With a heads-up that tonight’s episode contains suggestive dialogue and visuals, A&E gives a gift to fans of the Attitude Era with a look back at D-Generation X and a hunt for some of their props and memorabilia. Booker T and Triple H look back on the formation of the faction, talking with Sean Waltman and brainstorming what they would want to track down.

Waltman’s first thought is anything from the invasion of WCW, and they settle on the jeep at an estimated value of $40-$50K. Sean also admits that he has next to no idea where his own stuff has gone throughout the years. Triple H pitches the idea of finding some of Chyna’s gear, which is estimated at $7K.

Mick Foley also takes to the road and meets up with Road Dogg Jesse James at his home in Pensacola, FL. Foley asks for a few things, but James says “nope” to all of them — because he admits to selling most of his stuff, attributing it to his drug addictions. He does have his WWF Tag Team Championship belt, which he says he may or may not have stolen from the WWE Warehouse while working for the company as an official.

Now, giving it back, he feels like he’s relieving himself of that guilt.

Next up, Lita meets with Waltman and they go off seeking Chyna’s sister Kathy to see what she may be willing to donate to the WWE’s travelling memoriabilia show. The whole segment is a really touching tribute to Laurer with everyone involved heaping praise on her for her roles as Helmsley’s bodyguard and then a part of DX. The conversation comes around to her DX in-ring gear, but Kathy has no idea where it ended up. Instead, Kathy agrees it would be great to show the fans some of her sister’s candid photos from before and during her early WWF days.

Back to Foley and James and their hunt for the jeep in Hickory, NC. Although, of course, the show first takes some time to celebrate Vince McMahon’s victory in the Monday Night War, before claiming the night of DX’s invasion as the turn of the tide. Foley and James meet John Warren, owner of what he calls his own militia with several military jeeps in a collection that he built up with his father. Does he have, though, “the one?”

Yes indeed, he does. Warren remembers his dad loaning out the jeep to the WWF, and there’s some video and photos leading up to the bit that are cool to see. James and Foley jump in the jeep and Warren takes them out for a drive, before Foley boldly asks if Warren would be willing to sell it to the WWE. Warren says he’s looking to build a museum, and while the DX jeep would certainly be a centerpiece, selling it could help him afford to build the museum in the first place.

He suggests it would take around $300K to part with it, and since Foley is only authorized to offer $50K, he asks if it could be borrowed instead. Warren agrees to bring the jeep himself to the anniversary of DX, which took place at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, NY on Monday Night Raw in October of 2022. Warren is backstage at the show, talking about how cool it is that his dad did this with DX 25 years prior, and now he has his family with him doing it again.

That’s it for this week’s treasure hunt — stay with SlamWrestling.net for reviews of each episode this season!