week with Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Calvin Tankman then two weeks later, we have Tracy Williams vs. Tony Deppen.

John Hennigan vs. Lio Rush vs. Willie Mack – Triple Threat Contenders Clash match

Before the match even started, Sam Adonis and Mance Warner were facing each other after a week from their Country Whipping match on Saturday. Not surprising given I also said “Oh, no.”

Ha! Just when the fight was going somewhere, both Lio and John tuck and roll out of the ring after knowing precisely who they’re dealing with. Willie Mack’s power.

Once they finally get their balls tightened, Rush and Hennigan team up to weaken Willie. That only lasts a few minutes after they roll Mack onto the main floor, Lio quickly stacks Hennigan up.

While Mack was unavailable, Lio had the upper hand against Hennigan for a while till his opponent rocks him back too. Willie climbs back, Hennigan and Rush band together to deliver a unified clothesline, Mack crashes through the barrier and their bodies later on.

Hennigan shocks me, but not commentary as he gains the momentum by ploughing through Mack. Willie musters some power to deliver a Samoan Drop on Hennigan.

Lio stops Willie from getting the win by body splashing on both men. He continues his onslaught with chops to Mack’s chest. Lio thought, and so did I, that that slingshot using his legs against Willie would put him down, but it nearly did.

It was amazing.

Mack rocks Rush by hoisting him up then delivering a thunderous blow to his jaw. Damn, that slapping sound.

He even shows impressive agility when he sends a Step-Up Enziguri to Hennigan’s back when he was about to do whatever it is he was planning from the second rope.

Lio uses his great speed to suicide dive both Willie and John.

The Bad Child, unfortunately, misses with a frog splash instead receives a Stunner from Mack. Willie looks to do the same to Hennigan, John pushes him away, Adonis grabs ahold of Mack’s ankle, Hennigan uses that to miss and hit Sam, which allows Mack to quickly roll him up for a victory.

I guess the power couple has been doing nothing but lose today. Ha! Watch out, Kane.

Winner: Willie Mack


TOP PHOTO: Mack pinning Hennigan. Courtesy of MLW