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Fresh off his win last week at Battle Riot V, Alex Kane is here to speak to the audience about the possibility of cashing in his golden opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane says what I mentioned before, he still believes that he’s been done dirty by the MLW upper management. In what way? I don’t know either, don’t ask me.

Now, Kane has brought back the prize match for whoever could beat Mr. Thomas for that bag of money he’s holding. We start off the night with coins.

The moment that Mr. Thomas narrates that he’s tired of being overlooked by the rest of the locker room, that no one is as fit and strong as he is including people like Hammerstone, Fatu and Davey Boy Smith Jr., guess who shows up? Hammerstone!

I was confused when Kane said “Charge! Charge! Charge!” then I realized he was instructing the rest of the Bomaye Fight Club to attack Hammerstone. As if they were knights or something… Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! They failed, of course.

Alex Hammerstone vs. Mr. Thomas – Prize match

Hammerstone is still hurt from his injuries at War Chamber. His groin is bandaged up, yet Mr. Thomas doesn’t care as he charges at him.

When he got back from the break, Hammerstone was seen able to muscle through a little bit to return fire at Mr. Thomas’ head. It didn’t last though, Mr. Thomas turns it around in his favor once again with chops to Alex’ chest.

Some of the Fight Club’s members tried to get involved and help Mr. Thomas, but Hammerstone disposed of them very quickly.

He turns his attention back to his opponent, hoists him up for the Midnight Pendulum and marks a victory… plus MONEY! But at what cost? He started leaning on his groin again.

Regardless of the pain he’s feeling, Hammerstone is one of the rarest fighters to power through the agony. And speaking of agony, The Calling inflict some. Or try to. Hammerstone holds his own after two goons, each at different times, attempt to get inside the ring. Even though he was doing fine, Hammerstone receives assistance from the Samoan SWAT Team.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone 

A big announcement was said to be dropped later tonight. MLW Never Say Never is going to start airing on July 8th at 8 p.m. on FITE+. The main event is going to be huge as Kane cashes in his gold ticket to fight Hammerstone for the Championship.

A new season of Fusion kicks off soon. Be ready for that.

After Mance Warner and Sam Adonis eliminated each other last week, their rivalry has escalated from there. Because of this, Warner hasn’t been thinking about his daily Tennessee life very much, just Adonis. Eggs and Adonis, how nice.

Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau (c) vs. The Mane Event – World Tag Team Championship match

The bell hasn’t even rang yet when the SST were making their entrance that Midas Black and Lyon, The Mane Event, chose to knock Lance down a bit. The Flying Trapeze, a move I’ve never seen before, was very well executed by Black and Lyon. Obviously, that wasn’t going to be enough to put them away and take the gold. No sirs. Ha!

The majority of the beginning of this match, The Mane Event have the champs reeling for air and help. They were ploughing through at Anoa’i, slowing him down.

However, they were making frequent tags to one another that could encourage the distraction Lance needs. Once he gets back on his feet, Lance fends off against both men.

His momentum was going smoothly… until The Mane Event performed the Throwing Nut move cancelling Anoa’i’s small saving grace.

Juicy finally rolls in and takes out Lyon from getting the win. I think he slightly hit Lance with that Senton on Lyon. Ha! Poor Lance.

The Mane Event deliver double Super Kicks to Juicy, who returns with a double killing of his own, a crossbody. The atmosphere of the game changed the second Finau came in. Juicy pushes Midas towards the turnbuckles, he thinks he avoided an assault only to be met with a Super Kick by Lance.

Juicy puts Lyon through a Toko Driver followed Anoa’i’s body splash from the top for a retaining victory. Yay!!

Winners: Lance Anoa’i & Juicy Finau

Dating back to the 1800s, the Opera Cup has been the prize of prestige and hard work. When it was revived back in 2019, recent winners hope to continue the legacy that has been the most sought after. The tournament will be back this Summer. Hope you’re excited.

On other news, The Calling aren’t finished for the night as they leave another message spoken through whispers and raspy voices. Trust in the cult is still active, I see.

Brittany Blake vs. B3cca

I really don’t understand why people like to spell their name with numbers in them at times it doesn’t actually look that great. There are moments where that works like Real1, unfortunately, and others that don’t like B3cca. I would have stuck with the letter e.

Another thing I don’t get is B3cca’s singing. She felt like coming in with her “party hat” and start singing a song with bland lyrics. The crowd kept booing her, so she stopped. Or so I thought. She decides to sing in acoustics…. Why?

She’s an International popstar, apparently.

Blake pulls B3cca down by her hair, which isn’t appreciated by the referee, but really, who cares?

B3caa uses her long legs for the full extent of a Super Kick to Blake’s jaw, sending her rolling out of the ring. She attempts to suicide dive after her opponent, but Brittany squishes her over-confidence with a right hand to the side of B3cca’s face.

Blake flips B3cca’s entire body on her butt then delivers a harsh kick to her back calling it the Victim Kick.

B3cca makes a comeback by body slamming Brittany against the corner of the ring repeatedly followed by a running and drop kick. She had a near fall, but Blake is still in this.

B3cca hits her move, the World Tour, on Blake for a fantastic win. Regardless of her name and unnecessary entrance, she came out on top.

Winner: B3cca

In recent news, Delmi Exo has announced that she signed on with MLW. She’s here to take over the entire Featherweight division by becoming Champion.

Meanwhile, backstage a fight breaks out between the SST and The FBI. Officials were nowhere to be found, as usual. Ha!

John Hennigan (c) vs. Jacob Fatu – National Openweight Championship match

I was looking at how much time we had left till tonight’s live was over, and there wasn’t much for a title match. So I wasn’t at all surprised when during Jacob Fatu’s entrance, he gets slammed with a chair to the spine by Rickey Shane Page because of the brawl that happened earlier.

They were still in the building after the first altercation, so they were planning on taking Fatu out. They tried to drag him away, yet Fatu kept fighting back. Sadly, not for long.

A chair to the head followed by a harsh knee to the back of his neck by Akira left Fatu frail and motionless. Officials rush in to assist. The Calling were making sure that Fatu regrets his and the rest of the SST’s decision to interfere. No doubt about that…

Winner: No match


TOP PHOTO: The Calling standing over a knockout Jacob Fatu. Courtesy of MLW