The death of Jay Briscoe (Jamin Pugh) in a car accident on January 17, 2023, had the world of professional wrestling reeling, in a very real way compared to all the corporate machinations of the last few weeks.

News broke of his death in Laurel, Delaware, in the early evening.

Reaction from the wrestling world was immediate — including a mention live on NXT by Vic Joseph and Booker T.

Adam Pearce (Facebook) –  One time in New York City, I was at a bar with the Briscoes and Nigel. I might’ve had a few too many. Nigel asked if I ever had a Flaming Sambuca. I told him to line it up. Being an idiot, I didn’t blow it out before I shot it. I didn’t realize it until Jay started beating the crap out of me with a bar towel. “What the f—-, Jay!?” “Ya got-damn arm is on fire!!” We all laughed our asses off and ordered another round. I don’t know what to say. You were awesome to me in every way, and we all love you. My heart breaks for your family, friends, co-workers, fans, and for Mark. Godspeed, Jay Briscoe. The next round is on me, my brother. 🙏❤️

Brian “Blue Meanie” Heffron (Facebook) –  Devasting!! I’ve known Jay since he was 15 years old. Him and Mark are total sweethearts. Rest In Peace Jay Briscoe!! My heart goes out to his family… sad…..

Todd Smith (Facebook) – Gutted, I don’t have the words. I love you Jay, my heart is with your entire family.

Bob Evans (Facebook) –  Jay Briscoe was one of a kind. So is his brother. Known them both since they were teenagers. He was kind, tough, and real. I loved seeing him. He never forgot us old guys. Praying hard for his family. This sucks.

Kyle Davis, NWA announcer (Facebook) – Jay Briscoe was one of a kind….I said the wrong thing one night in a hotel room and he went blank and looked like he was about to attack, I put my hands up and averted eye contact and walked backward like he was a bear I startled….Next morning he came up to me and said “hey man, I’m so sorry, I had a drink in me and I hope you don’t hold that against me, I really like you and I’m sorry.” That was the guy he was, he lived life to its fullest and was the kindest person when the moment called for it and also one of the most badass human beings to ever walk the earth. He loved his family, and they loved him….right now all I can say is Jay you will be missed, and my prayers go out to every member of the Briscoe Family in this time of loss.

Joe Galli, NWA announcer – Absolutely heartbreaking to hear about the passing of Jay Briscoe. He will forever be one of the best ever. Multiple time tag champ, Crockett Cup winner and genuinely great person. Prayers for his family, friends and fans. Gone way too soon.

NWA Facebook page – The entire NWA sends our prayers to the friends, family and fans of Jay Briscoe. An amazingly talented man that we all are honored to have worked with.

Ricky Morton (Facebook) – Rest in paradise, Jay Briscoe. An absolute treasure, family man, buddy, brother, & loved human being. The Mortons & Gibsons extend our deepest condolences. Thank you, Jay & Mark. Often imitated, never duplicated. Some of the best. 💔

Luke Hawx – Briscoes were the best tag team in the world, hands down, it wasn’t a question! 💔 I’ll never understand why we lose such good men too soon.

Cassidy Riley (formerly of TNA/Impact) – Way to soon! My heart breaks for his kids and Mark

Brian Gorie (Facebook) – We truly lost one of the good ones tonight. As a man, it was really important to me when I started full time in Ring Of Honor Wrestling that I earned Jay Briscoe’s respect above anyone else. Like the Undertaker in WWE, you were playing in his yard at ROH. I earned that respect and made a life long friend in the process. We lost that incredible human being this evening. A beautiful family man is gone and my heart aches for Ashley, his three children, Mark, Papa, Mama and the rest. This is the best pic I could find of us, which makes me sad. Take more pics with your friends. Cheers to one of the best to ever do it. It was a pleasure having you in my life. I love you, Jamin Pugh.

Bobby Fish (Facebook) – I love you

TOP PHOTO: Ring of Honor World champion Jay Briscoe in Toronto. Photo by Mike Mastrandrea,