Countdown to No Surrender

We go right into the first match of the night!

Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal) VS Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo controlled the first half of the match as she hit a Hurricanrana and a pump kick to take firm control. Shaw was able to take firm control as she used the ropes to choke Purrazzo. Both ladies went for a clothesline at the same time and this ended with both of them on the floor at the same time. Purrazzo went for the Queen’s Gambit, but Vidal in all his glory was able to distract the referee. This caused Savannah Evans ton run down and attack Purrazzo with a full nelson slam. Shaw hit a running knee and got the shocking win over Deonna Purrazzo.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

We get a hype video for Rich Swann VS Josh Alexander. We see Swann’s road from losing the title to Kenny Omega to his road to winnng the six pack challenge a few weeks ago.

Jonathan Gresham VS Mike Bailey

This match started with both men getting 50/50. No matter what each man did, their opponent had a counter. This match was incredible on so many levels. The stalemate was broken as Gresham put Bailey in a Figure-Four. Bailey was able to sit up and drag himself to the ropes to break the hold. Both men get up and trade punches. Both men encounter reversal and reversal and counter after counter. Bailey went for the bayonette, but his knee gave out. Gresham hit a sliding lariat for a 2-count. Bailey managed to hit a Poisonrana, but didnt hit his Ultimate Weapon. Gresham took this chance to put him in a cradle and get the huge win on what will for sure a match to get a chance to face the Impact Champion.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

This now leads us to the main card. Santino Marella comes out and cuts a funny promo that leads to him “officially” signing Frankie Kazarian to Impact. We get our first match featuring the new signing…

Main Card

Frankie Kazarian VS Kon (w/ The Design)

Santino was on commentary for this match. Kon took Kazarian down with a Lariat and used his size and strength advantage on Kazarian while he could. Kon continued his full assault on Kazarian until Kazarian tried the Flux Capacitor but Kon shoved him off the ropes. Kon went for a flying headbutt but Kazarian dodged and ended up hitting a La magistral cradle for a 2-count. Kazarian with the momentum on his side went for a chicken wing but the referee was distracted by Angels. Kon sends Kazarian to the ropes and  Callihan accidentally hit Kon with a chair. Kazarian slingshot Kon into a cutter for the win!

Winner: Kazarian

Gia Miller was with Brian Myers. Myers hypes the number one contender match and also says that the Major Players are on hiatus after their recent encounters.

We get a promo for the next women’s match of Death Dollz vs Hex. James Mitchell with all the creepy promos.

Knockout’s World Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) (/w Rosemary) VS The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay)

Kay and Belle started with full control of the match but eventually Valkyrie hit a blue thunder bomb on Kay for a 2-count.  Valkyrie with a curb stomp on Kay but Belle made the save. Valkyrie went for a DDT on Kay, but Kay countered into a Samoan drop. Valkyrie hit a powerbomb on Kay, but Belle did the good ol’ blind tag at this point. Valkyrie ended up in the corner and Jessicka tagged in and hit a kick on Belle. Kay and Valkyrie continued to fight in the middle of the ring and Jessicka hit a tackle on Belle and hit the sick driver for the win.

Winner: Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) (/w Rosemary)

Impact Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry VS Moose in a Dot Combat Match

Moose goes for the attack and doesn’t even let Hendry speak before the match. We saw games, gaming chairs, keyboards and so much more in this match. Eventually Hendry pulled out a set of VR Goggles and put them on Moose’s head and he was distracted because the VR app had women dancing. This caused the new Moose to dance and then Hendry changed the video to Dancing Moose and Moose ripped the VR headset off. Hendry hit a cutter, but Moose kicked out. Moose then low blowed Hendry. Hendry kicked out. Hendry rolled up Moose and pulled the tights for the cheeky win.

Winner: AND STILL Impact Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry

Mickie James cuts an incredible promo on Masha Slamovich and Jordynne Grace. James said that she will deal with the annoyance of Slamovich and then she will take care of Grace as her last rodeo isn’t over and she wants to cement her legacy as the best Knockouts champion ever.

Busted Open Live

Ray started but was interrupted by the crowd booing. Ray apologized-ish but Dreamer didn’t accept. Ray thought of the fact Nash doesn’t have Hall anymore and said he wants to work things out before one of them isn’t around anymore.

Ray continued that if something happened, life is far too short, so they need to bury the hatchet. Ray said they don’t need to work together but he wants them to make amends. Dreamer eventually agreed in a sense as he said they will go their own direction but they wont shake hands. Ray grabs hot coffee and tosses it into the eyes. of  Dreamer. Ray then took a stool and shoved LaGreca away before smashing the coffee kettle over Dreamer’s head. Ray screamed at Dreamer as he kept beating him.

Rich Swann was with Gia Miller and he pushes the main event versus Josh Alexander. Steve Maclin came out taunted Swann but Swann said that he should be more focused on the upcoming 4-way #1 contenders match.

Steve Maclin VS PCO VS Heath VS Brian Myers

This was a showcase for Maclin. Myers hits a cannonball through the ropes on Myers and Heath hit the wake up call on Maclin but Maclin used the ropes to break the pin. PCO hit a flipping senton onto Maclin, crushing him, and then went to the outside to try and recover. Myers went for a spear, but PCO came back in and took out Myers and hit an inverted DDT.

PCO went for another Moonsault, and hit Myers, but Eddie Edwards ran down finally to get his long awaited revenge and hit PCO with a shovel. Heath hit the wake up call on Myers, but Maclin was able to slide in and hit the KIA on Heath which got him the win!

Winner: AND #1 Contender; Steve Maclin

Trey Miguel comes down as everyone is out and asked why he was left off the card. He said that AS Styles wouldn’t be left off. Miguel is near PCO at this point and as he continued running his mouth, PCO ended up Chokeslamming Miguel  and hit him with a clothesline.

Bullet Club (KENTA, Chris Bey, & Ace Austin) VS Time Machine (KUSHIDA, Alex Shelley, & Chris Sabin)

This was an incredible match. Down the road, KENTA kicked KUSHIDA in the face. Sabin made the hot tag and cleared the ring then hit a crossbody on both Austin and Bey at the same time. Sabin then hit a suicide dive on KENTA while KUSHIDA hit a flying knee off the apron on Bey. Sabin hit one on Austin as well.  Moments later, KENTA hit the hesitation dropkick on Sabin and hit a Double Stomp on Sabin for a 2-count.

Bey and Austin hit a kick and torture rack neck breaker combo on Sabin for a 2-count. KUSHIDA came in and hit a handspring elbow on KUSHIDA. Bey made save him from the kimura. All 6 men started hitting kicks and big moves on one another and were featured one at a time .KUSHIDA hit a Moonsault on Austin while Sabin hit a Neckbreaker. As Shelley set up Skull and Bones but Bey shoved Shelly and Austin hit a backslide for the 3-count and huge win for Bullet Club.

Winners: Bullet Club (KENTA, Chris Bey, & Ace Austin)

Impact Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James VS Masha Slamovich

Masha really dominated most of this match and they made her look like a star even in defeat. James and Slamovich went back and forth with forearms then James ducked a clothesline and hit a neck breaker on Slamovich. James then hit a crossbody and a flapjack before kicking up. Slamovich came right back and hit a kick on James, who climbed to the top rope. As both women were on the tope rope, James sent Slamovich off and hit a seated senton for a 2-count. Slamovich cme rght back and continued to dominate this match as she hit a strong zero for a 2-count. James blocked a kick and countered into a half crab.

James picked up Slamovich but she countered into a rear naked choke. James tried to escape  and all she could do was throw herself and Slamovich to outside of the ring out on the floor. Both women got caught up in the ropes, and Slamovich held on, trying to choke James out before letting go. Slamovich had the advantage and stayed on James trying to hit a monkey flip, but James floated over mid flip and caught Slamovich in a pin to get the win!

Winner: AND STILL Impact Knockouts World Championship; Mickie James

Impact World Championship: Josh Alexander VS Rich Swann

This match was an incredible affair. The later parts of the match saw Alexander hit with a Poisonrana for a close 2-count. Swann went for a handspring but Alexander ran and hit a crossbody to Swann as he was upside down. Then right after, Alexander missed a Moonsault, and both men were down for a bit. Then, Swann hit a falcon arrow, but Alexander kicked out as Swann didn’t get all of the leg hook in the pin.

Alexander hit the C4 Spike, but there was no pin as he was out and exhausted. Alexander with hard stomps and kicks on Swann while hes laying on the apron and then hit a world’s strongest slam also on the apron which looked gruesome. Swann made his way back in the match and hit a spin kick back in the ring before hitting a phoenix splash for a super close 2-count. Swann went for a second phoenix splash, but Alexander dodged this one and put the ankle lock on! Swann kept trying to fight out and made it while following that up with a cutter but Alexander countered  and turned it into a tombstone piledriver then hit a C4 spike and got the win!

Winner: AND STILL Impact World Championship; Josh Alexander

The show closed as Alexander celebrated.