Greetings and Salutations! We are just two shows away from Stand & Deliver. I expect a story heavy episode that progresses our main angles for Stand & Deliver on WrestleMania weekend. On today’s show we will see the following:

  • Qualifying Match Women’s Ladder Match: Tiffany Stratton vs Indi Hartwell
  • Qualifying Match Women’s Ladder Match: Lyra Valkyria vs Ivy Nile
  • Ilja Dragunov vs JD McDonagh
  • “Great Debate”: Chase University and Schism

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

The show kicks off with highlights from last week’s show featuring the Grayson Waller home invasion on Familia Gargano.

Stand & Deliver Hosts Chat

Pretty Deadly come out and re-announce that they are the hosts for Stand & Deliver. Kit Wilson menti0ned that last week’s show should be scrubbed from the archives since Gallus cheated in their Tag Team Title Match and because Hayes and Breakker attacked them when they weren’t paying attention. Wilson then shifts his attention to fashion and said that Breakker and Melo have horrible fashion sense.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes come out to interject on Pretty Deadly’s promo. Williams said that Pretty Deadly should mind their own business. Melo rebutted their fashion sense remark by saying that he is so dripped out, he leaves puddles in the building. Wilson wanted to interrupt but Williams said that they need to mind their business while the adults are talking. Prince said he doesn’t understand William’s language since they speak the Kings English. Williams is annoyed and challenges Pretty Deadly to a tag tam match. Pretty Deadly accept. Williams tricks (had to) them though and then tells them that they will actually be facing Hayes and Breakker. Melo didn’t seem to thrilled by that match booking. Pretty Deadly jump a confused Melo and Williams. Breakker comes out and cleans house by giving a Military Press to Wilson onto Prince outside of the ring. Breakker helps Melo back up after.

Indi Hartwell and Tiffany Stratton were heading to the ring for their match.

Back from commercial, Carmelo Hayes said he didn’t like Trick booking that match with Breakker as his partner. Williams said that it was strategic so that Melo can learn Breakker’s moves in the ring. Williams hypes up Melo and said that he will have the Breakker cheat code.

We see the following Roxanne Perez Tweet stating she will be back but she wasn’t sure when.

Qualifying Match for the NXT Women’s Title Ladder Match @ Stand & Deliver: Tiffany Stratton VS Indi Hartwell

Hatwell kicked things off quickly as she took down Stratton and went for a quick pin but it only kept Stratton down for a 1-count. Stratton comes right back with a big boot and a lariat for a 2-count. Stratton with a snap suplex after Hartwell went for a shortarm clothesline. Stratton followed up the Snap Suplex with Forearm Kidney Shots and an Irish Whip to the corner. Stratton continued her attack on Hartwell with a Double Stomp attempt but Hartwell moved out of the way but any momentum she had was lost when she tripped Hartwell on the apron.

Back from the break, Stratton with a Hip Attack right into the 2nd rope in the corner. Hartwell with a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Stratton came back and both women share Forearms until Hartwell hits Stratton with a pair of Right Hands. Stratton once again doesn’t give Hartwell  chance to gain momentum as she hits a Power Slam on Hartwell. Stratton with a Slingshot attempt but Hartwell avoids it and hits her with a Spinebuster. Stratton is right back in Hartwell’s face and hits Hartwell with a Rolling Senton Mero Sault for the pin and the win to advance to Stand & Deliver.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Gallus are at the pub yet again. The Creed brothers, Julius and Brutus show up and they play a game of Pool. Mark Coffey makes a joke about the Creeds drinking milk. Brutus said he wants what Gallus has. Julius drinks water. Gallus wins the Pool game and Julius challenges Gallus to a game of darts.  The Creeds win two games of Darts which annoyed Gallus. Brutus makes mention to a shocked Gallus that they practice hard at the Dojo but play hard outside of it. Gallus then challenges the Creeds to a match at Stand and Deliver for the titles to settle the stale mate. Tony D’Anglo and Stacks run into Gallus and The Creeds leaving the bar and wanted in on the Tag Title Match. All Six Men go back into the pub for a sit down.

Wes Lee heads to the ring…

The hardest working reporter in Professional Wrestling,  McKenzie Mitchell is with Gigi Dolin. They talk about the Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver for the NXT Women’s Title. Dolin said that it sucked that Perez had to get injured for this match to happen. Dolin also isn’t sorry about what happened to Jacy Jayne. Tiffany Stratton interrupts and and talks about also being in the title match and said that she will climb the ladder to win the belt.

Wes Lee Speaks

Wes Lee talks about how he wants to prove that he deserves to be a champion at Stand & Deliver. Lee mentioned that NXT_Annonymous leaked that he gets to choose his four opponents for next Saturday’s match. Wes is set to announce who is in the match until….

Dragon Lee interrupts him. Dragon said that he came to NXT to fight the best and Wes is one of them. Dragon said he is keen on the idea of Multi-Person matches and it would be an honour to go up against Wes Lee. Wes Lee said that he has followed Dragon Lee’s career through North America and Japan and he wants to see him in LA.

JD McDonagh is out and makes the jokes about the two Lee’s. He said that he will take care of Dragon Lee after taking care of Ilja Dragunov. Wes Lee asked him why JD is even out there and joked that Dragunov will rip him apart. JD said that Wes Lee won’t be champion soon and enter Ilja Dragunov for their match as we head to commercial.

NXT_Anonymous was creeping around and taking a video of Indi Hartwell tossing around stuff backstage. Zoey Stark showed up and made fun of Hartwell for losing

Fallon Henley confronted Kiana James backstage. James wanted to talk about their title defense at Stand & Deliver but Henley wanted to talk about James cheating on Brooks with this “Sebastian” character. Henley admits to James about breaking into her office. James said that Henley has the wrong idea. Henley yelled at James saying she doesn’t want to see Brooks Jensen hurt as he’s a good friend.

Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh

The match starts and Dragunov goes hard to McDonagh to start the match. All JD could do is counter Dragunov’s attack but he is able to get the upperhand early on. As the match continues we see Dragon Lee watching the match from ringside as he was told to do. JD maintains the momentum and chops the living hell out of Dragunov. JD with fast paced kicks to the face of Dragunov that looked as vicious as they did fast. Dragunov begins to mount a small comeback which got the crowd going nuts. Dragunov with some hard slaps and chops to JD.

Dragunov with a flurry of elbows onto JD who backs into the corner. Dragonuv with some hard hitting chops on JD in the corner but JD ducked a chop and hit Dragunov with an elbow. This brief shift in momentum didn’t last long as Dragunov with more hard hitting Machine Gun Chops in the corner. Dragunov with a modified delayed Saito Suplex for a nearfall. The crowd is loving the action as we hear them chant “This is Awesome” and “Fight Forever”. JD with a Power Bomb for 2-count. JD continues his attack as he works in Chained Suplexes on Dragonuv.

Dragonuv no sold the last suplex but JD hits one more German Suplex. Dragonuv with a kick right to the head of JD but he stumbles in pain and exhaustion. Dragunov comes right back up and went for a Torpedo Moscow, but JD caught Dragunov mid-air and went for a rear naked choke. Dragunov fights out of it and hit JD with a sliding forearm.

Both men eventually spilled outside of the ring in this hard hitting match.  The two guys end up colliding into Dragon Lee, knocking him out of his chair. JD gets into Dragon Lee’s face and ends up bitch-slapping Dragon Lee. Dragon Lee, JD McDonagh, and Ilha Dragunov all end up brawling outside of the ring as the ref calls for the match to end because of the fightting. Wes Lee flies into the frame and takes everyone out as refs and suits try to get order back!

Winner: No Contest

Bron Breakker meets with Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the back. Breakker siad that he is wondering if Williams has a trick up his sleeve. Williams said that he just wants Bron to share the ring with the future NXT Champion. Hayes said that he wants them both tuned up and at their best.

The hardest working reporter in all of pro wrestling, McMenzie Mitchell is with Wes Lee. Wes Lee announced that he is adding Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh to the multi-person match at Stand & Deliver. Mitchell asked who would be taking the last spot? Axiom swoops in and asked Wes Lee for the last spot. Wes Lee said that he has tons of people he wants to face so the last spot will be determined in a Battle Royal.

“Big Body” Gargano….

Johnny Gargano’s music plays and we get……Javier Bernal dressed in street clothes similarly to Gargano. Big Body Javi joked about fooling everyone and then got to business blaming Johnny Gargano for stealing his spot at Stand & Deliver. Javi claimed to be the heart and soul of NXT after busting his ass month after month for his entire seven month career. Javi said Johnny Gargano doesn’t even have a Christmas Album….

Johnny Gargano comes out and tossed Javi outside and followed him throwing him some more and eventually over the barricade. We see a hugely aggressive Gargano. Gargano grabs a mic Gargano calls out Grayson Waller and says he wants to raise the stakes at their match at Stand & Deliver. Gargano wants their match to be a Gargano specialty, an unsanctioned match.

Grayson Waller appeared on the big screen and said that Gargano will just embarrass himself. Waller said he can’t come to the ring because Gargano is unhinged and said he is only signing the contract to the match if Gargano’s buddy, Vic Joseph delivers it net week AND if Gargano will be banned from the building. Gargano agreed. Big Body Javi stumbled back in the ring and ate a superkick from Gargano. Gargano poses.

The show cuts to a cinematic promo and we see a man in the forest with Native American symbols everywhere. He said he is proud of his heritage and wants to hold his people up. He then walked over to a DJ Turn-table and started playing EDM Music….. The man was Eddy Thorpe (f.k.a. “BFD” Karl Fredericks)

The hardest working reporter in all of pro wrestling, McMenzie Mitchell is with Ivy Nile. Nile is asked about Tatum Paxley betraying her. Nile said that she was disappointed that Paxley betrayed her after all Diamond Mine did was accept her in their group. Nile said she’s going to remain positive because she wants to win her next match which would get her in the women’s Ladder title match at Stand and Deliver

A sitdown promo aired featuring Hank Walker. We see a replay of Walker getting an NXT contract after beating Javier Bernal. Walker talks about being a life long athlete and a starting O-Lineman for NC State. Walker talked about getting a job, meeting new friends, and getting a mentor in Drew Gulak. Walker then said that his mentor betrayed him. Walker said all he did for months was try to prove himel to Gulak and Charlie Dempsey. Walker then said he’s just going to get better and continue to evolve, because that’s what NXT is all about. Gulak and Dempsey were watching on a monitor in the back looking very unimpressed.

Qualifying Match for the NXT Women’s Title Ladder Match @ Stand & Deliver: Lyra Valkyria VS Ivy Nile

Lyra started off quickly with a  Jackknife rollup for a 2-count. Nile tripped Lyra and tries for a Juji Gatame but Lyra blocked it and Nile comes right back with back kicks. Nile mocks Lyra to and dared Lyra to hit her. Both women trade Kicks and eventually take each other out with them. Tatum Paxley was shown watching the match backstage from a monitor.

Nile hit Lyra with a Gutwrench slam but Lyra recovered and hit Nile with a a set of kicks. Nile eventually hit a Suplex  and followed that up with a thrust kick. Nile put Lyra in a Dragon Sleeper, but Lyra escaped by running up the ropes and then Lyra hit Nile with a German Suplex and Spinning Cross Kick. Lyra with the pin….and the WIN.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

After the match we see Tatum Paxley attacked by the witchy sisters, Ivy Dawn and Alba Fyre. Kiana James ran in to help her as Referees, suits, and Oney Lorcan run in to pull apart the women. After things settle down a bit, James asked Henley to keep her secret and Henley agreed

Wes Lee was walking backstage past tons of people who want that last spot at Stand & Deliver. Jinder Mahal said he’d see Lee at Stand and Deliver. Dijak showed up and said he hasn’t forgotten about Lee. After Lee walked past him he walked into Dabba Kato who said he was coming after the title.

The Great Debate: Chase U & Schism

We see some NXT-Tra called Blake Howard in a full lecture hall. Chase University was on one half and The Schism were on the other half. Duke Hudson and Rip Fowler were the first two ready to debate. Howard asked them on their views on “inclusion”. Fowler said his usual schpeel about togetherness and taking off your “masks” to reveal your true self. Fowler talked about Ava offering Hudson a chance to join and how they will welcome him with open arms. Hudson said he did get a mask and invite and added that Chase-U makes him feel included. Hudson added an “I Guess” at the end of his speech to which when he goes back to Chase-U, Chase asked him “what the f–k was that?”.

Ava and Thea Hail were second to speak on the subject of “safety”. Ava repeated the same stuff about The Schism being a family and how you are safe  with family. Hail gave the dictionary definition of safety and said that the Schism’s safety was a toxic safety. Those in the lecture hall liked that.

Joe Gacy and Andre Chase were next inline to speak about the subject of  “leaving the nest”. Gacy wouldn’t let Chase talk and yelled that Chase is holding them back. Tyler Bate interjects and said he wanted to represent Chase-U and debate Jagger Reid. The moderator asked both men about their NXT experience. Reid repeated Schism’s “Four Roots One Tree” line and Bate talked about how it takes a Big Strong Mind to succeed in NXT. Bate said Chase-U is about growth and evolution. Bate continued by saying that Chase-U gave Hail a Career and rejuvenated the career of Duke Hudson. Bate said that Chase-U is the evolution of NXT and that’s something that The Schism will never or could never do.

Tyler Bate then went to business and challenged The Schism to an eight person tag team match at Stand & Deliver where he and Chase-U would go up against The Schism. Joe Gacy said they’ve already beaten Chase-U many times and there’s nothing to gain. The Schism was about to walk away, but Hudson agreed to put the entire University on the line. Joe Gacy agreed to that stipulation.

Gallus, The D’Angelo family, and the Creeds were all drunk at the pub and agreed to a triple threat tag team match at Stand & Deliver for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes (w/Trick Williams) VS “Pretty Deadly” Kit Wilson and Elton Prince

Wilson and Hayes start the match as Wilson goes for a fast pin on Hayes. Hayes with a dropkick and armdrag on Wilson. Both men traded Armdrags as Prince tagged in and got the advantage on Hayes with some punches. Pretty Deadly double teamed Hayes outside of the ring but Breakker’s mere presence made them back down. Back in the ring, Hayes kicked Wilson but Wilson came right back with a flapjack on Hayes. Pretty Deadly with the full advantage in the match but Breakker comes into the match and throws Hayes into Prince with a Hip Toss. Breakker dumped Wilson to ringside and before the commerical break Hayes and Breakker share an awkward handshake.

Pretty Deadly cut the ring in half on Breakker to prevent him from tagging in Hayes. After a bit of time, Breakker and Wilson tagged out. Hayes with a with a springboard lariat on Prince and then a Springboard Suplex onto Prince. Shortly thereafter, Wilson hit Melo with a DDT. Prince and Wilson traded quick tags to keep Hayes in the match. Wilson hit Hayes with a wheelbarrow slam but Hayes eventually shoved Prince and went for the hot tag to Breakker. Breakker back in the ring and cleaned house. Breakker hit Wilson with a Super Shoulder tackle and then a release German Suplex. Breakker hit Wilson with a Frankensteiner at the top rope. Wilson back in the match was able to toss Breaker into Hayes but Hayes moved at the last second and Breakker hit Wilson with a spear and gently tags out to Hayes who hit Wilson with the Nothin’ But Net Scissors Kick for the win!

Winners: Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker

We see a glimpse of Trick Williams writing down notes in the most hilarious way possible and Hayes and Breakker celebrate in the ring to close the show.

Top Photo Courtesy of WWE and @WolfgangYoung via Twitter


NXT TV: March 21, 2023

What a fun show as we head towards Stand & Deliver. Tons of Catch ’em all matches will be happening on April 1, 2023 but I think this crop of wrestlers deserve it. Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh with a match of the year in NXT contender! Tons of fun this week with huge builds to huge (literally) matches