RJ City has been an Ontario favorite for years, but now he has become quite the internet darling, thanks largely to his AEW presented web series, Hey!(EW).

Picture Between Two Ferns with wrestlers, legends, officials and even Jake Hager!

In a recent appearance with Mike McGuire on Sunday Night’s Main Event, RJ talks about his transition from the indies and theatre to working for AEW. Alongside friends like “All Ego” Ethan Page and Danhausen, City has managed to have some mind-boggling experiences, and it’s all in a day’s work.

“The first day I saw him (Ethan Page), he was wrestling Christian Cage, and I had just interviewed Tony Khan. Which was like my second day on the job and I did this interview with Tony Khan… it was very surreal. Obviously wrestling Christian is very surreal for Ethan Page. We walked by each other and he goes, ‘I’m wrestling Christian Cage,’ and I go, ‘I just interviewed Tony Khan,’ and we had this laugh, which has happened a lot.”

Still, City has managed to carves his own spot in the AEW broadcast team, especially by playing the self-absorbed host who has no filter and a horrible mental filter. If you watch even one episode of Hey!(EW), you can tell that City goes to great lengths to make his questions as in-depth and awkward, which lends to the nature of the series. “No one gives me ANY notes. I think it helps people not get completely angry with me that they can tell I’ve done the work, I’m just horribly misguided.”

From having conversations where “nothing” is discussed with the legendary Arn Anderson, forging a rivalry with Renee Paquette, to discovering that Jim Ross has serious heat with a star of the Jim Carrey movie, Man on the Moon, which JR had a small role in, RJ concedes that sometimes all the prep in the world doesn’t leave him without surprises. “The reason I do the show is to ask a ridiculous question, and to come up with an answer that’s even more bizarre.”

You can watch or hear RJ CITY talk more about the behind the scenes of his work on HEY! (EW), plus Mike and RJ flip the script, and RJ also shows off his insane sitcom knowledge here:

You can listen for free, here:

TOP PHOTO: Ethan Page joins RJ City on an episode of Hey!(EW). AEW photo