Greetings and Salutations. We are weeks away from Road Block but before that we have an NXT Championship match this week as Bron Breakker goes up against Jinder Mahal. I’m interested to see what other matches get set up for the Road Block event on March 7. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show started of in the Performance Center as the action was ready to kick off.

Trick Williams vs. Ilja Dragunov

As Williams came out he cut a promo on Ilja Dragunov. As the bell rang, Williams ran towards Dragunov as he was still taking off his robe but this didn’t phase Dragunov enough as he took Williams down to the floor and worked him over. With both men back up, Williams gets Dragunov to the corner and gets some good shots in but Dragunov found a way to bring Williams back down to the Mat. Williams finds his way back up and then punches Dragunov with a huge right hand but Dragunov recovered in no time to deliver a hip toss on Williams.

With both men up again and Williams on the corner recovering from the constant barrage of take downs, Dragunov hit Williams on the corner. After a series of moves for Dragunov he climbed to the top rope and was taken down by Williams. With Williams new found momentum we see JD McDonagh come out and make an appearance at ringside and eventually the commentary desk.

Through the break, Williams maintained control but Dragunov fought and clawed his way back. Dragunov with a forearm followed by a Muscle up German Suplex. Dragunov then with a Torpedo Moscow for the pinfall win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Jinder Mahal is backstage talking about his NXT Championship match with Bron Breakker later in the show. Jinder brings up the fact Breakker is beatable as he lost to Dolph Ziggler. Jinder said that he is the master of shock wins and he’s going to be the next NXT Champion.

Fallon Henley is trying to apologize to Brookes Jensen about what happened last week but he is ignoring her. Briggs is with her and said he’s trying to keep them all together but Henley needs to own up and admit she screwed up. Henley said that Briggs is right and she needs to apologize to Kiana James too and will apologize in person.

We see Meiko Satomura running a training session with some NXT extras and Roxanne Perez who joined at the last second. We see the class run through many drills and Perez was the only one who could keep up. After squats everyone was down and out except for Perez who thanked Satomura for a good session by saying “Arigato”. Satomura told Perez that training is just getting started….To be continued….

Tyler Bate Speaks

Bate said that he believes in the natural unfolding of things and timing. He said that him and the NXT universe will embark on a mystical journey together. Clearly, Zen Bate is back. Before he can say anything else The Schism is out. Ava Raine and Joe Gacy do the talking here and they say that they are kindred Spirits together. Bate said that he isn’t going to drink the Kool aid. Gacy said that Bate will indeed go on a journey but he needs to surround himself with the right people. As Raine and Gacy try to recruit Bate, Chase U’s Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, and Thea Hail run out for the save as we go to commercial.

“The Dyad” Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler (w/Joe Gacy, Ava Raine) VS. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson (w/Thea Hail)

The Dyad are tag team pros and they showed this as they cut Chase away from his partner. The Dyad were in clear control until Chase escapes through the legs of Reid and the Dyad’s half of the ring and got the hot tag to Hudson. Hudson with Bionic Elbows to Fowler followed by a Senton. Hudson then hits Reid on the corner and follows that up with an Exploder as he has the clear advantage in the match right now. Reid stopped this as he raked the eyes of Hudson but Chase tagged back into the match.

Chase with a Superkick on Reid for a two count. Fowler comes right back and tosses Chase but Chase gets Fowler to the outside but Reid with a rollup only for a 2-count. Fowler and Hudson ended up on outside of the ring and Reid with a Suicide Dive. Chase with the hot tag as we returned from break and clears the ring. Chase with a DDT and Leg Sweep combo on Reid and Fowler. Chase with a Triangle Moonsault on Fowler. Chase and Reid in the middle of the ring trading punches and Chase with a Leg Sweep. Chase with his U Boots and checks on Hail who was being stalked on the outside by Ava Raine. Hudson was back in the match and gets a German Suplex on Reid. Hudson was distracted by Chase and Hail and Fowler hits a throat punch followed by The Dyads double Codebreaker to get the win.

Winners: The Dyad

After the match, Hudson yelled at Chase that he needs to let Hail grow up. Hudson then asked Chase if this is a University or a Charity as he walks away. Hail cried saying it’s all her fault…

Von Wagner and Robert Stone are backstage arguing. Tony D’Angelo and Stack confront them and all four yell at each other while setting up a match.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsay. Gulak is asked why he turned on Hank Walker. Gulak said that Walker was never his friend and criticizes him before praising Dempsey.

A Sol Ruca promo aired. She said she likes the waves because every wave is different. She talked about how everyone in the NXT Women’s Division was different. Ruca talked about not being good when she starts something new but tries and practices to make it work which makes her feel good. Ruca was shown perfecting a kickflip from a handstand on a skateboard. She said she’s looking forward to getting back in the ring with Zoey Stark

Jacy Jane VS Indi Hartwell

Hartwell with a wristlock but Jayne with some chops and a knee to Hartwell. Hartwell comes right back up with a Shortarm Lariat. Jayne with a Sneton and Neck Breaker combo. Jayne now with a stretch to Hartwell’s neck which was against the top rope. Hartwell came back with a Spinebuster but eventually gets tossed in the corner and Jayne hits a Cannonball. Jayne with a kiss on Hatwell then Smash her head with a kick on the second rope. Jayne sets up for another kick but Gigi Dolin came out and attacked Jayne which resulted in a DQ.

Winner: Jacy Jayne via DQ

After the match Dolin continues her attack on Jayne by tossing her into the barricades and eventually Jayne slowly escapes to the back while being smashed.

Back to training with Meiko Satomura. Perez is still with her training. Perez was questioning why training was so hard. Meiko told Perez not to talk but to continue We see a montage of them training. Meiko said when they face each other in two weeks at Roadblcok, Perez’s strength will come from her heart and mind, not her muscles.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang were shown heading to the ring from backstage as a large cake was being carted behind them in the distance.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Zoey Stark. Mitchell asked about Sol’s promo. Stark said Sol can stay at the beach since she’s done with her. Stark then complained about Meiko getting an automatic title shot. Stark said if she faces Satomura she’s going to show her who the real final boss is

Non-Title: XT Tag Team Champions “Gallus” Mark Coffey and Wolfgang VS Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

Gallus dominated most of this match. Two random guys in Pink Comes down the ring with a giant Birthday Cake. This distracts Gallus and Enofe takes advantage of this but Gallus comes right back as  Enofe and Blade messed up a double team move and Mark regained control by hitting Blade with an Axe Handle to the chest. Gallus double teams Blade with a Power Slam-Shoulder Tackle for the win!

Winners: Gallus

The two guys in Pink tell Gallus that the cake is to celebrate the two-year anniversary of when Pretty Deadly beat Gallus for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. Gallus dump the messenger boys and Pretty Deadly appear to take out Gallus including a Spilled Milk on the Steel steps to Wolfgang.

Daba-Kato speaks! Kato said that Apollo Crews has forgotten about him and how he was with Crews when he won the IC title on Smackdown, but Crews didn’t call him over when he returned to NXT. Kato said that Crews can’t stand on his own and that Crews may have brought him into the world, but he’s going to take Crews out of it

Stevie Turner with her stream. Turner said the subject of her stream this week is Lyra Valkyria. She talked about how Lyra follows “The Morigan” which is a mythical Irish lore involving crows. Turner then said that Lyra is talented, but she’s going to face Stevie Turner soon. Vic tried to get a question in, but Stevie cut off her stream before he can get it in. (What happened to Cora Jade and that match??)

Tony D’Angelo (w/Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo) vs. Von Wagner (w/Mr. Stone)

Mr. Stone grabbed a chair and took a seat in front of the commentators and seemed uninterested in this match. Wagner uses his strength through the match and looked like he wanted to end things quick to impress Mr.Stone. This game distracted Wagner and D’Angelo tossed Wagner into the corner. D’Angelo rallies by hitting Wagner with lariats and a Belly to Belly Suplex followed by a spinebuster. D’Angelo hit Wagner with a pop up Scoop Slam for the huge upset win!

Winner: Tony D’Angelo

After the match Wanger and Stone argue outside of the ring. Kelly Kincaid comes into the ring and mis with Tony D’Angelo. She asked D’Angelo about Dijak’s attack last week before Wes Lee’s open challenge. D’Angelo gave credit to Stacks who put family ahead of a title shot. Tony said he could make Dijak disappear but he wants to do it in the ring and challenges Dijak to a “Jailhouse Streetfight” where he will put Dijak into confinement. D’Angelo gives Dijak 7 days to answer him.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Nikkita Lyons who is standing with crutches. Lyons was asked if she knew who attacked her? Lyons said she doesn’t since she was attacked from behind. Lyons said that doctors told her she would be gone for 12 months but is determined to come back sooner. Tiffany Stratton interrupts her and said that people should be talking about her, the center of the universe. Lyons called that “Sus” and Stratton denies attacking Lyons and added if she did, she would be gone longer than a year.

Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley are shown backstage. Ivy asks about her mental state and assures her that they’re still a strong team. Tatum agrees but seems off as she stares into a Diamond Mine flag…..

Trick Williams in the trainer’s room. Carmelo Hayes showed up and congratulated Trick for having a good match against Ilja Dragunov. Tyler Bate showed up to also congratulated Trick. Bate gave Trick an idiom about Trees and how they lead to strength continuing the Zen state. Melo introduced himself to Bate and said “I am him”.

Alba Fyre (w/Isla Dawn) VS Ivy Nile (w/Tatum Paxley)

Fyre with a take down to start the match and slapped the chest of Nile. Nile reverses Fyre and gets her in the corner. Nile with a move on the corner that lead to a 1-count. Fyre tossed Nile onto the ropes throat first. Fyre with a front suplex and a PK. Nile turned around her luck and hit Fyre with a Huracanrana and jump kick. Nile goes for a Body Slam but Fyre gets out and goes for a Gory Bomb but Nile reversed it into a rollup for a 2-count. Nile locked a Dragon Sleeper on Fyre but Dawn jumped on the apron for the good ol’ distrction. Nile then rammed into Paxley and Fyre hit Nile with a Superkick and Gory Bomb for the win.

Winner: Alba Fyre

We get a Bron Breakker hype video before his match with Jinder Mahal

Kiana James is with her assistant in their new office. The assistant tells James that Fallon Henley is waiting for her in the other room. Kiana lets her in and Henley apologizes to James and asks why she didn’t just tell her it was her brother. Kiana says because she wanted her to trust her. James accepts the apology and then says jealousy is a human emotion. Henley denies being jealous. They shake hands and end the segment……oh the drama

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Wes Lee. She asks Lee about his plans for Roadblock and Stand and Deliver after congratulating him over last weeks win against Von Wagner. Lee says that he can’t think that far ahead because he has anpther open challenge next week. Mitchell asked why he keeps doing the open challenges and he said “It’s just who I am, girl”

NXT World Championship Bron Breakker (C) vs. Jinder Mahal

Jinder starts the match with a Belly-to-Back Suplex and a shoulder tackle. Breakker runs the ropes and leapfrogs Jinder but Jinder with another Shoulder Tackle. On the next sequence, Jinder goes for a Leapfrog but Breakker hits a Spinebuster. Sanga grabbed Jinder to regroup. Breakker follows Jinder and hits Veer, Sanga, and Jinder with a dive to the outside. Breakker throws Jinder back in the ring and both men take each other out with a double Lariat.

Indus Sher were ready to get into the match but as they jump on the apron, The Creed Brothers bring them down. They brawl and were separated by refs and officials. Breakker with a Shoulder Stretch on Jinder but after escaping Jinder hit a overhead toss to Breakker. Jinder threw Breakker to the outside and slams his head on the announce table. Jinder tossed Breakker to the Steel Steps a few times. Back in the ring, Jinder went for a pin but it wasn’t enough.

Jinder with a Leaping knee on Breakker and hits a Jackhammer Suplex for another 2-count. Jinder is now yelling at Breakker that he is the champion. Jinder is ready to continue his assault and goes to the top rope but Breakker ran to catch up with Jinder on the top rope to catch Jinder with a Frankensteiner for a 2-count. Jinder blocked a diving bulldog with a boot to the stomach. Jinder is looking to put this to an end but Breakker escaped a Khallas attempt and hit Jinder with The Spear for the win to retain the NXT Championship.

Winner: AND STILL NXT CHampion; Bron Breakker

Carmelo Hayes is at the Crows Nest with a mic. As he speaks the show cut to a WWE on Peacock splash screen, where NXT Stand and Deliver was selected. We see that Grayson Waller is in the production truck, continuing to taunt Shawn Michaels. Grayson Waller  challenged Shawn Michaels to appear on The Waller Effect Talk Show at Road Block.

Next Week on NXT:

  • Zoey Stark vs. Meiko Satomura
  • Tyler Bate vs. Carmelo Hayes
  • Wes Lee Open Challenge

NXT TV: February 22, 2023

This was a promo and story heavy edition of NXT TLK as we are on the Road to Road Block. Overall this was an entertaining episode with some decent in-ring and a mix bag of promo segments. Typical NXT episode with a great end to the show.