’s George Tahinos shot the Briscoe Brothers — Mark and Jay — all through the years. He shared some of his best below.

“Jay always nice, he would always come over and say hello when he would see me,” Tahinos recalled after hearing about Jay’s death on January 17, 2023, at the age of 38, in a car accident. “Jay was a true professional in and out of the ring and he will be missed by all.”

The Briscoes were almost always together.

“Jay and Mark would always pose backstage if I asked them,” Tahinos added.
“Some of their matches would sometimes get a little crazy outside the ring and he would always make sure that I didn’t get hurt,” said Tahinos. “They would sometimes let me know if something was coming up so I would not get in the way.”

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TOP PHOTO: Jay and Mark Briscoe as Ring of Honor World Tag Team champions.