The title picture in the National Wrestling Alliance is really showing a lot of up-and-comers in the ranks as the feud between Bully Ray and Matt Cardona takes another turn.  There’s also more title action taking place tonight, as Cyon defends the NWA National Championship, and The Renegade Twins put up their NWA Women’s Tag Team titles against Pretty Empowered 2.0.  We find out if this new team has new features, or if Ella Envy and Roxy are just the beta release.

We head to the PBS Studios in Tampa, Fl. Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call, where we get our First Match of the night between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage and Damage, with Aron Stevens) vs. Big Strong Mims and Dak Draper

Mims and Carnage start the match and he gets the upper hand on the masked man.  A quick tag to Draper and they are starting to mesh as a team.  Galli mentions that they’re looking to refer to themselves as “Mile High Muscle.”  Hey, it’s got my vote.

Quick tags and power highlight the work by Mile High Muscle but a kick by Damage on the outside distracts Mims, and then Carnage hits a big boot to stop the action, and now Blunt Force Trauma is in control.  Damage has Mims with a single-leg crab, wrenching it back to his head.  Mims fights off the pain of the submission and manages to reach the ropes to break the hold.  Blunt Force Trauma makes Mims a Muscle in Peril, and Carnage dropkicks Draper off the apron, as Stevens taunts him on the outside.  He then goes to Mims and uses his loaded glove to punch his in full view of the ref and he calls for the bell because…

Your Winners via Disqualification:  Big Strong Mims and Dak Draper

Blunt Force Trauma isn’t fazed by this and looks to cause more hurt to Mims, but Draper comes to and runs them off from ringside.  One has to wonder what Stevens has in mind for the two challengers down the road.

May Valentine is backstage with new NWA Television Champion, Thom Latimer and NWA Heavyweight champion, Tyrus. Latimer mentions that on the next NWA POWERRR, he’ll fight Rhett Titus and calls him a worthy contender. As for Tyrus, he plays it cool.  When pressed about the pairing of BLK Jeez and EC3, he doesn’t understand why they’re together, but it makes no matter.  To Tyrus, he’s happy and secure in his position and states, “They can play it out, so I can lay ’em out.”  We’ll see how long that lasts.

Kyle Davis is at The Podium with Kerry Morton and they talk about the tag loss on a recent NWA USA. Morton admits he got a little distracted, but he was excited by the fans in attendance.  As for his title run as NWA Junior Heavyweight champion, Morton says Alex Taylor came close at Nuff Said, but he still prevailed.  That’s when Jamie Stanley enters the picture and gives a proposal:  have his new compadre  Joe Alonzo take him on for the title.  and he tells Morton that he is unstoppable, and wants a match against him tonight. Morton agrees…if Alonzo beats a champ of his choosing.

Huh.  It’s subtle, but definitely not like what we’ve been accustomed to from The Future Legend.

We’ll ponder that later because now our first title match is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA National Championship: The Great Cyon(c) (with Austin Idol) vs. “The Most Feared” Kratos

Kratos has stitches on his forehead from his battle with Silas Masonon Nuff Said, where he got busted open the hard way.  Galli calls this a “Heavyweight Hoss fight” and he’s not wrong, as Kratos is able to overtake the champion early on, and Cyon is not happy.  He tries to get some offense going but does not have an answer for The Most Feared.  Cyon ducks a forearm and attempts a suplex but Kratos reverses for a good fifteen seconds in a vertical base before dropping him to the mat.

Idol goes to check on his son, and Kratos comes out to stalk his prey.  He gets a palm thrust and motions that Cyon will head to the ring post, but Cyon reverses as The Most Feared gets knocked out.  From there, Cyon concentrates his attacks on his melon, opening the stitches up.  Back in the ring, he whips Kratos hard into the corners and then locks in a Cobra Clutch to make him submit.  Kratos fights out of the love but is sent back down to the mat. As the ref backs up Cyon, Idol gets a sucker punch to the injured head of Kratos.  Now Cyon becomes more vicious as the head wound starts to bleed again.  Another whip to the corner and he rushes for a splash, but Kratos gets up a back elbow.  Cyon leaps at him, and Kratos catches the champ in a bear hug and transitions to a suplex that launches him halfway across the ring.  He gets his momentum back but before Kratos can do anything about it the bell rings, and…

Your Winner Via Time Limit Draw, and Still NWA National Champion:  The Great Cyon

Valentine Now has “The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason and Pollo Del Mar with Father James Mitchel. She asks Mason about his upcoming challenge against Judais on this NWA USA and…well, let’s have him speak…

“Big Daddy Thrill always rises to the occasion. I’ll beat that fool like a rented mule. Oh, it ain’t no lie, baby. Everything that comes out of my mouth is the truth.  If I tell you the sun ain’t coming out tomorrow, you better wake up with a flashlight, son, and when I tell you that the Thrillbilly Silas Mason is going to beat Judais…

So, I got a little story for their James We’re down here at the club called The Castle in Tampa Bay, or Ybor city, or whatever they call it. Man, I saw that little Gymp fella; he was getting beat on, he was getting whacked and whomped by about fourteen big ol’ Amazonian women. If you think he took a beating, if you think he got hurt?  Oh, Daddy, you ain’t seen nothing until the Big Daddy Thrill gets in the ring and the Priest of Punishment, Judais… Oh, he ain’t gonna survive the Thrillride.”

For the rebuttal is Father James Mitchell:

“You are sadly mistaken, you know that? You know, you reek of toad venom, Monistat, and malt liquor. You apparently didn’t get the memo. Judais has been scientifically proven to have a genetic mutation, giving him a pain tolerance five times greater than any professional athlete [or] any professional wrestler. And when you step into the ring with him Saturday, he’s going to show you why he is the High Priest of Punishment. Why he is the Man with no Pain, and you’re going to go down. You’re going to go down faster than Pollo Del Mar in a San Francisco bathhouse.”

Mason is livid he spoke to his woman like that, while Del Mar is aghast, saying, “How dare you!!”  This is one of those cases you should see for yourself.

Until then, your next match is…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Matt Cardona vs. Odinson

The Asgardian is feeling so confident that he decides he doesn’t need The Purpose spray to enter shiny and chrome.  As Cardona enters the rings, Odinson is fired up and gets a knee to his gut, but the former NWA champ rolls out and tries to reassess the situation.  Back in the ring and there is another lockup.  As Odinson shoves him into the corner, the ref breaks up, and Cardona catches the Asgardian with a forearm, but it barely fazes him.  Cardona goes for some evasive tactics, but Odinson is too strong.  A twisting Asgardian uppercut to the back, followed by a deadlift backdrop and Cardona is feeling it.  He runs to the corner for a tackle, and Cardona dodges.  Odinson’s momentum goes through the corner and his shoulder hits the ring post and now Cardona takes advantage. He follows by ramming his bad shoulder to the steel steps and goes back in the ring for a count-out victory.

Odinson starts to gain his wits and climbs back in the ring at the nine count, and it’s all Cardona from there.  He lands a backdrop to Odinson and then Cardona tears off his shirt to choke him with the tattered rags.  Cardona’s forearms to his face are smothering Odinson,  He collapses in the corner and Cardona winds up for the Reboot.  Odinson catches him and attacks with his good shoulder utilizing Asgardian uppercuts into a spinning neckbreaker to cover for two.  He picks up Cardona in a fireman’s carry to an F10, but Cardona stops him and reverses into a flatliner.  He nails the Reboot and covers for a close two count.  Cardona goes up top for a high-risk maneuver.  He comes down and Odinson unloads with the Asgardian Pounce to cover but Cardona manages to get a boot on the bottom rope to break the count.  As he goes to the corner,  Odinson rushes at him, but he pulls the ref in between.  Odinson gets the ref out of the way, but Cardona grabs The Purpose and clocks him with it to get the tainted win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Matt Cardona

Afterward, Cardona goes to The Podium with Kyle Davis. He claims he won the match fair and square, unlike Tyrus who won with Bully Ray’s interference. Cardona is sick of it and calls him out.  Bully Ray appears from behind the studio curtain and gets fans to call him a “cheater.” As he grabs a steel chair, Cardona uses Davis as a human shield.  He wants a match against Ray…after he fights Mike Knox. Ray says he did it before, and he’ll do it again, but he proposes they fight right now in the ring, since he has his gear and his boots on.  Cardona responds…by walking away.

That, my friends, is how Cardona really channels The Power of Douchenozzlery™.

There is a recap of the last moments of the NWA US Tag Title match between The Country Gentlemen and The Spectaculars, but you should read it here if you missed it this Saturday.

Earlier in the day, Joe Galli got an interview with BLK Jeez and EC3.  Apparently, there is a change as Jeez has updated “The Church’s Money, Enterprises” with “The Church’s Money Entertainment.” He says that now that Tyrus has the gold and the money and the media, he needs to think outside the box and wants to get things going in that aspect, and he wanted a brand partnership with EC3’s Control Your Narrative. The Essential Character says that “Collaboration means art,” and he is the demigod of professional wrestling and he wants to manifest his final destiny…by challenging Cyon for the NWA National title.  Kind of a bold statement, Galli points out, but EC3 nonchalantly mentions that it’s “because he controls the narrative.”

There’s a quick little video promo of tonight’s combatants as they talk about what the Women’s tag titles mean.

We head to ringside for your Main Event of the night, and it is a rematch for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship:  The Renegade Twins (Charlette and Robyn Renegade)(c) vs. Pretty Empowered 2.0 (Ella Envy and Roxy)

As the Champs hold the belts aloft, Envy and Roxy attack from behind before the bell rings, and they battle in and out of the studio.  Once the dust settles, Charlette has Envy and she and Robyn get to using that Twinning Power.  Envy isn’t looking good until a distraction by Roxy allows Charlette to divert her attention from Envy, who elbows her from behind and then chokes her on the middle ropes with a knee.  Now Roxy tags in and hits the front snapmare to cover for two, then lands double knees to the back of Charlette’s throat.

Pretty Empowered ensure that Charlette is a Renegade in Peril isolated from her sister. She tries to fight back, but it’s too much Pretty Empowered. Envy rubs her face along the top ropes and then follows with a hip attack.  She sets up for a cannonball in the corner that misses the mark, as Charlette escapes and gets the hot tag to Robyn and she is a Renegade en Fuego.  She lands double knees to Roxy’s chest and a missile dropkick to cover that gets a two count.  Charlette is back in the ring, and she goes for a rollup, but Roxy rolls again and gets a handful of tights for the one, two, and three.

Your Winners, and New NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champions:  Pretty Empowered 2.0

Kenzie and Kylie Paige come out and all four members of Pretty Empowered celebrate becoming two-time champions.  But the celebration is short-lived as Madi and Missa Kate comes out with a referee.  Apparently, since Madi was on the winning team in The Champions Series, she wants to cash in her title opportunity for the tag titles, so therefore your other Main Event is for the…

NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championship:  Pretty Empowered 2.0 (c) vs. Missa Kate and Madi

The new champs barely have time to reset as Kate and Madi make short work with a Kick-fil-a and Reality Check, respectively, and Madi covers Roxy for the one, two, and three.

Your Winners, and New NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champions: Missa Kate and Madi

The new(er) champs are ecstatic over their latest win, while the rest of Pretty Empowered head to back wondering what the hell just happened as the show goes to the credits.