The National Wrestling Alliance has more in store this Saturday as we get our next entrant for the NWA Womens Television title torunament, and “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason wants to send Judais on a Thrillride after the way Father James Mitchell spoke to him and his women, Pollo Del Mar.  In Del Mar’s words, How very DARE he!

The comeuppance will be later in the main event.  For now, we come to you from the PBS studios in Tampa, FL.  Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call, and we head straight to your First Match of the night…

Courtesy of the NWA

Joe Alonzo (with Jamie Stanley) vs. PJ Hawx

There’s a shoving match at the start, and Alonzo shows up Hawx briefly before the former collegiate champion shows how it’s done with his technical acumen on the mat.  The brash Alonzo pie faces him, and Hawx reacts by shoving him into the corner. The ref gets in the middle to break it up but Alonzo gets a thumb in Hawx’s eye and now he starts to pick apart one half of Hawx Aerie with a suplex for a two count, and Alonzo slams him to the mat.  He goes for a slingshot and steps on Hawx’s face, and Alonoz kneels for a douchenozzle pose for a count of two.

Alonzo whips him from pillar to post and nails high backdrop Hawx’s on his neck, but Alonzo gets another two count.  He goes for an abdominal stretch and Alonzo adds insult to injury (literally) with a Purple Nurple(!), and Stanley gets a selfie in

Hawx comes back with a rollup and now fires back with elbows and a deadlift suplex to cover for two.  Hawx shows off his strength as he unleashes a gutwrench suplex on Alonzo, ripping him from the ropes.  He goes up top for a high-risk maneuver but Stanley distracts him long enough for Alonzo to send him crashing to the mat, and he delivers The Stroke to Hawx to get his first win with Stanley at his side.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Joe Alonzo

Joining at the Podium with Kyle Davis is Bobby Fulton and The Fixers, Jay Bradley and Wrecking Bal Legursky. Fulton tries to talk sense (good luck with that) into the Fixers.  The former Fantastics member states that as a former two-time champion, he knew when it was time to leave the belts be, and he accuses The Fixers of tarnishing the belts and disrespecting America. Bradley doesn’t care for Fulton’s tone, and warns he doesn’t want none of that.  Fulton, though, has two guys in back to whip their a…err, butts once they’re ready.  

May Valentine is backstage with Psycho Love. Valentine quotes the Iron Sheik and asks Love if they’ve been humble.  Love finds her cute, but quickly tells her to give respect to her man, “Psycho Boy” Fodder. He then issues an open challenge who’s as crazy as him. Anywhere. Anytime.

That sounds interesting, but that will have to wait another day because now we get the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA World Women’s TV Title Qualifying Match: Samantha Starr vs. Ashley D’Amboise

D’Amboise is quick to show up Starr, and clubs her back as she wants to be considered in this match.  She tosses Starr to the other side and hits a snap neckbreaker/cartwheel for a count of two.  D’Amboise mocks the third-generation wrestler and gets in her head by slamming it into the turnbuckles.  She goes for punches, and that makes Starr fire back and then she nails a hip attack to a snapmare, followed by ramming her head to the mat with her knees. Starr covers for just a two count.  She lands a huge Jazz Stinger on  D’Amboise and that gets another two, and then Starr proceeds to ram her head again into the turnbuckles, and then transition into a fireman’s carry to a Samoan Drop, but that gets another two count.  D’Amboise attempts to come back and chop her in the throat.  She sends Starr to the ropes, and she goes for a sunset flip, but D’Amboise hangs on and pins with an assist from the middle ropes.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Advancing in the NWA Women’s TV Title:  Ashley D’Amboise

Valentine with the New NWA US Tag Team champions, The Country Gentlemen. They hear that Blake Troop and Jax Dane of the SVGS are calling them out, but AJ Cazana states they won’t let them ruffle their feathers.  His cousin Anthony Andrews states that, “You step into the ring, you’re in our sights?  We’ll have you dead to rights!”

With those strong words, Valentine asks if they had a chance to scope her new Playboy cover, but Cazana and Andrews, ever the Country Gentlemen, state they just read for the articles.

Let’s say that Andrews really is excited by one of the articles.

(Author’s Note:  Is this a good time to mention I’m looking forward to my autographed Playboy?  P.S.  Thanks, May!)

There’s a recap of the main event on NWA POWERRR that saw a title change twice during the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship but read it here if you missed it.

But it’s time for the Main Event with…

Courtesy of the NWA

“Thrillbilly” Silas Mason (with Pollo Del Mar) vs. Judais (with “The Sinister Minister” Father James Mitchell)

Mason and Judais eyeball each other across the ring, and once the bell rings it’s all business.  They lock up and there’s no give.  Mason chops and jabs The Priest of Punishment, but it has no effect on the big man.  He goes for a crossbody, and Judais catches him and then launches Mason with a fallaway slam.  Mason is stunned as he rolls outside to collect his wits, and Judais pursues and then slams him into the chairs and then on the ring apron.  he tries to suffocate Mason with the apron, and then he gets back in the ring, and whips Mason into the corner.  Judais rushes and Mason catches him with a back elbow that bounces off the big man, and  Judais gets a side slam for a two count.  He toys with Big Daddy Thrill, as Del Mar looks on helplessly at her man.  Judais and Mason are throwing haymakers and Mason gets a splash in the corner followed by powerslam for a one(!) count.  Mason hits a shoulder tackle and covers for a count of two.  Judais does a zombie stiup,  gets the goozle on Mason, but Big Daddy Thrill fights out of the hold.  He shoots Judais to the ropes and soon goes on The Thrillride, and Mason covers him for the one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason

After the match, Mason gets out before Judais can use a chair, and you can tell this ain’t over between the big men even as the show rolls to the credits.

NWA USA - 02/25/2023

Final Thoughts:

Alonzo looked good with Stanley in his corner, and D’Amboise got the surprise win, and I’m curious about how far she goes in the tournament.  Mason and Judais have the makings of a great feud, and I want more of this big-man matchup.

Until that happens, see ya next Saturday!