Dwayne Johnson’s mother Ata Johnson seems to be doing fine after a horrendous car accident last night.

The Rock revealed the news and expressed his gratitude to the emergency response team on Instagram.

“Thank you, God, she is okay,” he wrote posting a picture of the damage done to his mother’s vehicle. “Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night.”

Johnson wrote that she was being evaluated by medical officials but would be okay.

“This woman has survived lung cancer, tough marriage, head on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide. She’s a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real,” he continued.

He also gave his fans some advice.


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“I got one parent left, so if you still got your mom and dad make sure you hug ‘em hard, cos you never know when you’ll get that 3am call we never want to get,” he wrote.

Rocky Johnson, The Rock’s father passed away in 2020.

This is the second time in recent years that Ata Johnson has been involved in a serious car accident. After attending a family fundraiser in 2014, Johnson’s car was hit by a drunk driver. Nia Jax was also in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

“It was pretty scary. It was really scary. To see a car coming at you full speed — head on — it was pretty scary,” Jax told Sporting News at the time.

There is no news yet on what caused the accident.