Tensions are continuing to rise between WWE and MLW. Not only is MLW’s law suit against the WWE proceeding but according to The Wrestling Observer MLW went on the attack again last week.

The bone of contention was the proposed Acknowledgement Ceremony for Raw XXX. The segment was later cancelled in favour of the Sami Zayn trial seemingly because the WWE couldn’t obtain the talent they wanted for the segment.

MLW alleges that part of that talent pool were Jacob Fatu and Lance Anoa’i. They claim the WWE contacted both men directly about participating rather than going through MLW management.

MLW’s legal team sent the WWE a cease and desist warning.

This is not the first time the WWE has recently been accused of “talent tampering” or contacting contracted wrestlers directly instead of management. In August of last year, AEW sent a legal warning to then WWE co-CEOs Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon. AEW accused them of reaching out to multiple members of the AEW roster who are currently under contract to the company.

MLW is currently embroiled in a law suit with the WWE accusing them of “ongoing attempts to undermine competition in and monopolize the professional wrestling market by interfering with MLW’s contracts and business prospects.” In one such disputed¬† incident, MLW claims the WWE interfered their business relationship with VICE TV.

MLW sues WWE