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I had to mention this. Has anyone seen the Tribal Court this past Monday on Raw? I did. It was one of the most intense moments I’ve seen recently on WWE. Sami Zayn was on trial for showing signs of betrayal towards The Bloodline because Paul Heyman poisoned Reigns’ mind to believe such a thing. When you really look at it, Heyman is the one that gains the most from kicking Zayn out. He was the first to grovel at Roman’s feet since he became the most wanted man in the game, and that kind of “position”, if you want to call it that, isn’t taken lightly by someone who seems to revel in it like Paul does.

Can’t you see? He made it explicit to condemn Sami as a traitor due to the little evidence Heyman was able to muster. He really wanted Roman to believe that Zayn was potentially coming for the Undisputed Universal titles and the seat at the head of the table. His claws were digging into Roman in ways that he isn’t even aware of. I keep telling you that Heyman is a snake, he backstabbed Brock Lesnar for Reigns, who says he isn’t going to do that again when it’s convenient? You should have seen this man’s face the entire time. The grin… If that isn’t a manifestation of evil, then I don’t know what is.

Heyman had the nerve to call Sami a “rat bastard”. Heyman of ALL people.

Y’all can’t keep walking over this man. Don’t let him escape. Luckily, although it came as a complete jolt, Jey Uso saved Sami from getting the verdict he did not deserve. Out of everyone, Jey Jey is the one who calmed the waters for someone he expressed the most hatred for and suspicion. But it made sense because it took trust and never giving up on the Uso twin for him to be the accurate savior for Sami in the end. It wouldn’t have made sense if it were anyone else. I cried when Jey stepped up to stop Solo from delivering the Samoan Spike. It was soo heartfelt.

Going into tonight, Sikoa and the Uso twins arrive at the arena without the Tribal Chief and Sami, since Reigns doesn’t want to see him till tomorrow at the Rumble. But Sami sneaks from behind, so he could catch Jey to thank him further for his stunning support. Jey doesn’t alert the others that Zayn was here as he makes his way inside.

Rey Mysterio vs. Karrion Kross

The bell barely rang when Karrion shoves Rey into the ring’s corner like dirty socks. That shocked me in ways I can’t comprehend.

Mysterio doesn’t take that lightly once he engages with Kross by slinging him into the post outside the ring then drives Kross against the barricades, which flabbergasts Scarlett watching on.

Kross took over the match by catching Rey mid-air then ploughs him onto the apron then attempts to remove his mask, which Mysterio tries to fend off with elbows to Karrion’s chest.

Kross’ obsession with Rey goes back to when he wrestled in Mexico. He’s taken so many other Luchadores in the past, so naturally, he considers Mysterio to be the final nail in the coffin to putting all of them away. Rey makes it clears that won’t happen. Karrion is only pissy because Rey rejected his failed attempts at acting like a sensitive human being.

Rey was dangling from the turnbuckles as Karrion charges in only to be met with the post again shoulder first. Ha!

After a Step-Up Enzigiri from Rey, he rushes over to bounce off the ropes nearest to Scarlett, but he predicted her involvement by swiftly dodging her pursuit in tripping him. I feel like he did all that to make fun of her.

Mysterio goes down low, so he could have Karrion in position for the 619.

Kross does a great throw, yet fortunately for Rey, he rolls him through for a victory that leaves Karrion staggered.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

It makes no sense, but during Lashley and Theory’s US title championship match, Lesnar helped Austin retain his belt after he interfered with an F-5 to Bobby then another one to Theory on top of his challenger, so he could win. Makes no sense at all.

Theory is here on SmackDown to chat about the conspiracies surrounding his win this past Monday. Conspiracy?? He would have lost if it wasn’t for Lesnar’s hand in the match.

Theory trusts that he’ll win the Rumble because he’s the best superstar there is in this industry. The New Day seems to disagree, to them if one wins, everyone does too. As long as it’s not Austin.

The Miz is mad that Theory’s delusions are taking root in his brain. Miz is older, wiser and better than Austin in so many ways. I actually like him no matter how high the A-Lister’s attitude is. It’s more riveting than Theory’s.

A brawl ensues between these four men, but it doesn’t last long until Bobby Lashley took everyone out, he speared Theory for last thinking he made his statement. It was all well and good till Brock Lesnar also got involved by taking out Lashley just for the hell of it.

A Digital Exclusive has Damage Control ensuring us that they’ll work together to eliminate the other women in the Rumble. I thought that was idiotic because it’s every women for themselves. What are they going to do if they were the last three inside the ring? Will Bayley order Dakota and Iyo to launch themselves off the mat? Ha! I think not.

Lacey Evans vs. Jasmin Allure

I can’t say I’m not glad to see Evans back in the ring. He character may have ran off the road, but she’s back with a bit more firmness, I hope.

Evans made quick work out if this one. After throwing Allure on her backside, Lacey trips her with a Drop Toe Hold to start yanking at Jasmin’s hair and face.

Lacey would be a phenomenal fighter if she just stopped taking the hate that’s coming her way and turning it into arrogance. She even seeks to use the broken sol of her shoe as a weapon, which the official removes from her grasp.

Allure had Lacey for a moment with a quick roll up, unfortunately, Evans counters with a Women’s Right followed by the Cobra Clutch for a win. A move she’s been working on during her absence.

Although she sees that the crowds’ opinion of her hasn’t changed, she swears she’s going to have them salute her as the women’s Royal Rumble winner tomorrow. Ha!… That remains to be seen, Evans.

“Salute her, Wade!” said Cole.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Ricochet & Braun Strowman vs. Hit Row – Undisputed Tag Team Tournament Semifinals

As Sheamus and McIntyre were making their entrance, they haven’t reached the ring when The Viking Raiders attacked them from behind. Ivar flattens both warriors against the barricades after throwing them harshly on the ground.

Due to this sudden, but also predictable assault, Sheamus and McIntyre withdrew from the tournament. If they quit from this so quickly after a petty squabble, would they have made it to the point where they had to face the Usos? All Sheamus wanted following this was to break the Raiders. His eyes were no longer on the gold prize around the twins’ waists. Pfft. Oh well for them…

So like magic, Strowman and Ricochet turn up as the ideal team to replace the Celtic and Irish warriors in this tournament against Hit Row. At the same time; although random, it’s fitting due to the run ins between Rico and Top Dolla, now Strowman. Win win for me.

Ricochet had Ashante on his back wheezing with defeat after defeat, but that was great, till Hit Row managed to keep Rico away from the Monster of all Monsters, so they could tire him out easier.

Top Dolla tries to get involved after exchanging words with Rico. The craze about Dolla going over the ropes incorrectly remains to a constant topic on people’s mouths. Mine too.

B-Fab grabs onto Rico’s ankle, so Ashante could plant his opponent with a drop kick.

It almost costs Ashante the win as he toys with Rico instead of covering him when he had the chance prior to getting his ass rolled up by Ricochet. Wade Barrett accurately calls Ricochet a “slippery costumer”.

Ricochet attempts to create space, so he could reach Braun for a desperate tag, which he successfully makes it.

Thee Adonis runs for the hills once Strowman comes into play, yet he gets snatched from his pants and brought back. Strowman punches Dolla as well before going after Ashante with a big boot.

Strowman even sends Dolla over the ropes the right way. Ha! Ha! Ha! According to Michael Cole.

Ricochet takes care of Dolla with a high flying maneuver, so Braun could Monster Bomb Ashante for a victory. A high flyer and a tank. Nice!

Winners: Braun Strowman & Ricochet

Backstage with Kayla Braxton, Kevin Owens’ match with Solo Sikoa is suggested to a risky move because he has a fight against Roman tomorrow. Owens wants to right a wrong that happened two years where Reigns can’t seem to finish his battles on his own. The Bloodline made sure they get in there too.

Somewhere from afar, the Usos hear this and endeavor to start a fight with Owens. Sadly, Pearce breaks the confrontation up before it gets too hectic by kicking the twins out of the stadium.

This little display of unfairness prompts Jey to make a phone call to his “dog” if you catch my meaning.

Back in the arena, LA Knight is seen impersonating Bray while using his old theme song he used when he was formally known as The Wyatt Family along with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan called Live in Fear. He also dresses like Wyatt previously did. Instead Knight carried the smallest lantern I’ve ever seen a grown man hold. Ha!

The audience was disappointed to see Knight show up like that. Barrett found this hilarious. This reminds me of the time Natalya impersonated Ronda Rousey. Oof. Good times.

According to LA Knight, Bray’s future is “Torn up and laid out” knowing he’ll beat Wyatt so profoundly that he won’t he able to come back.

It’s a shame those kinds of threats don’t seem to phase Wyatt because he finds them to be a come and go nuisance. “You’re out here making jokes, but we all know you’re not smiling on the inside,” said Bray. He knows that Knight is afraid. He knows that Knight has never felt these kinds of chills before, for Wyatt is the only one so far whose rattled him to the bones.

Everything that came out of Knight’s mouth went over Bray’s head like he didn’t give a damn. His laugh proves that much as he sits on his rocking chair near the entrance. At the Rumble, Knight will finally meet the man he’s been waiting for. And he won’t ever be able to live the same again.

Uncle Howdy revels in this madness. We’re all wondering what The Undertaker whispered in Bray’s ear on RAW’s 30th anniversary.

Giovanni Vinci & Ludwig Kaiser vs. Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde – Undisputed Tag Team Tournament Semifinals

Imperium had this game in their pocket for the majority of this match, yet Del Toro and Wilde manage to turn this in their favor by dropping Kaiser outside before pushing Vinci after. Regrettably, Imperium quickly stops them from furthering any other damage with a double clothesline.

Wilde musters enough energy to perform a beautiful Tornado DDT on Kaiser, then looks to desperately tag his partner as Ludwig does the same.

As Cruz enters the ring against Giovanni, he arrives with a crossbody off the the top rope. He had the speed as Del Toro amazingly avoids colliding with the turnbuckles, and drives Vinci into it instead.

Gio is left stunned at the top after receiving a kick the side from Del Toro followed by a slingshot. Wilde with a splash to advance to the finals? No. Kaiser swoops in on time.

Kaiser is later sent through the second rope and onto the floor, Del Toro follows and gets a back slam as a gift.

Zelina’s face was worried the entire time. I bet she saw failure in orange sequin. Ha! Gio and Kaiser hoist Wilde up for the Imperial Bomb and a win.

Winners: Kaiser & Vinci

During an interview on a podcast called Out Of Character, Sonya Deville interrupted Charlotte Flair’s time to demand another title opportunity. Which, with reluctance, Charlotte agreed to a match next week. Adam Pearce still recognizes that Deville is annoying as Flair so blatantly points out, his reaction to her agreement came accordingly. Yet he allowed it.

Kevin Owens vs. Solo Sikoa

Sikoa bangs Owens against the barricades as soon as they’re on the main floor then shoves him into the post. Solo uses this match to badly hurt Owens, so he won’t be at 100% tomorrow, and so far, the mission is nearly complete.

Kevin retaliates with a Cannonball in the corner of the ring then follows that up with a Swanton off the the top for a cover… but wait. Sami Zayn comes out of nowhere to pull Solo out of the potential win Owens could have gotten. Jey’s mystery caller.

As Owens shares words Sami, at first, he isn’t aware that Solo was charging up for a Super Kick. Alas, Kevin moves out of the way, and Sami is on the receiving end by accident. Kevin drives Solo into the steel steps.

Later on, Owens was perfectly laid out on the commentary table, so Sikoa could frog splash like he did before, yet Kevin beats him there. Sikoa pushes him off, jumps from the barricades and connects with a Super Kick by Owens. Bullseye! Kevin adds a Pop Up Powerbomb to Solo for good measure before turning his attention to Sami while holding a steel chair.

Kevin decides to spare Zayn, but not Solo as he sends him in the crowd. Wow. The Rumble is going to be just as chaotic as tonight. See you guys there!

Winner: No one


TOP PHOTO: LA Knight disguised as Bray Wyatt. Courtesy of WWE