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We are about to watch the battle of the ages finally start between Hammerstone and Fatu, the biggest rematch in MLW. I’m sooo excited. I’m bouncing off my seat. And I can guarantee this will be a long one. I bet neither will stop till there’s no breath in their lungs. These types of fights are the most intriguing to see. No questions asked.

Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Jacob Fatu – World Heavyweight Championship match

Fatu comes charging at Hammerstone the moment the bell rings with harsh punches and kicks to the champ. He had Alex momentarily stacked against the corner… and the barricades.

Hammerstone manages to come back by throwing Fatu over the rope then crossbodies him for extra measure. He even brutally drops Jacob on his face off the apron.

As Jacob rallies with the crowd as they chant “Fatu!” repeatedly, he slaps Hammerstone’s cheeks hard enough to send him backwards. Fatu shoots Hammerstone against the turnbuckles, ricocheting him like a bird crashing against the electrical wiring. Ha! Ha!

Jacob has Alex wailing for help. Hammerstone performs an Exploder into the turnbuckles, followed by a drop kick and a belly-to-belly release suplex for a near retaining win.

Hammerstone punches Jacob, he returns fire with a Super Kick sending the champ on his feet till Fatu suicide dives and Moonsaults his opponent. Things were getting intense as Fatu avoids multiple clotheslines until he finally comes face-to-face with a brutal one.

Hammerstone flies off the top with a beautiful drop kick leaving Fatu to bounce in the corner, he follows that up with the TKO that he thought he had the fight won. Fatu is still in this.

Fatu hits the Aller Uce drop on Hammerstone then the double-spring Moonsault for a near, very near win. So he gets a chair, Hammerstone dodges and sends him on his ass.

Alex goes for the Midnight Pendulum to end this fight, but Fatu kicks out, which leaves the champ in absolute shock… as if he saw millions of ghosts. No one has ever, ever kicked out of the Midnight Pendulum. Fatu is amazing. “This is awesome!” the crowd chants.

Since that didn’t take Fatu out, Hammerstone decides to grab a weapon. A wooden weapon, that is. He sets the table up, forces Jacob to his feet, he notices what’s going, so Fatu starts resisting the trap. Alex beats him down anyway and suplexes Jacob into the wood.

This was the moment, Hammerstone hits the Midnight Pendulum a second time and marks it for a retaining win over Fatu. Although he lost, Jacob shakes hands with the champion.

The celebrations were underway with Hammerstone and the fans, but someone else didn’t care for that. The gas mask men are now known as The Hive. The screen glitched as they sneak they’re way to perform a beating. I swear one of them looked like a basic butcher with that fake bloody apron on.

The only other names I was able to get aside from The Raven and Rickey Shane Page was Akira.

At first there was about four of these gas mask people, now there might be half a dozen of these men. What the hell is going on in the background? Due to this, Hammerstone is being helped to medical by officials.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone

Anyway, Mance Warner’s battle has only just began when he decides to bring his family into the mix. Matthew Justice and the 1 Called Manders as they preach their intentions at MLW is to inflict pain, and loads of it. What they don’t know is that The Hive have bigger alterity in their arsenal than The Second Year Crew. The twitching of the screen says so…

Oh, on better news, Battle Riot is coming to REELZ very soon. Yay! Happy day.

As we continue the night, Saint Laurent wanted to announce that he’s issued a match for Microman due to Real1’s bullying. So now we’re going to see a fight between Microman vs. Real1 in Philly next week.

Also, after Cesar Duran got kidnapped by his own men last week for some odd reason, Valkyrie and Hennigan are looking for answers… Ha! Shouting for answers is more like it. Taya does raise concerns that this isn’t a safe work environment, which is slightly swatted away by officials threatening a lawsuit. Hmm. Even Sam Adonis has a sign requesting assistance to find Duran.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Billie Starkz – World Featherweight Championship match

You know, regardless of the fact that Valkyrie has taken the persona of a mean girl from your typical high school cliché nonsense, I still see her skills and talents as the Featherweight Champion and a female wrestler. She just needs to stop behaving like Starkz isn’t another opponent that will challenge her eventually. They all will. The problem is, Billie is 18-years-old compared to everyone else in the girls’ locker room. But so what? Just get it done without being an insufferable twat would be nice.

Instead of getting into the fight like one would during title matches, Taya decides to shove Billie’s forehead, which results in the challenger to roll Valkyrie up when she wasn’t looking.

A near fall on Taya has her momentarily leaving the ring to collect herself. Hennigan is seen checking on his wife by commentary. Although she tried, Billie’s attempt at suicide diving Taya on the outside wasn’t fully exercised. Valkyrie stumbled backwards, yes, but she didn’t fall or anything. It failed.

Billie tries again and hits Hennigan instead. Ha! She goes for it a third time and finally knocks Taya on her ass. Valkyrie was laying on her back in pain within the ring, Billie is at the top getting ready to splash her, but while the referee wasn’t looking, Hennigan shoves Starkz as she lands on her spine.

Taya ties Billie’s arms behind her back then kicks her hard enough against the steel post after that bad turnover of earlier.

Starkz fights her way out from the corner with multiple kicks to the champ’s face, using the rope as momentum as well. Billie even enters a bridge cover that almost granted her the victory. Almost… I could have sworn it did.

As Hennigan gets involved, AGAIN, he narrowly gets hit by his own wife when Billie dodged her from behind. In the end, he does get kicked when Taya moves out of the way leaving Hennigan to receive Billie’s foot in the face.

Taya bounds Billie’s limbs together then stomps her back for a cover that could have ended this. Commentary seems to think so.

Starkz did manage to counter Taya’s attempt at performing the Road to Valhalla by switching places, but Valkyrie mounts Billie up for another attempt and retains her championship along with flowers gifted by her husband.

We go from two retaining wins tonight to having The Hive leaving another message “Trust in The Raven,” they continue to say. I’m telling you, this is a cult. Run away.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie


TOP PHOTO: The Hive. Courtesy of MLW