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I’m not one to jump to conclusions, so I won’t say who will reign victorious between Valkyrie and Exo in their title match, but I will say that a lot of pain will be inflicted before either of them wins. And that’s what we’re here for.

Lince Dorado (c) vs. Lio Rush vs. Akira – Triple Threat World Middleweight Championship match

While Dorado was making his entrance, Akira attacks him from behind in hopes to get some misguided upper hand. The match begins between Rush and Akira since Lince was still on the floor after that powerbomb delivered to him earlier.

Lio rocks Akira down with a strong Step-Up Enziguri and enters into a failed cover. That gave Lince enough time to finally climb into this fight. Once he’s in, Dorado delivers unmeasurable pain to his opponents.

Akira attempts to lodge the Kamura Clutch onto Lince, but the champ had his hand on the rope. However, that didn’t stop Akira from dragging Dorado away from his salvation in order to trap him in the center of the ring while resuming the same maneuver. Lucky for Lince, Lio breaks the hold to save his own interests.

Dorado delivers a handspring Cutter to Akira just as Lio adds the GTFOH for good measure and to not be outdone.

Lio looks to leap from the top, but he gets interrupted by Akira’s punch to his head. Dorado comes back into the fold to deliver a DDT and an arm lock to Akira. The submission was exposure for Lio to body slam his opponents.

Rush was unable to connect with a leg drop of some sort on Akira, then he gets kicked in the face by Dorado, sending him wobbling outside. Akira takes that opportunity to perform the Death Penalty to Lince so fast that I didn’t understand what was happening and becomes the new World Middleweight Champion.

…….. these dots represent my confusion.

Winner: Akira 

Here I thought the audio issues that were happening was my fault, but no, it’s them. Ha! Taya was trying to speak from what I can see. So never mind that.

Jacob Fatu has been cleared from medical, but he decided to pick his moments wisely. So, he’ll be here next week to face John Hennigan like he was meant to a month ago for the National Openweight Championship. Yay!

On other news, there’s been chatter online because of a mysterious video left by The Calling. Raven was talking about resurrection of an unknown woman wrapped in plastic. I thought that could be Brittany Blake, but I’m not sure. Oof. We’re in for a weird one.

Willie Mack vs. Sam Adonis

Mack dodges a quick attack from Adonis then pursues to punch Sam in the head like Whack-A-Mole. Ha! Both Adonis and Hennigan attempt to destabilize Willie by surrounding him, but the second John scurries off, Adonis meets with a couple of right hands again followed by a chop.

Adonis gains the upper hand by punching Willie, place him into a headlock then a massive shoulder tackle. Willie may have clipped his knee while avoiding Adonis with a leap frog. Sam notices that little defect and momentarily capitalizes on it prior to being run over by Willie.

Willie continues to impress when he manages to outmatch Adonis with every attempt he makes to plough Mack down despite the agony in his knee.

Adonis and Mack start a small brawl in the middle of the ring, rocking the other back and forth. A combination of right hands and chops.

Hennigan interferes by grabbing onto Willie’s leg, so Mack swats him off. That may have been well and good, but once Mack turns his attention back to Adonis, he’s left dizzy. Adonis climbs to the top and delivers a winning 450 splash.

Even with the victory, Adonis still felt like being rude to Mance Warner for being interviewed during his moment of glory. Mance spits some Light Beer in Adonis’ face and enters into a 2-on-1 fight involving a leather strap.

Winner: Sam Adonis

“You know we don’t fight for free,” says Alex Kane, so if someone could pin or submit him, they’ll receive a cash prize in the Big Apple Grapple.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Delmi Exo – World Featherweight Championship match

During the starting points of this match, Taya has been mostly mocking Delmi for even bothering to step up. She shoved Exo’s face just to prove her statement. We still don’t know what’s Taya’s problem with Delmi’s name.

Delmi finally manages to get Valkyrie with a drop kick, which temporarily concerns the champion.

Valkyrie comes back by dropping Delmi face first against the apron, showing her more vicious side as the match continues. As well as her tag teaming with her husband while she distracts the official, John uses his foot to slightly choke Delmi near the stairs.

Valkyrie drops a double heel against Delmi’s lower stomach before entering into a failed cover. She proceeds to place Exo in a form of headlock.

Delmi narrowly evades an incoming tackle as she sends Taya’s shoulder into the post. She impressed commentary with a Fisherman suplex, yet there was a moment where she started to panic because of Valkyrie’s fast kick out from the Pile Driver.

Valkyrie allows the coming elbow strikes from Delmi, pushing her into a corner, but that exhausts more out of the challenger than the champ. Delmi looks to do a fifth strike, yet she meets with a big boot and a Blue Thunderbomb.

Hennigan interrupts again while Delmi had Taya in a potentially winning roll up, alas, who cares? Valkyrie loses slight momentum due to her accidently punch towards her husband. The crowd notices that little mishap and chants: “You f*cked up!”

Delmi surprises Taya with the Delmi Driver and reigns as the new World Featherweight Champion. If I’m being honest, I wanted Valkyrie to retain. You can sue me later.

Winner: Delmi Exo


TOP PHOTO: Dekmi Exo holding her new Championship. Courtesy of MLW