Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart can now add star on Canada’s Walk of Fame to his long list of accolades and honours.

Bret Hart and his wife Stephanie Washington. Photo Courtesy: Steve Argintaru, Slam Wrestling.

At today’s ceremony, Hart joined other such esteemed Canadians as actors Keanu Reeves and Graham Greene, singer Jully Black, musician Bruce Cockburn, sports star Damian Warner and a host of other Canadians who received their stars. Canada’s Walk of Fame honours the achievements and accomplishments of Canadians in their respective fields.

Remembering back years ago, Hart recalls seeing the Walk of Fame when he starred in the stage production of Aladdin in Toronto but never dreamed he would be honored with a star one day.

“It is just funny all these years later to have my own square. It’s a big honor and it really means a lot to me,” he told Slam Wrestling. “It is one thing to be appreciated as a wrestler but it’s another thing to be appreciated as a Canadian. It’s special.”

Although Hart appreciates all of the awards in recognition of his legendary career, he is just enjoying what life has to offer him now more than anything else nowadays.

“I’ve always tried to do whatever makes me happy. I got to go back and wrestle Vince McMahon like 10 years ago. I got to have some fun then. I just try to live my life and make everything positive these days,” he said.

Hart credits his enduring popularity to his die-hard fanbase and is proud to have inspired generations of fans and wrestlers too.

“Knowing all the fans that have been through so much with me for so many years, I just feel really special that I got all this support all the time. When I started out as a wrestler I never really thought that it would never amount to much later at the end of it. I am really proud of myself in the sense that I know my mom, my dad and my family and everyone at home, and even Calgarians and Western Canada, take a lot of pride in what I’ve accomplished all these years. I try to live up to that and try to be the hero that they believed in the back when I was on TV everyday,” he said.

Hart believes that wrestlers and professional wrestlers have always been unfairly overlooked as the true entertainers and the athletes they are.

Bret Hart signs some autographs for fans at today’s ceremony. Photo Courtesy: Steve Argintaru, Slam Wrestling.

“We’ve never got credit for being great actors. We never got credit for being great athletes. We’re also great storytellers,” said Hart who hopes other stars like Edge and Trish Stratus are recognized one day too.

“There are a lot of great Canadian wrestlers. It doesn’t start or end with Bret Hart,” he said.