The action of Stardom is coming right into your living room.

The promotion has announced that they are filming the first two days (July 1st and 2nd) of 5 STAR GP 2022 in VR and that includes everything from the matches to the entrances.

The matches will be divided into chapters for those who wish to skip through the events at their leisure.

“We are delivering 180° 3D stereoscopic VR images of the hot action in the ring and from the VR camera installed in the broadcasting seats,” states Stardom. “Turn your home into a match venue! If you use VR goggles, etc., the wrestlers will appear in front of you in 3D stereoscopic vision!”.

Here is what’s being promised:

  • Cameras at the commentary desk. “You can see the game from the same point of view as the live announcers and commentators.”
  • Cameras at the entrance way.
  • Camera in and also around the ring in case the action goes to the floor.

The promotion also claims that just like you wear a VR headset fans can watch the event from any perspective they wish simply by looking around your environment. Example: Just like in real-life if someone wanted to watch just those waiting to be tagged in, they could do so.

It is stated that “if you use a single-lens (2D) mode on your smartphone you can enjoy the broadcast as it is but by using the VR-compatible VR goggles, VR lenses, and VR dedicated device (HMD) you can experience a more immersive experience.”

For more information on the shows and the broadcasts fans can go here.

You can find Stardom’s steaming service at The service streams both house shows and PPV events for 920 yen per month, which is $9.42 in Canadian or $7.04 in American funds.