You never know what will take place in the National Wrestling Alliance, like with Natalia Markova stepping up to face the NWA Women’s champion, Kamille, for a potential title shot.  Despite the fact that Kamille is over 700 days strong ats the One-Time© champion, and Markova has come up short, she looks determined to get that title opportunity for The Burke.

Speaking of, Kyle Davis is in the ring with Kamille and he also states there appears to be no end in sight for her over 700-plus day reign as the champ, and the only question is who can beat the Brickhouse? For some reason, Daisy Kill and Talos come in and Kill has his trusty ukelele to offer this following song:

“Kamille, I thought you kept it real but it seems like you’re afraid

That your 1000 day title streak is coming to an end today.

Your run of fun has come and done and it’s just about to be over

By a real bombshell who will give you a hell named Natalia Markova.

Oh, she can wrestle. She can really hit.

She’s got a better smile, better hair, and real big… eyes.

Oh, she’s coming. You best watch your Butt.

You’re gonna be dismembered and only remembered as Latimer’s cheap slut.”

At that point, Kill asks if she’ll accept the challenge, and The Brickhouse acquiesces, so, yeah…that happened.

And as we broadcast from StudioOne in Highland Park, Il, Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Danny Dealz have the call, and give us the First Match of the night for the…

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: EC3 vs. Carnage (with Aron Stevens)

Damage displays his strength early on, but EC3 manages to get on top of the Blunt Force Trauma member.  After a quick strategy meeting with Stevens, Damage causes…err, more damage on the Essential Character with a splash in the corner and a powerslam to the champ for a  two count.  They slug it out and EC3 comes out with a clothesline to a Thesz press, and then Damage stuns him on the ropes.  EC3 rolls out, and Stevens tries to use the loaded glove on the outside, but he ducks and then slams his head on the ring post.  EC3 rolls back in and then gets Damage in The Purpose for the tap out.

Your Winner via Submission, and Still NWA National CVhampion:  EC3

May Valentine is backstage with the Hollywood Blondes, Rae Lyn and Heather Monroe. Lyn says they are feeling good and that they will soon be the NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions.  Monroe chimes in and adds they both have over ten years in the business and they are (wait for it)…legends. 

Bold words from both women.

Now, Valentine has Yabo the clown and she inquires about him facing Ricky Morton.   

(Author’s Note:  This is all you need to know:  Clowns, like nuns and the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (You know…The Mormons), are just plain evil, and knowing is just half the battle).

Speaking of battle, your next match is for the…

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: M95 (Madi & Missa Kate) (c) of M95 vs. The Hollywood Blondes (Ray Lyn and Heather Monroe)

Most wrestling fans will recognize Monroe and Lyn on the indies as Blonde Force Trauma, and this is me pleading Aron Stevens to add more trauma to his stable. 

Just a suggestion.

Anywhoo-sles, Kate and Lyn start the match and Lyn overtakes one-half of the tag champs. But Kate gets the Tag to Madi and she and Monroe go to work, and Monroe emphasizes the power of the Blondes team.  The Blondes, then take Madi to school and send her to the ropes and then follows with a senton by Monroe and then a Meteora by Lyn to cover, but Kate breaks the hold.  Now M95 is in control and they isolate Lyn in the corner, making her a Blonde in Peril as Kate keeps Lyn grounded.  She sets her up the top but Lyn lands a crossbody to the tag champs and then gets the hot tag to Monroe, but Madi cuts off at the pass.  She fights out to tag in Monroe, who is a Blonde en Fuego.  The Blondes gain the upper hand with a flatliner/dropkick combo on Madi to cover, but Kate breaks up the count.  Monroe is alone as Lyn is sent to the outside, Kate delivers with the Kick-Fil-A, and Madi adds the punctuation mark with the Reality Check for the three count.

Your Winners via Pinfall, and Still NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions:  M95

Kyle Davis and Tyrus are in the ring as they discuss his partner for the upcoming Crockett Cup. Tyrus says he had to find an equal, and says that your enemy can be your friend and beautiful things can happen. So, with that thinking in mind, and after the events of NWA 312, he chooses Chris Adonis to team up with him.  That segues nicely to the next match with…

Chris Adonis vs. Cyon (with Austin Idol)

Adonis is still not happy about his loss to Tyrus for the Ten Pounds of Gold, and Cyon is equally unhappy that he lost the National championship that same night on the PPV.  Both have a chip on their shoulder and have something to prove.  As Idol makes the ref check for weapons, Cyon strikes and gets on top of the Masterpiece, but it isn’t long before Adonis is back in control and stays in the driver’s seat.  He sets up for a vertical suplex, but Cyon gets out and chop blocks the big man.  He continues to work the inner thigh and then goes for the Figure Four, but Adonis fights out of the submission.  Idol and Cyon get into a shouting match at this point, with the masked man all but accusing his “dad” that it was his fault he lost the title.  That distraction allows Adonis to roll up Cyon and get the pin and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Chris Adonis

Great win for Adonis heading into The Crockett Cup, but there appear to be family squabbles down the road.

May Valentine is now speaking with the Hall of Famer, Ricky Morton, and she asks his thoughts about facing Yabo the Clown on next week’s NWA POWERRR. The Rock N’ Roller is philosophical as he says that after forty-five years, this is another day at the office, but says Yabo better worry about the foot that will enter his behind. Valentine also inquires about the dissension between him and his son, Kerry.  Rickey acknowledges there are issues, but hopes it gets fixed before the Crockett Cup.

So, now we head to the Main Event between…

Courtesy of the NWA.

Kamille vs. Natalia Markova

This is an opportunity for Markova to prove herself against the “one-time” champion and possibly earn a future title shot.  As the bell rings, they both go for the collar and elbow tie-up, but Kamille is in a better position to overpower Marknova.  She pushes her to the corner and mounts up top for punches at the nine, and then Kamille rushes for a spear, but Markova dodges and the champ goes out to the floor.  As the ref goes for the ten counts, Kamille gets back in the ring at the last second.  Markova sends her back out and they both brawl until  Kamille sweeps her legs and beats her around the outside of the ring.

Back in, Markova manages to get the upper hand and attempts the Beautiful Disaster signature move, but Kamille blocks it and makes her do a split in the center of the ring, and she follows with a neck snap to cover for a two count, even though fans at ringside chanted, “That was three!”  Markova makes a comeback and lands a chop block on the One-time champ, and then goes for what Galli calls a Crab Nebula submission, trapping Kamille’s arms behind her back, and using her legs to press down on the back of her neck in a sitting position.  But then the bell rings, and then Kyle Davis announces that this is a

No Contest due to a Time Limit Draw

The fans at ringside chant, “One More Minute,” and even Markova wants to continue the fight.  While Kamille holds the belt, she is not happy about the win, nor does she want to continue, as she ducks out of the ring as the show goes to the credits.


NWA Powerrr - 05/02/2023

Final Thoughts:

Markova looks like she is being pushed to a title position, and she looks like she can pose a threat this time around for The Brick House.

The Hollywood Blondes need to stick around, if possible, and Cyon starting to bicker with Austin Idol looks very promising.

Also, Daisy Kill and his ukelele is the poor man’s Elias (Not a diss, as I want to hear more lyrics from that man).

For now, see you in seven!