Greetings and salutations! What a wild week its been in the world of Impact Wrestling. The Motor City Machine Guns now rule Impact Wrestling as Chris Sabin won the X-Division title and Alex Shelley won the Impact Championship. We are firmly on the road to Slammiversary on July 15 so I expect us to really build towards that. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Motor City Guns Talk…

The MCMG guns are ready to celebrate after a successful Against All Odds. Sabin talked first and he aid that this has been a dream come true for both he and Shelley. Shelley talked about how he felt he mentored World Champions but was never one himself. Shelley declared this the Machine Gun era of Impact Wrestling. Nick Aldis is out and is across the ring from his Slammiversary opponent. Aldis said that the three of them said what they said they would do at Against All Odds, with Aldis winning the 8-4-1 match to become #1 contender, Sabin winning the X-Division Championship, and  Shelley becoming World Champion. Aldis then gives Shelley credit because Shelley took him under his wing when he started in Impact.

Cue Trey Miguel to come out. Trey said that people forgot to show his respect. Kenny King and is out, soon after that Gisele Shaw and her crew are out. Shaw made mention that the red carpet was rolled out for Trinity and Aldis and that Shelley, Sabin and Purrazzo don’t deserve their titles. Cue Trinity to come out and she gets in Shaw’s face. This obviously is the time for Deonna Purrazzo to come out. With all the top stars of Impact wrestling out right now, we ned Santino Marella to keep things calm as the Director of Authority. Santino announced a 10-person tag main event with Aldis, MCMG, Trinity, and Purrazzo against King, Miguel, Jean, Evans, and Shaw.

In the back Steve Maclin talks about how long it took him to become Word Champion, and how he feels he should still the champion.

A recap of OVE defeating The Design was shown. Deaner blames Angels for the loss. Angels blamed Deaner for the loss, and Kon screamed for them to stop arguing, saying this is what Callihan wanted them to be doing. Kon said they needed to claim what was theres…

Rich Swann VS Moose

Swann used his speed against Moose but eventually Moose caught up to Swann with a Powerbomb that really slowed him down. Moose with an Uranage for a 2-count. Swann ended up at ringside trying to catch a break but Moose stalked his prey and pushed Swann to the ring post. Moose with some chops on an exhausted Swann. Moose goes for a third but Swann moves out of the way and chops the ring post. Swann gets back into the ring and Moose still stalks him and meets Swann at the top rope to hit a Superplex. Moose now on the top rope and goes for a Crossbody but Swann hits a Cutter on Moose for a 2-count.

With Moose down on the mat again, Swann goes for a 450 Splash but Moose moves out of the way and hits Swann with a Discus Clothesline, then follows that up with a  Powerbomb. Moose is gearing up for a Spear, but Swann evades it and rolls him up into a Jackknife for the surprise win.

Winner: Rich Swann

Heath talks about his time in Impact Wrestling. Heath questions what is next for him and says that it’s time for him to let everyone know who he really is

Moose was shown walking and barely evades a door that was kicked by Brian Myers. Moose stops and Myers tells him that he had a rough night at Against All Odds. Moose didn’t like this as he is also mad about just losing. Myers admitted he hasn’t done too well lately as he hasn’t lead The Good Hands to the Tag Team Championships.  Myers tells Moose they might be able to beat ABC.

Bully Ray Files a Complaint

Bully Ray is shown with an official complaint about Scott D’Amore and he files it to Impact management. D’Amore said that the board recommended a leave of Absence for him since his behaviour lately hasn’t been becoming of a President. D’Amore then said that if he was still president, he wouldn’t be able to do what he’s about to do. D’Amore takes Ray down and punches him. Maclin comes out and attacks D’Amore down. Maclin and Ray put a chair across the throat of D’Amore and before Maclin could hit the chair to injure D’AMore, the lights go out and PCO appeared in the ring. D’Amore then announced that he was coming out of retirement to wrestle Bully Ray & Steve Maclin at Slammiversary with PCO as his tag team partner.

In the back, Steve Maclin and Bully Ray are chatting. Maclin tells Ray that he is worried of PCO. Ray told Maclin to act like a Marine and PCO is JUST a man. Frankie Kazarian shows up and said that PCO is just a guy who took them both out. Ray and Maclin get to Kazarian’s face, and Eddie Edwards shows up saying that he would have Kazarian’s back, even though they dont see face to face. Alisha Edwards was surprised that they were suddenly making peace, but it seems like Kazarian and Edwards might be on the same side for now.

Non-Title Match: ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) VS The Decayn (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)

back and firth match that didn’t last too long. Crazzy Steve threatened to bite the fingers of Chris Bey. Bey fights his way out and does the hot tag to Austin. The Hot tag momentum didn’t last too long as Black Taurus decks Austin to gain Momentum for The Decay. ABC get Seteve down and they are about to double team him, but Steve decks them both. We get some more back and forth action and ABC hit a Double Sole, followed by a 1-2-Sweet for the win.

Winners: ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Motor City Machine Guns meet up with ABC in the back after the match. MCMG say that they are happy that ABC are still champions, as the titles are in good hands. ABD tell MCMG that they are happy MCMG are X-Division and Impact Champs.

Gia Miller is with Bhupinder Gujjar. Gujjar puts over his upcoming episode of Diary. Dirty Dango walks in and doesn’t think anyone would watch that.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley), Nick Aldis, Deonna Purrazzo, & Trinity defeated Kenny King, Sheldon Jean, Trey Miguel, Gisele Shaw, & Savannah Evans

Purrazzo and Shaw start the match off. Shaw takes control of the match, and Trinity gets into the match. Shaw blocks a Bulldog and Trinity hit the mat and turnbuckle so hard. Sabin is in and Aldis tagged out to allow Jean to come in. Jean with a series of Elbows on Sabin. King tagged back in and had full control of Sabin. Sabin eventually hit a Tornado DDT and tagged Shelley in. Miguel and Shelley were the legal men. Miguel sends Shelley out, and all the hells attack Shelley. Back in the ring, Shelley made his way back in. Shelley and Miguel continue to battle it out and Shelley slams Miguel down. Shelley climbs to the top rope and Miguel greets him up there. The two battle it out and Shelley hits a Manhattan Drop on Miguel. Shelley quickly locked a Border City Stretch.

Its pandemonium in the ring as all the people are in the ring fighting. Jean hit a FLying Leg on Sabin, King accidentally hits Jean, Aldis takes out King. With Jean still down and out in the ring, and the legal man, Shelley hits Shell Shock for the win.

Winners:  The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley), Nick Aldis, Deonna Purrazzo, & Trinity

As the victors celebrate, Nick Aldis grabbed the Impact World Championship to hand it to Shelley but instead knocks him out with it and he poses with the belt to close the show.


Impact TV: June 15, 2023

We are getting a sense of the angles for Slammiversary and this was a very story heavy episode of Impact TV which was expected. The Main Event showcased the top stars of Impact right now. Match of the night goes to Swann and Moose