Greetings and Salutations all! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for Impact Weekly TV. Last week we crowned a new number one contender in Rich Swann. He is now set to face Josh Alexander at No Surrender. This week though, Josh Alexander will be leading an All-Star team that includes his No Surrender opponent, Rich Swann along with Yuya Uemura and Frankie Kazarian to take on The Design’s Callihan, Deaner, Angels & Kon. Let’s see what further angles will be set up for the February 24th show. Without Further ado, let’s get to it!

The show opens with a recap of last weeks Golden Shooter match. We get Bully Ray’s threats to Santino Marella about not being included, and the clips end with The Design’s beat down of Swann. The show got right into action…

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) VS Kevin Knight & KUSHIDA

Bey and Knight kicked off the action as both men were countering each others offense. Knight hit a high elbow and furthered that with a Spring Board but Bey countered that with a dropkick for good measure. Bullet Club’s Bey and Austin then used their fast paced offense to keep Knight away from his partner as they cut the ring in half.

After Bullet Club controlled a lot of the match, Knight and Bey ended up on the shoulders of their opposite opponents, KUSHIDA and Austin and began to chicken fight. Knight with a cheeky slide of Austin and hit a dropkick over KUSHIDA’s head onto Bey’s face. Austin now with a Spring board kick on Knight but Knight with a dropkick that knocked Austin out of the ring onto the outside. Knight with an opening then went for a Crossbody over the ropes BUT Bey intercepted Knight mid-air and hit a cutter out of nowhere. This opened the door for Bey and Austin to hit the Cutter and Fold for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Ace Austin)

The Design cut a promo where they talk about Callihan failing to win last week’s Golden Six Shooter Match. Deaner said that he failed step 3 of the 7 deadly steps to being part of The Design. Deaner said that unlike others to him he would show Callihan mercy. He then told Callihan that he needed to win tonight’s 8-Man match as Step 4.

We see a promo for Steph De Lander who is coming soon

Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal) VS Savannah Evans

As we geared up for the match Evans cut a promo calling Shaw a Black Widow who has managed to ruin every team that she has been a part of.

Shaw started the match with a hard slap on Evans. Evans did not take kindly to this as she chased and beat Shaw in and around the ring. Evans then got a Butterfly Suplex on her opponent. Shaw now to the outside. Back from the break, Evans with a Fisherman’s Suplex for a close 2-Count. It was now time for Vidal’s usual distraction of the ref. This lead to Shaw scarping Evan’s eyes and she followed that up with a Super Kick and a running knee to pick up the win.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

After the match, Shaw grabbed a mic and leaned into Evans’ comments from Earlier when she said her new nickname from now on is “Black Widow”. Shaw said she doesn’t care about her tag teams failing because that’s all int he past. She then declared herself a singles wrestler going for the Impact Knockouts Championship.

Kenny King coming SUPER late to work for the night but he at least gets right to work as he cuts a promo on his way into the building. King said that he exposed Mike Bailey in their match a few weeks ago. He then drops in on randoms talking about Rich Swann becoming the number 1 contender and this irritates him enough to steal their popcorn. He continues his walk and walks past Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger who were laughing at him. King confronts them and Dice challenged King to a match for Swinger as he stole some popcorn from King’s already stolen popcorn. Swinger doesn’t seem to be on the same page as Dice.

Elsewhere in the back, Marella made the King/Swinger match official. Steve Maclin walks in and said he wants to be added to the Josh Alexander and Rich Swann match at No Surrender. Marella said no but did offer him a qualifying match to be added into a 4-way match at No Surrender to determine the next number one contender. Dango walks up and offers to be the Marella’s assistant if he is added to this new 4-Way match. marella said he’s already in a match but he cannot be Assistant Director of Authority.

Crazzy Steve (w/ Black Taurus) VS Sheldon Jean

Here was the weekly squash match for the week. Crazzy Steve hit the Belladonna’s Kiss for the win in under a minute.

Winner: Crazzy Steve

After the match, Trey Miguel ran down and shoved Taurus into the ring post and tried to attack Steve but he got bit for his efforts. Steve then stole the spray paint from Miguel and tagged himself with Migue’s Rascal logo while challenging him for an X-Division Championship match.

Gia Miller is with Jordynne Grace in the back. Grace was asked about her Knockouts title rematch. Grace said she is getting ready for that and she was going to welcome Steph De Lander next week.

Santino Marella is backstage and sits down with Raven. Marella asked Raven how he could be a success as an authority. Raven told Marella to make him the champ since they’d be losing money if he wasn’t champion. Marella jokingly and hesitantly said he’d think about it. Raven now alone is approached by Ron Reiss and asked if Raven is getting WCW’s flock back together.

Bull Ray Talks…

Bully Ray says that he is the most hated person in the company and industry. He once again warned Santino Marella about what happens when he doesn’t get what he wants and gets double crossed. Ray then said that he only ever tolerated Tommy Dreamer. He called Dreamer a snake because at least he (Ray) is honest about who he is.

As Ray continued his tirade, Mickie James interrupted him. She said she is returning the favour by interrupting Ray like he did her a few weeks ago. James said that her and Dreamer didn’t get a long for years until Ray turned on him a few months ago. James called Ray a snake and told him to leave Impact since no one likes him and wasn’t welcome. Ray threatened to beat up James and berated her until James slapped Ray. Ray now super angry threatened more violence on James including a trip through a table.

Tommy Dreamer heard enough and came out to save James. He challenged Ray’s new friends Skylar and Hotch to a match with him and James but they said no. That’s when Santino came out and made the match even though they refused it. Marella doubled down and banned Ray from ringside during the match next week.

Killer Kelly promo time. She said that her and Wilde are going to face each other. Witchay Wilde walks in and said their future isn’t as opponents but as a tag team. Rosemary literally teleports in with the Death Dollz and somehow we got a Wilde/Kelly VS Death Dollz match set up. Everyone ends the promo with an evil laugh

Kenny King VS Johnny Swinger (w/ Zicky Dice)

Another squash match this week! Swinger began to pose but King with a Spin Kick that missed and he backed up. Dice being Dice distracted King but King swats at him. Swinger silently behind King now but King smartened up and hit a Royal Flush quickly after the distraction attempt for the win.

Winner: Kenny King

In the back, Bully Ray walks up to Masha Slamovich and said that James is disrespecting her by now paying attention to her during their feud. Ray told Slamovich that she will be the next Knockouts Champion. Ray is trying to get Slamovich on his side but Slamovich says something in Russian and Ray seemed happy like he understood.

The Major Players called everyone around them in the back to debut their own response music video to Hendry’s last from last week. It was a cheesy rap video. In the video they make fun of Hendry’s bleached hair and brown beard. As the video plays people leave one by one until no one was left. Cardona and Myers seemed pleased but clueless and delusional which was great.

The Design (Deaner, Callihan, Angels, & Kon) VS Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann, & Yuya Uemura

Swann and Callihan started things off. Swann eventually tagged out to Uemura and connects with a Dropkick on Angels who tagged in for his team. Eventually we saw Alexander and Deaner face to face and Deaner slapped Alexander. The two men trade punches and chops. Alexander was leading his team to victory as he hit a tope suicida on Kon in the outside. This triggered The Design to swarm Alexander on the outside of the ring. Swann made the save here as he did a flip dive off the apron onto everyone.

Back from commercial and Angels was in the ring with Uemura. Uemura with a forearm to gain control of the match. Kazarian tags in and attacks Angels with a series of moves culminating in a Russian Leg Sweep. As the match continued, Swann was legal but was cut off from his team. Alexander eventually got the tag and came face to face with Kon. Alexander tried various moves but nothing worked against the big guy Kon. Alexander with a Suplex attempt but that didn’t work. The match dissolved into madness as everyone hit the ring. Callihan and Uemura stood alone and Callihan was ready to put him away until Deaner stopped him. Uemura now cleaning hose including suplexing Kon. Uemura to the corner but Deaner intercepts him and threw him to Callihan who hit a Cactus Driver for the win.

Winners: The Design (Deaner, Callihan, Angels, & Kon)

The show ended with the heels in victory.

Impact Wrestling – Next Week’s Card – February 9, 2023

  • 4-way #1 Contender Qualifier Match: Brian Myers vs. Dirty Dango
  • 4-way #1 Contender Qualifier Match: Shera vs. PCO
  • Impact Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (c) vs. Matt Cardona
  • Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (c) vs. Killer Kelly & Taylor Wilde
  • The Good Hands vs. Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James

Impact TV: February 2, 2023

This was a fun episode of Impact that served as set up as we lead into the Impact Plus special on February 24th, No Surrender. There are a few stories crossing like James, Ray, Slamovich which adds to the overall story telling aspect of the show which is fun to see. The opening match and main event were tons of fun and must watch matches for the week. The Design getting the win and being this heavily featured is interesting though I still don’t buy Callihan taking orders from anyone as he was a lone wolf for a bit after the OVE angle. All in all, good week of TV.