Is Hulk-A-Mania set to run wild again?

According to a report by The Sun in the UK, the Hulkster could be training for an in-ring return.

Although there were reports last year that Hogan was suffering from paralysis due to back surgery a representative denied the claims. The news circulated after Kurt Angle stated that is what Hogan told him backstage during Raw’s 30th anniversary episode.

After cutting out alcohol and going on a steady diet of water and organic food Hogan has reportedly lost 40 pounds and his health has improved greatly. He has also gone back to working out every day.

Word is that Hogan would love to take on either of the World’s Strongest Man winners Eddie Hall or Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson in the squared circle.

Muscle and Health editor Danni Levy met with Hogan and spoke to The Sun about Hogan’s plans and his progress.

“Eddie and Thor are both super strong and their size can’t be matched, but when it comes to aesthetics, Hulk could put most 30-year-olds to shame. Wrestling is all about technique and I’d love to see Eddie or Thor take on Hulk — that would make for an interesting match that’s for sure!” she said.

Levy hosted the World’s Heaviest Boxing Fight’ event last year which pitted Hall against Bjornsson. Bjornsson won.

The 69-year-old Hogan hasn’t wrestled since 2012. He, James Storm and Sting defeated Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle during the TNA Maximum IMPACT Tour in 2012.

TOP PHOTO: Hulk Hogan, Twitter.