Cold open sees Rhea Ripley (with new music apparently) exchanging the SmackDown Women’s Championship for the new Women’s World Championship. Basically Seth’s belt with white leather. Mami chant breaks out during the presentation.

DumbDumb rushes out to affix the new strap which appears to be back to snaps, THANKFULLY.

DumbDumb mouths off until Cody’s music plays. He comes out to talk about stuff and challenges DumbDumb to a match at MITB. Rhea accepts on his behalf and Miz Attacks to no avail.

Cody Rhodes vs. Miz

Standard back and forth action to start between these two friends, with Rhodes getting the much better of the action. Miz finally gets the advantage on the outside with some chicanery.

Miz goes to work well, including taking a few shots to the injured arm. Cody reverses into a front Suplex drop, but ultimately is in trouble heading into the break.

Back from break, Rhodes quickly gains control, but the action goes back and forth ultimately. Basement DDT by Miz gets two. Goes for the SCF but Rhodes reverses out and hits the Cody Cutter. CrossRhodes wins it for Cody as we see that some of his blonde hair is suddenly red.

Finish would’ve been more in doubt if Miz has won a match… this month? This year?

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Backstage, Becky walks past various other Superstars, including Maxxine Dupree looking like she’s straight out of American Gladiators.

Becky’s out in the arena soon after. Explain why the Big Time Becks insignia is still part of the entrance?

Becky Lynch vs. Chelsea Green

Becky sounds off before the match begins, and draws out Zoey Stark. Apparently Trish didn’t make the trip this week. Chelsea comes out looking like a total goof.

Match finally starts and Lynch dominates early before we head to break. I’d complain about the break in the middle of the match but the segment was already running long from the various promos.

Green starts to dominate soon after the return to action and hits a cool standing stomp into the bottom turnbuckle.

Lynch takes over with a barrage of hits including a Superplex. Action spills out briefly but heads back in and we get a good series. Lynch reverses a pin into a weak-ass Disarm-Her for the W.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Backstage, Judgement Day are brooding.

Damian Priest vs. Matt Riddle (MITBĀ  Qualifier)

Fine back and forth action to start but the momentum just isn’t here for the match. Doesn’t help that the crowd is near dead, and that Riddle is a dirtbag.

Usual stuff from Riddle while Priest cuts him off at many passes.

Eventually Priest increases the intensity with rifling shots, but Riddle fires back with his standard stuff. The High Moves of Doom just don’t work anymore.

Riddle soon after shuts me up with a Bridging German for two.

Strike exchange looks great and the intensity is really picking up as we head into a mistimed break.

Back from break, Riddle goes for a series of submissions but can’t get the decision before Priest can escape each time. Headlock Driver gets two for Priest soon after.

Priest stops Riddle on the top rope and goes for the Super Razor’s Edge, but Riddle flips out and comes back with a Pop-Up Fisherman’s Suplex. Two count.

Priest eventually hits a Razor’s Edge after reversing a Quebrada attempt and, surprisingly, gets the pin with the tribute move.

This match started out extremely slow but picked up steam

Winner: Damian Priest

Post match, Ludwig Kaiser and Gunther come out. Priest stares them down to start but says the remaining morsels of Riddle are all Gunther’s. I’m not at all excited for Riddle vs. Gunther, but Priest in the challenger position? Now that’s intriguing.

Cathy Kelley talks with Cody about the upcoming match against DumbDumb.

Elsewhere backstage, Byron Saxton interviews Natalya says that being herself hasn’t gotten her anywhere. I guess she’s going mellow like Lisa Simpson. Saxton then talks with the Quebec Connection before Imperium interrupts. End result is a match for the gold.

Elsewhere backstage, Jinder Mahal challenges the remnants of the Hurt Business.

Bronson Reed vs. Ricochet

Reed does the bigman stuff very well and has an answer for Ricochet at every turn. Nakamura comes out to perhaps distract the big man but it does little to change the tide.

Ricochet hits a few Lucha-style moves but it doesn’t do the job. Reed goes for up for the Tsunami but Nakamura breaks it up for the DQ (odd for a face, yes).

Winner: Bronson Reed (DQ win)

Post-match, Ricochet is upset with Nakamura but the two get back on the same page in time to deliver a Double Superplex on Reed.

Backstage, Zayn tries to cool Kevin Owens down, while elsewhere Balor heads to the ring. He quickly calls out Seth Rollins, who obliges. The two go back into their history book, as Rollins says Balor is finally ready for the match. End result is the two squaring off at MITB.

Racquel Rodriguez vs. Shayna Baszler

Rodriguez dominates early before Baszler can start her limb work, going after the leg and knee first.

Rodriguez attempts a comeback but is stopped by Rousey’s distraction, which was enough for Baszler to end this very short match with a roll-up

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Chad Gable vs. Erik

Another shortie. Sunset flip ends this uneventful match in a hurry.

Winner: Chad Gable

Backstage, Finn Balor and JD McDonagh are chatting until Priest comes into the picture

Quebec Connection vs. Imperium (Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match)

Excellent longer match which unfortunately is overshadowed in the sports world as the Denver Nuggets claim the NBA Championship. Hard to not be distracted at this point in the broadcast when Nikoa Jocic is rewarded for one of the most dominant high-pressure performances in athletics.

Great near falls on both sides, and for a while it seemed like a title change was inevitable; but Matt Riddle, much to my chagrin, makes his presence known. This distracts Gunther, leaving Kaiser vulnerable. Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for the duke, which I believe is a first for him in WWE.

Winners: Quebec Connection

Strong episode tonight against VERY tough competition from the NBA. Hard to imagine anything but a disastrous rating for Raw, despite a strong showing. Hopefully they get lots of good follow-up on social media.

Until next time, Stay Classy.