Greetings and salutations! It is Hard to Kill. The focus of the night are on Josh Alexander vs Bully Ray and moreso the main event which will be Mickie James vs Jordynne Grace in a Title for Career match. I’m sure the undercard will deliver also. Without further ado, let’s get to it

Countdown to Hard to Kill

We get started right away with the pre-show…

Angels vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Mike Jackson vs. Delirious vs. Mike Bailey vs. Kushida in a six-way match

Bhupinder Gujjar was originally scheduled to be in this match but was replaced by Delirious. Hannifan noted that the first person to score a pinfall or submission would win. No DQ and no count outs.

This was a high impact (pun intended) match that saw all six men have their moment in the sun. Mike Jackson is the 73-year old internet sensation who had his first match at this very building for WCW November of 1989. He had a tope suicida spot through the middle rope which scared me but looked safe also.

Kushida shook hands with some wrestlers then we saw a dream match up of Kushid and Mike Bailey happen in the middle of the ring. Angels stopped this as he attacked Bailey from behind. The 73-year old Jackson was then spotlighted again as he did a rope walk while holding onto Angels. Four men were taken out leaving Kushida and Angels alone in the ring. Kushida brings down Angels and hooks him in his armbar to make him submit for the win.

Winner: Kushida via submission in 7:25

We got a video package for the Impact World Championship match of Bully Ray and Josh Alexander.

Trey Miguel vs. Black Taurus (w/Crazzy Steve) for the X Division Championship

Crazzy Steve was out to introduce Black Taurus really hyping him up like Taka Michinoku used to do for Zack Sabre Jr. The match started off quick as they don’t have much time but they were out at ringside early on. Miguel with a Huracanrana that made Taurus fly right into ring post. Taurus made it back in the ring and was able to over power Miguel’s high-flying abilities. Taurus throws down Miguel as he was on the top rope yet again. Shortly after this though Miguel was able to get Taurus down after reversing a Samoan Drop into a pin and a hard take down. Miguel ran up the ramp which is connected to the ring. Miguel runs down the ramp and did an over the top rope dive but Taurus catches him and finally got that Samoan Drop in.

Taurus now connects with a Back breaker on Miguel for a 2-count. Miguel regains some momentum as he dumped him to the floor and did a Flip Dive but Taurus caught him again and was going for a Powerbomb BUT Miguel counters this into a sunset bomb onto the floor on the outside. Miguel now tired rolled Taurus back into the ring and did a Top Rope Meteora for just a 2-count. Miguel went under the ring to get his Spray Paint can and brought one into the ring but the referee caught it and took it away BUT as the ref was turned around, Taurus picked up Miguel but Miguel sneaked a second Spray Paint Can and sprayed Taurus. Miguel then with a Lightning Special for the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel via pinfall in 10:10

The announcers run through the main card one last time before the Kick off ends.

Hard to Kill Main-Show

The show started with agents and talent at the top of the stage. They then shows a memorial image for Don West on the screen and Tom Hannifan said that the show is dedicated to the memory of West and they will do a 10-bell salute.

After the memorial, a video package aired highlighting all of the stories of the PPV. We get the entrances to the opening match which is for the Impact World Championship!

Josh Alexander vs. Bully Ray in a Full Metal Mayhem match for the Impact World Championship

Bully Ray entered the ring first then as his theme was still running he just ran away. As Alexander made his entrance, Ray ran back out and attacked Alexander and wrapped a chain around his fist and beat down Alexander. Ray took the belt and hit Alexander with it. The match has not officially started. Alexander is already bleeding after the belt shot. Bully threw Alexander into the ring and yelled at the ref to start the match. The ref walked over to Alexander and checked up on him then rang for the bell!

The ring was already full of tables, ladders, chairs and blood. As soon as the bell rang, Ray rams Alexander through a table in the ring which lead to a close pin attemt. Alexander finally gained some momentum as he hit Ray with a Cheese Grater that Ray brought into the ring as it started. Bully was rolling around and began to bleed from his head. Both men are already bleeding minutes into the match. Alexander now throws a bunch of weapons into the ring. Alexander hit Ray with a trash can and used the grater yet again. Alexander went outside and grabbed a bag from under the ring, went into the ring and began to pour the thumbtacks all over the ring. Alexander grabbed Ray who escaped and ran up the ramp.

Alexander ran after Ray and hit him with a chair. Alexander set up a ladder and placed it at the bottom of the ramp, near the ring. Alexander then put a groggy Ray on a table but Ray got up and tripped the ladder over which cause Alexander to fall into the thumbtacks and assortment of weapons in the ring. Ray went for a Bully bomb and Alexander escaped and hit a German Suplex. Alexander now fired up took off the straps of his singlet a la Kurt Angle. Alexander now with a rolling Senton on Ray and wrapped a chain around his knee and then lept from the ropes and hit Ray with a Knee strike. Alexander now locked in an ankle lock then let go and wrapped a chain around Ray’s next. We are now seeing next level aggression from Alexander. As Alexander choked Ray, John Skyler and Jason Hotch ran out and attacked Alexander. Skyler and Hotch with a 3-D on Alexander over the tacks. They slid a fresh table into the ring and zip-tied Alexander to the ropes.

As Alexander is tied to the ropes with nowhere to go, Tommy Dreamer walked out and got rid of Hotch and Skyler. Dreamer now in the ring walking slowly. Bully hands Dreamer a trash can and Dreamer yells at Alexander then turned around and hit Ray. Dreamer with his pose and Ray quickly disposes of Dreamer by ramming him through a table set up in the corner of the ring. Ray now hitting Alexander with a trash can lid yelling at him to give up. Alexander’s wife, Jade is now out and is irate at Ray. Jade is in the ring and Ray held up a trash can but Jade dropped to her knees in feat but that was a ruse as she low blows him after Ray teased her for a bit. Jade with a Sliced Bread on Ray as they land over the tacks. She then cut Alexander free and handed a chair to him. Ray also with a chair and Alexander slammed his chair onto Ray’s smashing his face. Ray now on a table and Alexander set up a the ladder out at the ramp again. Alexander up the ladder and splashed onto Ray but this was only for a 2-count. Alexander now with an Ankle Lock and Ray eventually tapped!

Winner: AND STILL Impact World Champion; Josh Alexander via submission in 17:02

Mickie James is in the back with Tara (Lisa Marie Varon/Victoria). Tara lends her support to James as they hug. Raven comes in and said that he was there for the beginning of James’ career He said he doesn’t think its the end but if it was he wanted to be there for it. Raven and James hug.

We get a video package for the 4-way Impact Tag Team Title match.

“The Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. Matt Cardona and Brian Myers vs. Heath and Rhino vs. Ace Austin and Chris Bey in a four-way elimination match for the Impact Tag Team Titles

This was elimination style and one member of each team can only be in the ring at once. The match started with an exhbition of all four teams. Myers gouged the eye of Rhino but Cardona with a small package for the first elimination of the match!

Heath and Rhino were eliminated by Matt Cardona and Brian Myers.

Bey is now back in the match and Cardona with not one, not two, but three neck breakers on Bey. Austin and Myers now in the ring and Austin with a kick to Cardona to get him off the apron. Now Austin with a missile dropkick on Myers. Shelley now in the match and is attacking the left knee of Austin. Sabin and Shelley now going back and forth on Austin. Shelley locked a figure four on Austin. Austin slowly but surely made it to the ropes for the break. After getting back in the match, Austin kicked Shelley into the corner but Myers tagged himself and Bey back in. Bey fighting and taking care of Myers and Cardona. Austin tossed Bey in the air and did a cutter on Myers. Austin with a hard slam and Myers was pinned.

Matt Cardona and Brian Myers were eliminated by Ace Austin and Chris Bey.

We are now down to the last two teams, Motor City Machine Guns and Bullet Club’s Austin and Bey. MCMG with a Magic Killer on Bey but Austin saves the day and match. MCMG now with a series of clotheslines on Austin. Sabin and Shelley with a double team move on Bey but Bey slipped away and the Guns knock on each other. Austin now in and did an elevated cutter with Bey. Cardona and Myers come back and pull Austin out of the ring. Sabin with a tope suicida on the Major Players. MCMG with kicks on Bey then with their double team moves as Sabin pinned Bey.

Winners: “The Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin defeated Ace Austin & Chris Bey, Matt Cardona & Brian Myers, and Heath & Rhino in a four-way elimination match to retain the Impact Tag Team Titles.

Directly after the match, Frankie Kazarian comes out to the ring. Kazarian talked about coming back to Impact and winning the X-Division title and having a helluva match with Josh Alexander. Kazarian said he did that as a visitor. He said he went back to where he came from and he felt like he was surrounded by strangers. He then said if you don’t stand up for yourself then no one will. Kazarian said he had a decision to make whether to sit back and keep his mouth shut and be complacent or bet on himself and walk away. Kazarian then announced that he signed a long-term deal with Impact and he’s back home.

Jordynne Grace is seen warming up backstage. We get a hype video for the Digital Media Championship match.

Joe Hendry vs. Moose for the Digital Media Championship

Hendry got on the mic and right before he could say anything, Moose slapped the mic out of his hands. The match officially started and Hendry returned the favour by slapping Moose across the face. As the match started, we got a 50/50 affair until Hendry lifted Moose over his head military press style and just dumped Moose from int he ring to the hard floor outside.

Moose was slow to get up but did so and as he got in the ring, Hendry was ready and waiting as he hit him with a cutter which was good for a 2-count. Moose was finally in the match and hit Hendry with a sit-out powerbomb for a super close near fall. Hendry wanted to come back and went to the ropes but Moose caught up to him and hit a Superplex. Moose and Hendry kick up. In the middle of the ring, both men forearm each other. Hendry with an advantage but that didn’t last too long as Moose with a backslide for yet another close pin attempt. Hendry and Moose now trade pins.

As both men made their way to their feet, Hendry hit a Popup Powerbomb for a close fall. Moose came right back with an Uranage Slam for another 2-count. As this didn’t work, Moose hit a second Uranage Slam for another close fall count. Now Moose is visibly frustrated and he goes to the outside and grabs the Digital Media Championship. As the ref grabbed the belt and had his back turned, Moose with a low blow kick to Hendry which finally gace him the 3-count and win! …..

As Moose is celebrating we see the new authority figure in Impact Wrestling in Santino Marella. He introduced himself as the new Director of Authority and said he didn’t like how that match ended and forced a re-start.

Moose is upset and Hendry was ready as he rolled up Moose for a 2-count. Moose with an elbow and as Moose ran up the ropes, Hendry followed him and slammed him to the mat and got the 3-count!

Winner: AND STILL Digital Media Championship; Joe Hendry @ 14:09

After the match, Marella shook hands with Hendry.

We get a recap of the Countdown to Hard to Kill where Kushida won the 6-man match. We saw Kenny King shoving Mike Bailey off the top rope…

Kenny King is now backstage and said that his therapist told him that she didn’t think Bailey took him serious. King said that the next time they meet it will be in a Pit fight match. King said he will tape his fists and they will fight. King said he’s never been in a pit fight but he has fought in the streets.

Masha Slamovich vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Killer Kelly in a four-way to become No. 1 contender to the Knockouts Championship

The match started with all of the women fighting each other then each woman had a chance to perform a dive onto the group. This ended as Purrazzo dove. Purrazzo and Wilde did a double team submission on Kelly but they then turned on each other and started fighting each other. Purrazo eventually Powerbombed Wilde for a 2-count. Purrazzo set Wilde up for a Queen’s Gambit but Slamovich broke it up. Kelly now with a DeathValley Driver on Wilde and went for a submission of her own but let go when she saw Purrazzo making her attack. Kelly then dropped Purrazzo and was going for a submission move but Purrazzo reversed it and locked in her famous Fujiwara Armbar on Kelly! Sometime later, Purrazzo with a submission on Kelly and Wilde on a submission on Slamovich.

Slamovich escaped Wilde’s submission who hit a Snowplow and threw her into Purrazzo and Kelly to break that hold. Slamovich now with the pin and the win as she pinned Wilde.

Winner: New Knockouts #1 Contender; Masha Slamovich via pinfall @ 9:25

We get a video package for the falls count anywhere match and Raven joined the commentary team. Raven with some mild humour and much better than last time but very meh.

Steve Maclin vs. Rich Swann in a Falls Count Anywhere in Atlanta match

As Gia Miller tried to interview Rich Swann, the audio was off but it didn’t matter as Maclin attacked Swann to start the match in the back. Raven mentioned that he’s not biased and is choosing Maclin to win since he was also a Marine like Maclin. Maclin went running at Swann but Swann just side stepped and Maclin ended up in a trash can. The two were still fighting int he back and eventually made their way to the outside of the arena. Swann went for a pin on the sidwalk. Raven said he hopes someone gets hit by a car….

As they continue fighting outside they eventually end up in the garage area. A Car honks at them and Maclin ducked as Swann went swinging for the fences with a Shovel. They keep fighting in the back and eventually make their way into the arena after Maclin hit Swann in the head with a few chair shots. As they made their way to the arena area, Swann lept from the stairs onto Maclin and did a Cutter. This was only good for a 2-count. Swann showing some extra aggression as he knew he needed to do everything to keep Maclin down. Swann now choking Maclin with a camera cord. Maclin used his brute strength to come free and he enters the ring as Swann followed him.

They are FINALLY in the ring. Maclin with a huge back breaker over the top rope making Swann land on the outside onto the ramp. This was good for a -count. Swann slowly made his way back into the ring and hit a series of punches and kicks that got Maclin off the ramp and onto the floor. Swann with a Frog Splash off the ramp onto Maclin for a 2-count. Maclin fought his way back and caught Swann who dove at him and performed a Running Powerbomb. Maclin in complete control now put Swann down with a DDT onto the ramp for the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin via pinfall @ 11:45

A video package for Eddie Edwards vs Jonathan Gresham aired. Edwards said he has unfinished business with Gresham.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Eddie Edward

The match started without a Code of Honor handshake. Edwards started the match by chopping down on Gresham. Gresham showed his fight as he came right back up but Edwards with the advantage again. Gresham and Edwards were going back and forth with chops until Gresham gave Edwards the bird and kicked him. Gresham now ontop of Edwards who was on the floor and stomped on his elbow. Gresham now with a tilt-a-whirl bulldog for a 2-count but got right back up and performed a standing moonsault on Edwards for yet another 2-count. Edwards is now firmly in the match as he lands a Blue Thunder Bomb on Gresham for a nearfall. Edwards now seats Gresham on the top rope in a seated position but Gresham tries to escape by kicking the left arm of Edwards that he worked on earlier. Gresham stopped a backpack stunner and Edwards ends up outside of the ring and Grsham now hits a tope suicida.

Gresham now on the top rope and dives but Edwards kicks him and attempts a superplex but Gresham slipped out and locked a sleeper on Edwards. Edwards slips down and that causes Gresham’s face to hit the turnbuckle. Edwards attempts a Boston Tea Party but Gresham moves out of the way. Gresham with some more kicks and punches but Edwards hits a sit-out powerbomb and went for a pin but it was only good for a 2. Gresham avoid a second Boston Knee Party. Gresham and Edwards are now back and forth with pins. Gresham was up and ran the ropes but Edwards delivers a vicious clothesline. Edwards now with a Tiger Driver for yet another close pin attempt. Edwards quickly attempts and HITS a the Boston Knee Party for the pin and the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via pin @ 19:10

After the match the lights go out and there uis thunder noise and lights flickering. The lights turn on and PCO is in the ring with a shovel and he spits on Edwards and hits him twice with the shovel. PCO then Powerbombs him

The broadcast team hypes No Surrender in Las Vegas as an Impact Plus Special and announce that Rebellion will be in Toronto on April 16. Its time for the main event!

We get a performance from Native American Dancers as Mickie James is in the middle of them. “Hardcore Country” plays and she makes her entrance down the ramp. Jordynne Grace comes out second and we get the formal introductions from David Penzer.

Jordynne Grace vs. Mickie James in a Knockouts Championship vs. career match

Tara is ringside aling with Dave LeGreca and a lot of James’ fmaily. No Aldis sighting though. James kicked off the match early on with a Lou Thesz Press but Grace displayed her strength in the early stages by rag dolling James around the ring. James hit  clothesline but Grace didn’t budge. James with a bulldog off the top rope also but Grace came right back. Grace then knocked James down with a kick. James got back up and did a rope walk while holding onto Grace and did a crotch chop with her free hand before she dove off the rope and connected on Grace. The two women were slow to get back up but they did and went back into the ring. James wanted to hit her DDT early on but locked in a Guillotine on Grace. Grace once again used her strength and broke it up. Grace now sits James on the top rope and performs a Superplex on her. Grace got right up and hit James with a Jackhammer for a nearfall. Grace once again with her stringth on display!

Grace went for the Grace driver but James avoids it and did a head-scissors. James went to the ropes and did a Meteora onto Grace for a 2-count. Grace came up like the T-1000 in T2 and hit a Spinebuster on James. Grace then blocked a kick and kneed James hard in the gut. Grace now with a sit-out powerbomb for another 2-count. Grace is back to using her brute strength as she hits the chest of James and followed that with a clothesline. James was able to get Grace in a seated position in the ring and delivered some kicks to Grace. James then with a Mick Kick on Grace but Grace rose yet again and out James on the ropes and went for a Muscle Buster but James countered it in the landing and had a pin attempt but it wasn’t enough to end the match.

James was ready for her MickDT but Grace hit her with a back fist. James countered quickly and rolled Grace up for a 2-count. James is trying everything but Grace just kept coming back up. James with another MickDT with such a close near fall everyone, including me thought it was over. James was shocked and frustrated.

James went for a DDT but Grace stopped it YET AGAIN and locked James in a rear naked choke hold. James looked like she tapped but instead she rolled onto Grace and got yet another 2.9999 count. James tried to go for a kick but Grace counters it again and has a rear naked choke on James. James is fading and the ref is checking on her. James faded but came to at the last second to keep the match going. James with a kick to Grace’s stomach but Grace picked James up and placed her on her shoulders and ran head first into the turnbuckles. Both women were slow to get up and Grace charges at James who side steps the charge making Grace crash into the corner and Mickie hits a Tornado DDT for the PIN AND THE WIN as her career continues as champ!

Winner: AND NEW Knockouts Champion; Micke James via pinfall @ 19:15

After the match Tara went into the ring and cried while her and James hugged. James’ family entered the ring one by one and celebrated with James as the show came to a close


Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill: January 13, 2023

The right match ended the show. The main event was full of emotion with James and her friends and family at ringside. What story telling also through the match as Grace kept coming back and eventually it was her own mistake that cost her the title.  I was shocked by the outcome of the main event. I fully intended James’ Impact career to end and she show up at WWE’s Royal Rumble later this month.

This was a strong PPV that I would recommend. While I said this match was a two match card, the undercard performed well and was tons of fun. Most matches were fun and I was impressed. Let’s see what happens as we head into February’s No Surrender from Vegas.