On a weekend when the two major wrestling companies are also running big shows, Impact Wrestling just threw down the gauntlet with Friday night’s “Under Siege” event. The show, which aired on theImpact Plus streaming service, FITE-TV, and Impact’s Premium YouTube for Subscribers channel, featured great matches top-to-bottom, a stellar deathmatch main event, and a conclusion that saw the company’s President slammed through a flaming table – something that most assuredly  neither Khan is going to do. And the result was a Show of the Year candidate that every wrestling fan should go out of their way to see.


Pre-show Match 1: The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) vs. The Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka)

The Coven’s Knockouts Tag Team Championship was not on the line in this one. Courtney was outwrestling both Coven members early on, but got stunned with a big strike from King. Jessicka fared better going toe-to-toe with King, but some shady action by the Coven gave them control, isolating Rush in the wrong corner. Rush finally tagged in Jessicka who was on fire. A funny move saw Jessicka pick up King in a Sidewalk Slam position, but then just dropped her. After some back and forth, Rush was able to trap Wilde in a Sharpshooter and Wilde had no choice but to tap out.

This was a fine opener, with some classic tag team wrestling strategies employed. The Dollz’ win sets the table for a lengthier feud for the Tag Team Title.

Winners: The Death Dollz


Match 2: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Dirty Dango – for the Digital Media Championship

After his song was over and the applause quieted, Joe Hendry took the mic and cut a pre-match promo making fun of Dango’s past personas.


When the bell rang, Dango tried to stall on the outside, but Hendry went and got him and threw him into the ring. Hendry hit a couple of power moves on Dango, including a nice Delayed Vertical Suplex that saw Hendry do squats while holding up Dango. Dango then targeted Hendry’s arm, hurting it with various moves, including a nice Falling Knee Drop. But Hendry fought back with only one arm, including hitting a nice Elevated Cutter, and an Overhead Fallaway Slam. Hendry was looking for a follow-up, but Dango blatantly hit Hendry with a Low Blow right in front of the referee, who had no choice but to disqualify Dango. After the match, Dango attacked Hendry’s arm some more and was going up top with intent to break it, but Santino Marella ran down to the ring Dango scrambled away.

This was another solid match up until the finish, though even that got the right reaction. This all seems to be heading towards Dango vs. Santino. Hendry should be moved up the card at some point, and an actual serious feud for his title could be the way to do it.

Winner, by disqualification, and still Digital Media Champion: Joe Hendry


Under Siege – Main Show


Match 1: Nick Aldis vs. Kenny King (w/ Sheldon Jean)

Aldis used his strength and technical skills to frustrate Kenny early on, but after a distraction from Jean took Aldis to the floor, Aldis lost his focus for a second and got Leg-Swept face-first onto the ring steps. King then followed that up with a big Flying Corkscrew Dive to the floor that dazed Aldis. Aldis avoided a Springboard Legdrop and hit a couple of big moves, but went up top and got caught with a big Enziguri that sent him hard to the mat. Aldis muscled out of a Full Nelson Suplex attempt and then hit King with a Michinoku Driver.


He went up top and hit King with a Flying Elbow Drop, but Jean hopped up on the apron and distracted the ref, breaking up what would have been a sure pinfall. King and Aldis exchanged moves, but when Aldis locked on the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf, King was trapped and had to tap out.

This was a good opener – very solid old-school wrestling feel to it. Aldis gets big-star reactions, and he’s already had words with Steve Maclin – so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him move right into the title picture now that the King feud is behind him.

Winner: Nick Aldis

After the match, Aldis pointed to a commotion going on in the stands. The camera turned that way and it was Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich brawling. They fought their way through the crowd and to the ringside area where Kelly Suplexed Masha on the floor before throwing her into the ring. Kelly went under the ring and got a steel chain and wrapped it around Masha’s head and face. A bunch of referees and security guards ran into the ring and broke it up.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace who challenges Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship tonight. Gia reminded Grace that if she doesn’t win, Grace will never get another opportunity for the title as long as Deonna is champion. Grace said that she knows she’s in a must-win position tonight. She said she has to win to show that she’s the best, because if she’s not the best, she doesn’t know who she is.


Match 2: The Design (Angels, Kon, and Deaner) vs. Rich Swan, Sami Callihan, and Jake Crist

Making his return to the company after a long time, Crist was revealed as the surprise partner for Swann and Callihan, his teammate in the oVe faction. The surprise factor of Crist didn’t seem to faze The Design much, as they were itching to fight no matter what. Kon was positioned as an unstoppable monster during this one. In one sequence, he easily absorbed big hits from all three of his opponents, until he was finally downed after a Springboard Moonsault by Crist to the floor. Later, he remained standing after Callihan and Crist hit him with Stereo Superkicks while Swann had him in a Sleeper, then flattened all three of them.

By this time, both Crist and Swann were bloodied up after tangling with the big man. After some chaotic action, Deaner and Sami were left alone and they started brawling in the middle of the ring. They only got in a few seconds before others joined the fray – with Kon again being the difference-maker. A parade of finisher attempts in rapid succession followed, with everyone getting a moment to shine. The last two in the line were Swann and Angels, and Swann was just a tad quicker on the draw, rolling up Angels for the pin.

This was a bit frenetic, but the big moments registered well with the crowd and everything looked good. The highlight of this was Kon who was dominant whenever he was in the ring and clearly stepping into the big shoes that Joe Doering used to wear. Given that Callihan didn’t really get his personal revenge on Deaner, which is really the underpinning conflict in this feud, look for this one to continue.

Winner: Sami Callihan, Rich Swann, and Jake Crist

In the back, Gia Miller interviewed Santino Marella, who talked about Dirty Dango. He said that he was going to get revenge on Dirty Dango for attacking him some weeks ago, and tonight was just the start of that.


Match 3: Trinity vs. Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans)

When Trinity thwarted Shaw’s attempts at an aggressive start, Shaw went to the floor to regroup. Didn’t help her much, as when she got back in the ring, Trinity was all over her, hitting various moves in rapid fashion both in and out of the ring. Vidal and Evans interfered from the floor and that allowed Shaw to get in a cheap shot and take over. Shaw hit Trinity with a number of stomps and chops and some dirty ground-and-pound, and then cockily mocked Trinity with some boot washes to the face. But when Shaw spent too much time jawing with the crowd, Trinity caught her in the Rack Attack, and then blasted her with about a dozen Forearm Smashes and some Flying Whiplashes before spiking Shaw’s head into the mat with a Rollover Headscissors Takedown. A Split-Legged Moonsault by Trinity was good for a two-count, and after Shaw reversed a Sliced Bread type move into a Draping DDT, Shaw also had Trinity down for two. Trinity dispatched Vidal and Evans, and then kind of hit a Code Red which she converted into a Star Struck submission lock that Shaw couldn’t escape from and she tapped out.

This was good. The fans really liked Trinity, and it was clear she is glad to be in front of an audience again. Shaw isn’t quite at Trinity’s level in the ring, but as the heel she was able to do everything that was needed. Hopefully they don’t put Trinity in there with Evans, though – as good as Trinity is, even she may not be able to work around Evans’ many limitations.

Winner: Trinity

In the back, Gia Miller interviewed Subculture (Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster with Dani Luna). They said they have traveled all over the world and are glad to be here to challenge for the Impact Tag Team Championship tonight. The Good Brothers and Brian Myers barged in and questioned why Subculture got given a title shot. Luna said that if Subculture wins the titles tonight, the Good Hands would get the first title shot.


Match 4: The Bullet Club’s ABC (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) (c) vs. Subculture (w/ Dani Luna) – for the World Tag Team Championship

The two teams were pretty well-matched and things were quite evenly-contested for some time. It took several minutes before the first big move of the match happened, with Bey hitting a huge Flying Somersault Dive to the floor. After a bit of a slower-paced start, things picked up after that. Andrews, for example, hit both ABC members with a Tornado DDT and then hit a Springboard Moonsault to the floor on Bey. Austin escaped a double-team move attempt and fired back with a huge Missile Dropkick on Andrews that looked fantastic. After some more action, Webster hit a tremendous Somersault Dive onto both ABC members from the top of the ring post to the floor. That was beautiful, and got the crowd – who was surprisingly quiet for a lot of this one – chanting “This is awesome!” All four men started fighting and after Webster accidentally hit Andrews, Bey hit them both with a simultaneous Poison Rana.


After that, Austin and Bey hit their One Two Sweet (Art of Finesse / Fold combination) on Andrews and that was enough to get the pin and retain their titles.

This ended up being a fun match. The crowd didn’t seem to be completely into it at the start – maybe because of their unfamiliarity with Subculture – but by the end, there were undoubtedly a lot of converts. If Subculture sticks around for a while, this could lead to a fun feud between these two. Unfortunately, it looks like the Good Hands will get involved and bland up the mix.

Winners, and still Impact World Tag Team Champions – ABC


Match 5: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Chris Sabin – for the X-Division Championship

After a feeling-out process, Sabin hit the first big shot with a Punt Kick off the apron to Miguel’s face, and followed that up by tying up Miguel in the Tree of Woe and hitting the Hesitation Dropkick. Miguel was able to turn things around, though, and he punished Sabin with knees and stomps before locking on a modified Dragon Lock submission. Sabin fought out of trouble and then tried to mount a comeback, hitting Miguel with a DDT, but he needed time to recover instead of going for the cover. Sabin did get his second wind, and he hit Miguel with a Missile Dropkick and then a Spinning Suplex DDT for a close fall. Miguel escaped a Cradle Shock attempt and converted that into a Standing Stomp onto Sabin’s midsection, and then it was his chance to recover. After beating Sabin in a criss-cross exchange, Miguel got a very close fall with a Brain Buster. He went up for a Meteora, but Sabin dodged it and then targeted Miguel’s knee with a Low Dropkick and then some knee-based attacks, including a Sharpshooter that Trey could only escape by getting a rope break. Miguel reversed a top rope attack and threw Sabin to the mat, but couldn’t get the pin even after hitting a Meteora. He went for another one, but Sabin moved, and Trey landed hard on the knee that Sabin had worked over earlier in the match. After a nice exchange of moves, Sabin hit a Canadian Destroyer and a Clothesline from Hell, Michigan. He picked up Trey for a Cradle Shock, but Trey gouged his eyes. Blind, Sabin tried again, but accidentally grabbed the referee and unknowingly picked him up for the Cradle Shock. When he realized his mistake, he put the ref down, but then ate a blast from Trey, sending Sabin into the ref who got knocked silly. Sabin did hit the Cradle Shock on Miguel, but the ref was out and couldn’t make the count. When Sabin went over to wake up the ref, Miguel scrambled to his corner and grabbed his can of spray paint. He tagged Sabin right in the eyes with the paint and then pinned a blinded Sabin to retain his title in despicable fashion.

This was really good, and there was a real sense that Sabin could have walked away as champion. The crowd was hot for this one, and really hated Miguel when he used the paint to steal the win. Miguel has really become an effective heel and having him continue his reign through weasel methods is the perfect story for him.

Winner, and still X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel


Match 6: Moose vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Yuya Uemara vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Alex Shelley – Six-Man Scramble match to become the Number One Contender for the World Championship

The action started off hot with brawls happening inside the ring and on the floor, with Eddie and Kazarian paying most of their attention to each other. At various times, people would pair off in the ring for a while before others would come in and shuffle up the pairings. As such, everyone got a chance to shine at one point in the match, though nobody was seen as being the clear and dominant threat. At one point, they were setting apart a Tower of Doom spot, but Moose broke it up to the crowd’s dismay. He then hosted a short Powerbomb Party to the dismay of Yuya and Frankie, and especially Gresham who took a high Release Powerbomb.

A neat move saw Frankie lock Shelley in a Leg submission and still have the power to take over Eddie with a big Suplex. After a series of moves by everyone on everyone, Shelley was the one to cross the finish line first, dropping Yuya with the Shell Shock to get the win and guarantee himself a World Title shot.

This was a really good match, though as can be expected, there was a lot going on so at times it felt a bit choppy. After the profile interview they gave Kaz a few weeks ago, it seemed like they would be pushing him for a title shot. As a result, Shelley winning is a bit of a surprise. Of the two, Kaz seems like he’d be a better match-up for either Maclin or PCO, depending on who walks out as champion. But there you go.

Winner, and new Number One Contender for the World Championship: Alex Shelley

In the back, Gia Miller tracked down Trey Miguel to ask him about his match. Trey mocked Sabin who ran in and tried to attack Miguel, until a bunch of security guards pulled him away.


Match 7: Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c) – for the Knockouts Championship

Grace tried to out-muscle Purrazzo in this one, which was smart since Purrazzo is far more skilled in technical wrestling. But Purrazzo wasn’t afraid to get physical either, whiplashing Grace’s neck on the ropes and then hitting a Somersault Dive from the apron to the floor on Grace. But when the match got back in the ring, Grace blocked a Spinning Headscissors and then used her power to rock Purrazzo, including with a nice German Suplex. Purrazzo stayed focused though, and came back with some more scientific wrestling moves, using leverage to take Grace down and trying to lock on an Armbar whenever the opportunity seemed right. Grace was able to keep her arm free from danger, though, and went back to her power game, hitting Purrazzo with a nice Spinning Powerbomb. Purrazzo scrambled out of a Grace Driver attempt and rolled over, hitting Grace with a Piledriver.

But Grace was on a mission and she slammed Purrazzo hard with a Powerbomb and followed that up with a Jackhammer for 2-point-9. Grace went for a top rope move, but Purrazzo caught her and hit a Powerbomb, which she followed up with a Queen’s Gambit for the 1-2-NO! Grace kicked out! Purrazzo then went back to her tried and true strategy, working over Grace’s arm to hopefully set up an Armbar or Venus De Milo. But Grace kept fighting her off, hitting power moves to try to put the champ away. Grace went up top to try a Grace Driver off the rope, but Purrazzo blocked it, and hit a brutal Queen’s Gambit off the middle rope and there was no way Grace was getting up from that. Wow – that looked vicious. After the match, a disappointed Grace walked away from the ring looking despondent about the loss – and the loss of any future title shot against Purrazzo.

This was another really good match on a show full of them. Purrazzo is just so good in the ring no matter what style of match she has, and when it’s with someone like Grace with whom she has great chemistry, so much the better. It will be interesting to see what happens with Grace – her earlier promo suggests she may have some kind of crisis of conscience, so who knows where that will go. But it also raises the question as to who Purrazzo’s next challenger will be – Trinity, perhaps?

Winner, and still Knockouts Champion – Deonna Purrazzo


Match 8: PCO vs. Steve Maclin (c) – No Disqualification match for the Impact World Championship

After a quick punch exchange, the match immediately went to the floor where PCO nearly brained himself when hitting a Somersault Dive onto Maclin.

Maclin got up and after some more brawling, he Suplexed PCO on the floor, such that PCO’s legs crashed hard against the metal ring steps. Maclin then brought out the plunder, beaning PCO with a garbage can lid and a metal cookie sheet before throwing him back to the floor where the brawl continued. Maclin was busted up at some point and in seconds, he was wearing the proverbial crimson mask.

PCO pulled out some more implements of destruction in the form of a staple gun, but before he could use it, Maclin low-blowed him. Maclin then blasted PCO with a chair, targeting PCO’s spine and ribs, including hitting him with a chair-assisted Flying Elbow Smash off the middle turnbuckle. Maclin wedged a garbage can between the turnbuckles and then draped PCO over it in the Tree of Woe, so the can added more pain when Maclin hit the Crosshairs.

But if that wasn’t sadistic enough, Maclin took things up a notch, using the staple gun to staple PCO’s mouth shut – that was gross. But even grosser was when PCO used a pair of needlenose pliers to pull the staples out of his lips and cheeks. Yikes!

Maclin went back to the armoury, pulling out slabs of concrete from under the ring and a sledgehammer. He lay the concrete on PCO’s back and, like he did with the shovel a couple of weeks ago on Impact, he smashed the blocks with the sledgehammer, shattering them on PCO’s back, causing PCO to howl and twitch in pain.

But as much as he hurt, PCO is not human – and he kicked out of the pinfall attempt with authority and then went on the attack. Maclin tried to escape, but PCO caught him and hit a Lungblower off the top turnbuckle and then hit Maclin with a Super Elevated Legdrop for a two-count. PCO hung Maclin’s near-lifeless body on the apron and hit a De-Animator, which always looks like it’s going to break his opponent in two. PCO went back up top but Maclin whipped a steel chair into his face, and then slammed PCO from the top turnbuckle right onto the ring apron – ouch!

Maclin then pulled out some cinder blocks from under the ring, but before he could do anything with them, PCO zombied his way back into the ring and hit a Reverse DDT. PCO then arranged the cinder blocks into a concrete mattress formation and positioned them in the corner. He rolled Maclin onto the blocks and climbed up to the top. But Maclin got up, and Bodyslammed PCO on to the blocks. He followed that up with a KIA on the blocks and that was enough to put the monster back in the grave for a 1-2-3.

This was freaking awesome. This was a great deathmatch and a bloody good time. What PCO is willing to do is unbelievable – and not just because of his age… it would be unbelievable for most people to do it. Maclin gets better with every feud, and this one has been no exception. He really has that championship aura, and this match is one that will be in his career highlight reel forever.

Winner, and still Impact World Champion: Steve Maclin

After the match, Steve Maclin demanded Impact President Scott D’Amore come to the ring, shake his hand, and wrap the title around Maclin’s waist like he agreed to do on Impact last night. D’Amore made his way to the ring, and Maclin turned around with his arms extended, waiting for D’Amore to live up to his promise. D’Amore did so, seemingly disgusted at having to do so. He extended his hand to Maclin, but Maclin refused to shake it and he left the ring.


As D’Amore glared at Maclin on the ramp, Bully Ray sneaked into the ring behind D’Amore, and then wrapped a belt around D’Amore’s neck and choked him out. Maclin walked back to the ring and Bully told him to “get the table.” Maclin did, and they set it up in the ring. Bully grabbed a bottle of lighter fluid, and this incensed commentator Matthew Rehwoldt enough to leave the desk and hit the ring to save D’Amore. Bully and Maclin beat him up and sprayed the lighter fluid all over him.

As they did this, PCO came back in .Bully and Maclin beat him up and teased crushing his head against a cinder block on the floor. The Motor City Machine Guns ran in, but Bully and Maclin took them out too. Bully and Maclin then went back to Plan A, lighting the table on fire and Powerbombing D’Amore through it.

Afterwards, Bully trash-talked D’Amore, saying that D’Amore made the mistake of signing him, and that D’Amore would never be able to get rid of him. Bully said he was going to take the entire company down and there was nothing D’Amore could do about it.

The show ended with Bully Ray raising the arm of Maclin, the World Champion and his new partner in crime.



After the title card was shown, Bully and Maclin grabbed the mic and addressed the crowd. Maclin said that he was the real boss of the company, and that he appreciated Bully Ray and liked Bully’s line of thinking. As officials tried to check on D’Amore, Bully and Maclin went to the back, smugly proud of the crimes they had just gotten away with.

Rehwoldt woke up and went back to the commentary desk to join Tom Hannifan. Covered in blood and completely disheveled, Rehwoldt expressed his frustration at what had happened, nearly coming to tears in frustration and anger at Bully and Maclin. Hannifan noted that there was a feeling of shock and concern in the building from the remaining fans and Impact staff, and beside him at the desk as Rehwoldt was still shaken up. Rather than go on as planned with the post-show, Hannifan made the call to stop it and cut the show for the night.


Under Siege - May 26, 2023

Western Fair District Agriplex - London, ON

Impact Wrestling hit an absolute home run with this one. Every match was good to great, especially the two co-main event title matches. The post-show angle was one of the hottest (literally if you’re Scott D’Amore) you’ll see in any company this year. Go out of your way to see this one.  It’s going to be hard for any company to top this one – not just only this weekend, but possibly all year.