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I just got run over by how quickly Mance attacked Real1 in the parking lot using his car as a weapon. The knuckle braces came out of nowhere, like usual cheap shots do, and beats Warner. I guess he’s still pissed by that… The screen was going bonkers. And the cops are on a manhunt for Warner. Ooh, spicy.

Oh, by the way, I think I’m slowly leaning into Underground’s new theme music. It’s not as much of a banger as Fusion’s, but it’s a close second.

So, random thought on Cesar Duran’s part. He decides to put a million dollars on the line to see who can defeat Sam Adonis in a match tonight. Since he got a promotion as the greatest faction ever created according to Duran, Azteca Lucha, the money he earned is for this little competition of who can match Adonis’ ego the best. How fun.

So self-absorbed in fact that Adonis tries to pick a fight with the entire arena by insulting them for being fat and spits rhymes while he’s at it, just like Real1. Why do we have such people in this sport? It’s annoying. Sometimes it’s amusing, depending on who we’re talking about, and other times it needs to stop.

Sam Adonis vs. Calvin Tankman

EJ Nduka joins us as well given last week’s ambush on Lance Anoa’i with a cinderblock as he acted like a little punk baby for not winning against Hammerstone like he boasted he will. Ah, boo the hell hoo.

Adonis has most the leverage in this match as he walks on the top rope to deliver a neck breaker to Tankman, bringing down hard on the back of the head. While the official was distracted with minor disturbances outside the ring, of course, Duran uses the money briefcase to pound Calvin with. This pissed Nduka off.

Whatever Sam was going to do failed real fast once Tankman gains momentum delivering a harsh elbow to Adonis’ jaw then a shove off the apron.

Tankman does his special spinning punching move to Adonis for a very near victory, but Sam had his hand on the bottom rope to save himself. Adonis hits Tankman low in the dick, climbs the ring then 450 splashes Calvin for the win.

Because of that cheap win, EJ locks eyes with Duran as he scurries away with the briefcase. Unfortunately, it isn’t over. Adonis has to open his mouth further to gloat and dump salt in people’s wounds. He thinks he’s good enough for a title match… Ha! The laugh of decade.

Adonis invokes Davey Richards’ name. So he storms out to meet Sam, yet it becomes a 3-on-1 assault till… John Hennigan attempts to even the odds with a chair. He and Duran have history, so this meeting was inevitable. What I didn’t expect was that Hennigan came out to beat Richards as well. It’s always about money.

Winner: Sam Adonis

Mark & Thomas Billington vs. The FBI – Tag Team match

Mark and Little Guido start this match off. Guido had the upper hand for a moment until he chose to turn his back, allowing Mark to drop kick him in the back, knocking Ray Jaz over.

Once Guido tags Ray in, he gets dragged for all his worth with an arm drag by Mark before playing a double team with Thomas.

Jaz and Thomas are on the outside as Ray whips his opponent against the barricades. While Guido has a hold on Thomas’ arm as they laid on the mat, Jaz gets tagged and sends an elbow drop.

Guido attempts to deliver the Sicilian Slice to Thomas and misses. Guido tags Ray while Thomas brings Mark in.

Mark had Jaz wheezing for help with numerous kicks to legs, the sides and the head for a close win, but Guido jumps in to cancel the count, which prompts Thomas to get rid of Guido with a heavy clothesline.

Jaz is up on the ropes to drop on Mark, yet he gets caught mid-air. Thomas climbs, leaps and delivers the Bulldog for the win.

Winners: Mark & Thomas Billington

Through a bizarre series of sequences, the mysterious calling card person is seen wearing their gas mask again. I think the people I saw on the floor were staff members, or other wrestlers. I don’t know, but the suspense is getting higher.

Regardless of the many attacks Hammerstone had to endure as the champion, Jacob likes to remind him that he can cash in at any given time, like later tonight during Alex’s title match against Yamato. Hammerstone is confident he’ll walk out of there with his belt around his waist.

Hell, he welcomes Fatu to call his shot. Whether it’s at Super Fight or this evening, Hammerstone will be ready.

Elsewhere with Davey, we ask him where’s his head at after what happened earlier. Well, he doesn’t mind taking on John Hennigan anywhere, anytime. Ding ding ding. Opportunity is knocking for Duran to interfere. He has the perfect man for Richards to fight, and that’s none other than Hennigan himself next week for the National Openweight Championship.

Fatu can cash in on Hammerstone when he’s at the grocery store, walking his dog, or even lifting weights at the gym, but he chooses to wait till Super Fight to take that championship back.

Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Yamato – World Heavyweight Championship match

After Yamato’s endearing entrance, the screen goes nuts as the mysterious calling card sender’s logo is glitching. I suspect it’s a warning we’re getting closer to the ultimate reveal. It might be at Super Fight, or is that my slight impatience talking? Ha!

Well, anyway, I’ve only seen Yamato wrestle once a few weeks ago against Shun Skywalker on Fusion at DRAGONGATE, and he was amazing. I wonder if he’ll bring that same energy to this match.

The bell rings and it is on. Yamato is controlling the wrist of Hammerstone across the mat as Alex attempts to escape, but Yama has him in a headlock.

Hammerstone counters with a belly-to-belly release. Yamato is seen stretching for dear life near the ropes. Yamato was able to turn things around during the break with drop kicks to the champion.

Yamato may have been able to deliver a Superplex to Hammerstone, yet the champ gave one hell of a vertical suplex in return. This places both wrestlers on pause as the referee counts to ten.

A battle to see who will budge first as both fighters places the other through elbow punches to the jaw is a toughie until Yama turns his back momentarily allowing Hammerstone to German release suplex and Sudo Powerbomb the challenger.

1… 2.. and nope, Yamato kicks out. He quickly counters with a Step Up Enziguri, Hammerstone survives with a clothesline followed by the Midnight Pendulum to retain his title. Yamato did very well too.

This is something to be proud of, definitely. But Fatu isn’t the only one looming around. The calling card sender comes out in his gas mask to deliver a white box to Hammerstone.

Alex opens the box as we are all intrigued to see its contents, but what it was was beyond perplexing. I thought it was a heart, someone’s heart. Instead it was a dead octopus…

But never mind that, Fatu and Hammerstone end the night with a brawl due to Jacob’s imposing words about the champ. Yeah… as if the man didn’t just hold a dead octopus earlier… sure.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone


TOP PHOTO: Hammerstone receives a mystery box from the gas mask people. Courtesy of MLW