What’s up everyone?

Samoan SWAT Team vs. The FBI – Tag Team match

I’m not sure what Juicy Finau said exactly, but his yelling in the mic scared me out of my skin. I thought hell descended upon my head for some reason. What the SST members want is the tag team gold, but they also warn EJ Nduka to be on notice that Jacob Fatu will be coming for his belt too.

Anoa’i and Finau get interrupted by their opponents, The FBI. They say they’ve been winning championship titles for years now, and promise they’ll do the same again, which upsets Juicy. So, he headbutts Guido in the face. That prompts the match to finally begin, the referee was starting to wonder when were they going to stop talking.

Rey Jazz gives one hell of a German suplex to Lance as soon the bell rings. Jazz tags Guido, and they play a double to take Anoa’i out. Guido performs a drop kick and lands into a cover that Lance kicks out of early.

Due to the strong chop Guido put Lance through, Anoa’i tags Juicy while Guido brings Jazz in. Finau delivers an impressive clothesline the moment Rey stepped into the ring. A whiplash of mass proportion.

Rey manages to shove Juicy aside when he came charging in, but that didn’t last once Juicy got Jazz on his shoulders along with Guido to deliver a massive Samoan Drop followed by a body splash from Lance for a win.

Guido was so shocked that he collapsed on his ass again.

Winners: Samoan SWAT Team

Because he’s so keen on playing games, EJ Nduka has relentlessly kept delaying the long anticipated match between him and Hammerstone. Nduka is the one who wanted a chance to unify their championship titles, then why go to such extents to keep it from happening? Has he changed his mind? Maybe he might answer my questions…

Well… he didn’t really answer my inquiries, but he felt like telling Hammerstone that the time for talking has passed. That whatever hinderance that’s been going on for weeks now is finished. Nduka is ready. Great! No more excuses on Nduka’s part since their Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship is on this upcoming Tuesday at MLW Underground.

At last, confirmation.

Elsewhere, The New British Bulldogs make an appearance. Davey Boy Smith Jr. demonstrates how to apply a wrist lock, something they’re working on for use against the Bomaye Fight Club. Alex Kane still has their Opera Cup, which the Bulldogs also want.

If the Bulldogs fancy a fight with the Bomaye Club, they can get in early by entering the Peach State Prize Fight Kane and his team are sponsoring next week.

Bomaye counters saying the crowd isn’t chanting for the Bulldogs rather for the Fight Club. It don’t matter how great they think they are, Kane’s group pretty much guarantees they’ll take out the Bulldogs swiftly and painfully.

Vinny Pacifico vs. Dax

This match serves as Pacifico’s wrestling debut… and who better to find as his opponent than the foreboding presence named Dax? Ha! Good luck with that.

Dax is as uncontrollable as Mads Krugger. He shoves Vinny on his butt so hard, even he forgot where he was for a minute.

Vinny tries his best to attack Dax with chops to the chest that hardly results any effect since Dax body slams him against the turnbuckles followed by a clothesline and a splash in the middle of the ring.

Pacifico had Dax wheezing for a moment with major uppercuts till Dax quickly moved out of the way, so Vinny could collide with the ring’s corner.

Vinny held his own with a drop kick to Dax. Unfortunately for Pacifico, Dax summons a Pop Up Sayido suplex out of nowhere for a predictable victory.

Winner: Dax

Taya Valkyrie is glowing over her win against Trish Adora last week, which I still find to be slightly off. Duran interfered with the fight, and that immediately awarded Taya the victory.

I can’t say that she isn’t as advertised when it comes to what she can do, yet this one moment was a scam. Although, she would argue with me and say otherwise like “Someone pop the champagne! Last week I beat Trish Adora, and I can’t say that I’m surprised,” That would be 100% true if Cesar didn’t play a hand in this.

People interfering tends to happen, but I can’t go against my primary thought. And that’s when the wrestler’s shoulders are down and the referee counts 1, 2, 3, Taya won regardless of Cesar’s help. Even though someone got involved, Trish didn’t kick out in time.

The mystery behind the calling cards left near unconscious bodies might get a revelation at MLW Underground. All we have to do is be patient. The attacker sure as hell is.

Hammerstone replies to EJ’s words of earlier by saying that Nduka has accomplished many things like new nicknames. The Judge is a label that Alex can’t comprehend as to why EJ calls himself that, but he decides to judge Nduka instead.

Number one: Nduka can’t cut on the grind iron. Number two: He can’t cut it on the body building stage. And number three: Nduka can’t make it in the wrestling business no matter what he does. Oof. Big words for a big man, and I believe him.

There’s one thing Hammerstone wants Nduka to remember, he doesn’t respect EJ. And that’s not the mindset Nduka would fancy going into Underground.

Sam Adonis’ partnership with Azteca Lucha isn’t in vain since he trusts that this will grant him further influence in this industry.

Microman, Lince Dorado & La Estrella vs. Azteca 31, Delirious & Mini Abismo Negro – 6-man Tag Team match

Let me be blunt. When I saw that one of the wrestlers fighting in this tag match is named “Delirious”, I almost broke my ribs cackling. Oh, my God. How bizarrely fitting. I’ve seen it all. At commentary, they said that once the bell rings, it does something strange to Delirious like body twitching. Um… what’s going on there?

La Estrella and Delirious start this match up as Estrella cartwheels to get out of warms way from an unhinged challenger. Delirious seems to have a grip on Estrella the majority of the beginning, which renders Estrella wobbly on most parts.

Since Delirious got momentarily frozen by Estrella’s athleticism, he endures a slingshot into the corner. He later leaves the ring to compose himself.

Given Delirious’ sudden exit, Azteca 31 and Lance stepped in to battle by trying to control the other’s arm. Lince manages to throw Azteca into an arm drag then follows that with a body splash. Dorado has power over this match.

Here comes the boom. Lince tags Microman to brawl against Mini. Negro is seen having the most momentum as he trips Micro onto his stomach then stomps on his back. Micro retaliates with a smooth takedown of his own, gaining control again.

Dorado and Estrella play a double team with a suicide dive onto both Azteca and Mini outside the ring.

Microman was preparing himself to dive as well, but Delirious impeded him with an abrupt kick to the face. I bet Duran enjoyed that since he really dislikes Micro for not being bought into Azteca Lucha. Aw, boo. Microman sees himself as a separate individual? Gosh, darn it. We must hate him now. Pure nonsense.

Whatever mess was going on the main floor got quickly avoided once Azteca 31 and Delirious fancy chopping Microman in the center on the ring.

Luckily for all of us, Microman breaks out of the grip to deliver punches back and forth between Delirious and Azteca then a face plant.

Evidence of petty scabbling between Lince and Estrella came just after Delirious shoved Dorado into his partner, which Estrella thought was deliberate. Just a minor misunderstanding. Yet it’s blown out of balance. La Estrella walks out of this fight without turning back, and Duran takes advantage of it by whispering God knows what into his ear. Like the snake in the Bible tricking Eve to eat the apple.

The pause gave an opening for Delirious to deliver a double throat thrust to Dorado. It later became a 3-on-1 assault. It was too much for Lince as he struggles to reach Microman, but he couldn’t.

Out of the blue, Dorado pulls a double Cutter to Azteca 31 and Delirious after deposing of Mini. This gave Lince time to tag Microman in for help, and he successes.

Micro does a series of takeovers to Negro before stomping on Delirious’ feet and dick then a DDT to Azteca. Dorado leaps in the air for a beautiful Exclamation Point for a victory.

Winners: Dorado & Microman


TOP PHOTO: Alex Hammerstone and EJ Nduka. Courtesy of MLW