Wrestling fans are concerned about legend Kevin Nash after he made some troubling comments during a podcast released today.

On the Kliq THIS podcast, Nash made an off the cuff comment that caught co-host Sean Oliver off guard.

“Today is week 12 that I lost my boy. Time flies when you got a gun in your mouth — I mean, time flies when you’re having fun,” said Nash.

A concerned Oliver pleaded with Nash.

“Don’t play like that. You have guns so you can’t say those things,” he said.

Nash replied curtly: “I can do whatever the f–k I want to do as long as I leave a note.”

Nash later explained, detailed his frame of mind recently.

“Every morning when I wake up the first thing that happens is I come to the realization that instead of there being three human beings in my home, here’s now two. And the third person isn’t on vacation or staying with friends or is out late. He is never coming back. And then I sit up in the bed and I have absolutely nothing I have to do, and it’s like,..So, why am I getting out of bed?” he said.

In reaction to the news, fans sent Nash encouraging messages.

Nash’s son Tristen, 26, passed away last October. Medical officials believe Tristen died of seizures suffered by quitting alcohol cold turkey.

Tristen Nash, son of Kevin Nash, dies

TOP PHOTO: Kevin and Tristen Nash. Twitter photo