With the Crockett Cup coming up in less than two weeks, Tyrus and Chris Adonis want to get their tag chemistry in order with a tune-up match against the current destructive tag team of Blunt Force Trauma. Can they withstand Carnage and Damage, with Aron Stevens lurking close by?

As we head to StudioOne in Highland Park, Il, we’ll find out about the main event later tonight. Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Danny Dealz have the call, and our first match is a championship match for the…

Courtesy of the NWA.

NWA World Television Championship: Thom Latimer(c) vs. NWA National Heavyweight Champion EC3

This match will be contested under the Television title rules with the 6:05 time limit.  EC3’s NWA National title is not up for grabs, since he’ll be facing “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason on the second night of the Crockett Cup for the belt.  This is a continuation of their previous feud from earlier in the year, so let’s see what shakes up here.

The bell rings and both men put on a wrestling clinic with a nice series of chain wrestling for the better part of two minutes into the match.  EC3 and Latimer each go for side switches, but it’s the King of all Evil drags him down by the arm and he follows with a head scissors, and now he’s getting in EC3’s head as “This is Wrestling” chants permeate the studio.

Latimer attempts the crossface but gets blocked as EC3 arm drags him at the 2:25 mark.  Now they slug away, and then EC3 gets the upper hand with a knee to his face, followed by a clothesline into a Thesz press.  He goes for the One Percenter finisher, but Latimer wriggles out and nails a huge clothesline, and then whips him into the corner, and he follows up with a back body drop with 0:52 seconds left for a two count.  Then both men have the same idea and they knock each other down with a double clothesline at the 0:22 second mark and the ref starts to count.  Both men get up a la The Undertaker & Brock Lesnar and slug it out again, but the bell rings and that means the time has expired in the match, but due to the Television title rules, that means…

Your Winner via Countout, and Still NWA Television Champion:  Thom Latimer

The fans want them to continue, with chants of, “Let Them Fight!”, as Billy Corgan is ringside and hands the title belts to both men. Latimer asks Corgan for more time and is denied the request.  Looks like that is a fight for another day.

While that gets sorted out in the ring, Galli announces we will see the matches that took place at The World Is A Vampire tour in Mexico, which will take place on NWA USA starting this week.  I am very curious how the talent of the NWA meshed with the AAA group and the crowds in Mexico in general.

But now we turn back to ringside for our next match between…

Courtesy of the NWA.

Ricky Morton vs. Yabo the Clown

This is the second match that Yabo has had in the NWA after facing Kratos at the NWA 312 PPV.

Before we go to the match, allow me an…

(Author’s Rant:  When I first saw this Yabo wrestle, I asked myself, “What in the name of Doink is going on here?!”  This is not to say I have a phobia of clowns, but I rank them up there as part of the Triad of Evil™, next to Catholic nuns and the Utah Legislature.  Those last two are a circus no one should ever be witness to, but such is my cross to bear.  As for this match, I say, “Show me what ya got, Yabo.”)

As Morton comes out sans his son, Kerry, he’s ready to mix it up with Yabo.  The best line of the night comes from Dealz, who refers to Morton as, “Rock n’ Roll Rigor Mortis.”  Heh.  Yabo offers a ballow to Morton, and he touches it, but then it pops to Yabo’s delight.  Morton then goes and stomps on his large clown shoes but…he doesn’t feel a thing. Now Yabo whips Morton with his floppy tie, and with tie and rams Morton headfirst into the corner along with his clown shoe.  Morton is stunned, as Yabo then pulls a magic trick takes a ribbon, and pulls it across Morton’s eyes to blind him.  He finally gets some offense on this clown with a knee lift that almost knocks Yabo out of his shoes.  Yabo is in the corner, and as Morton stalks him, the clown manages to trip him up and stacks him in a pinning combo using his feet on the ropes for leverage to get the three count.

Your Winner, Because Clowns are Evil, Godless Killing Maniacs:  Yabo the Clown

Kerry Morton finally comes out asking his dad what happened, and you can tell there is some division between father and son.

May Valentine is backstage with Aron Stevens and Blunt Force Trauma and you can still feel the animosity between the exes.  Stevens though is focused as he believes he has pulled a major coup guiding Carnage and Damage in the NWA tag ranks, and they will take what they want through (wait for it…) Blunt Force Trauma and Stevens signals, “This interview is OVAH!”

May Valentine trying to figure out what Aron Stevens is saying as he is interviewed with Blunt Force Trauma.

Bully Ray now comes to the ring and Kyle Davis asks him why he seems to have gotten under the skin of guys like Thom Latimer.  I’m gonna let Bully Ray explain here as he takes the mic from Davis:

“I don’t apologize very often [for] what I do in the wrestling business; there’s a rhyme and there’s a reason. There’s always one. But I’d like to apologize to Thom Latimer.

Before NWA 312 aired live on FITE TV, NWA owner [and] President Billy Corgan came up to me and he’s like, ‘Bully, can you please say some stuff about Thom Latimer?’ And I looked at him and I said, ‘Billy, are you sure about this?’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, why?’ I said, ‘Because Billy, I’m gonna be really honest about what I think about Thom.’ And Billy’s like, ‘Perfect, because that’s what I want here in the NWA. I want honesty.” I said, ‘Thom, I know all your strengths. I know what your weaknesses [are]. ‘  I’ve been following Thomas Latimer’s career from the day he started. This kid has IT.  Thomas Latimer, that man has it.

But there’s only one problem with Latimer; He gets in his own head. [to the crowd] Waitaminute. Waitaminute. You can Google me, but you guys know it’s true. He gets in his own head entirely too much. It’s easy to rattle his cage, and that’s exactly what I did. I brought that NWA Television championship into the ring. He grabbed it from me, and I dared him to hit me and I said some things about him. And he got disqualified because he got in his own head. Thom, I did it for a reason. I did it because I want to see you become the biggest success in this company you can possibly be. I believe in you, every NWA fan in here believes in you, and if you don’t believe me, watch this. [to the crowd] Do you guys believe in Latimer, yes or no?

[the fans cheer loudly for Latimer]

That’s why I had to teach you just a little bit of a lesson. Keep it cool. Keep it calm because one day, Latimer, you will be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.”

Now Daisy Kill comes out, and the Troubadour of Total Douchenozzlery™ serenades Bully Ray with a song:

“I remember the day when you and I first met,

I tried to be a man and shake your hand, treat you with respect.

But basically, you said to me everything I said sucks.

I should have been better.  Come up with something clever, a catchphrase like WASSSUPPPP?

Well, as you near your golden years,

Your time getting to an end.

you’ll find yourself alone at home because you have no friends.

No one to care for you, be there for you, when you’re miserable and sick.

And everybody fights you and nobody likes you. I’m sorry. You’re just a d***.”

Well, Bully Ray admires the chutzpah of Daisy Kill so much, *He* breaks out into song, and it goes something like this:

“I really enjoyed your song it went a bit too long, but the people had a blast.

So put up your dukes, you’re gonna have a fight, and I’m gonna kick your ass.”

As the fans joined in the chorus, Bully Ray demands a ref in the ring, ’cause that match is now.  Before I could blink, Ray plants Kill with a Uranage and ends it right then and there.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Bully Ray

As Ray walks off with Kill’s ukelele in tow, I will say this:  Daisy Kill’s got moxy and talent, but he’s no Elias, and I’m not ready (yet) to walk with him.

May Valentine is now talking with Kenzie and Kylie Paige. Kenzie feels like a champion since winning the NWA Women’s Television championship and is setting her sights on the upcoming NWA 75 pay-per-view. Kylie tells Valentine to smell the air of the legacy, as they are the two hottest sisters in the NWA and will adopt other hot sisters, like Pretty Empowered. Next week, Kenzie will face Sierra for the Television title.  Kenzie scoffs and calls her a loser because “A little birdie told her” she will beat her in under 6:05 minutes.

Now, Valentine speaks with Cyon about losing the NWA National title at NWA 312. Cyon snaps at her and proclaims he is a different man and his eyes are open. Now Cyon knows who he is and what he wants. Understands what he must do and not listen to people whisper in his ear like Austin Idol or BLK Jeez or anyone else for that matter.  He just wearing a towel draped over his shoulders, and states this is how he is dressed to fight and this is his NWA.

Powerful words.  We’ll see what that means down the road.  But for now, it’s time for the Main Event between…

Courtesy of the NWA.

Tyrus and Chris Adonis vs. Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage and Damage, with Aron Stevens)

Galli mentions that this is considered a Crockett Cup tune-up match, but the size of all four men in the ring lends one to believe this will head (to quote Todd Keneley) into the land of the big uglies.

Damage and Tyrus start the match and it’s a feeling-out process between the big men.  Damage backs him into a corner, but Tyrus comes jabbing out the gate and nail a bionic elbow a la Dusty Rhodes.  He gives Damage a scoop slam and tags Adonis in to nail a leg drop to cover for a two count.  Adonis looks good until Damage clocks him, and then a tag to Carnage and he is laying a beatdown on The Masterpiece.  He tries to follow with his own leg drop but misses the mark, and Adonis unloads on Carnage.

The Trauma member flings him hard to the corner but Adonis makes Damage eat a boot and he follows up with a flying shoulder tackle to cover for another two count.  He attempts his  Masterlock Finisher, but Damage propels himself forward to his corner and Carnage catches Adonis in the eye, and he is dazed.  Blunt Force Trauma keeps Adonis grounded and he is a Masterpiece in Peril, as Tyrus tries to stretch a hand to tag in but to no avail.  Carnage mistimes a tackle in the corner as Adonis escapes in the nick of time to get the hot tag to Tyrus, who is a Man-ster en Fuego.  He delivers the Tongan Death Grip to Damage, but before he can capitalize, Stevens jumps in and faces the NWA Champion.  As he gets in Tyrus’ face, Adonis sneaks up from behind and cinches him into the Masterlock.  But in the fracas, Tyrus and Damage are dumped to the outside and they battle it out on the floor.  The ref counts to ten and he calls the match as a…

No Contest via Double Countout

As Stevens and Blunt Force Trauma make a retreat, Tyrus and Adonis check on each other as the show goes to the credits.

NWA Powerrr - 05/09/2023

Final Thoughts:

A good opening match with EC3/Latimer and the main event between Tyrus/Adonis and Blunt Force Trauma offered a hint of what will happen at The Crockett Cup this year.

I do not understand Yabo, but I’m willing to see where this clown goes from here.  The extra 1/2 point goes to the Bully Ray/Daisy Kill singalong.

For now, see you in seven!