What’s up everyone?

I had a great time watching Survivor Series War Games. It was epic! Which parts were your favorites? Mine was the women’s War Games match, when I said that Bianca’s team had a strategy, even though, they lost the advantage match, I think that gave Belair’s group the time to save energy more intelligently than Damage Control’s.

The same goes for the men’s War Games match. The Bloodline also lost the advantage but they won the battle against The Brawling Brutes. Sami stuck with them and I thought he would. People would argue that Zayn is no longer the Honorary Uce, he’s now part of the family completely and officially.

The only thing from that night I couldn’t fathom was the win Austin Theory got during the triple threat match against Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley for the US Championship title. I saw this one guy in the crowd who was just as angry as me, he mouthed the words “Why?” Exactly what I kept asking. Why? I was pissed.

As we start the night, The Bloodline accompanies Zayn to the ring for his upcoming match. This isn’t about the twins, it’s about Sami. Given the many doubts Jey has shown towards Zayn, he can now say with honesty that he respects Sami. Good on you, Jey Jey.

Sami Zayn vs. Sheamus

Sheamus still has a score to settle with The Bloodline; although, War Games was supposed to be the end of their rivalry, but he isn’t done yet.

Sheamus has Sami beyond whiplashed with a brutal clothesline to the fellow ginger’s jaw before sending him outside the ring and against the barricades. Jimmy comforts him near the announce table as we fade to black.

The Irish warrior has more momentum over his opponent, but Sheamus got distracted as he gazed at the Usos allowing Sami to deliver a knee to Sheamus’ jaw for a failed cover.

Sheamus was about to deliver the Ten Beats of the Bodhrán, but Sami manages to wiggle himself out by jumping from the top rope only to be caught mid-air and planted into an Irish Curse Back Breaker. Zayn retaliates by shoving Sheamus to the main floor then leaps with a Suicide Dive.

The Usos kept cheering Sami on when he climbed to the tope turnbuckles to jump Sheamus, yet Zayn gets another knee to the jaw. Sheamus climbs to the second rope with Sami on his back preparing for White Noise, surprisingly, Sami turns it into a Powerbomb that doesn’t land him a win.

Sheamus comes back with another White Noise maneuver on the mat, but that doesn’t keep Sami down. Regrettably for Sami, he rolls out of harms way before Sheamus could Bro Kick him, but ends up in the clutches of the Ten Beats, 20, actually.

Sami manages to Blue Thunderbomb Sheamus because of the Usos’ distraction, yet he doesn’t win the match. That angers Butch and Ridge to intercept the twins at ringside that inevitably turns into a side brawl… with Solo Sikoa’s assistance, of course.

Jimmy marches to the other side of the ring to distract the official, which allows Jey to kick Sheamus in the face as Sami rolls him for a win. This nonsense again… if he wants to win, Zayn could have.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Kofi Kingston is backstage, he announces that he’ll be part of the upcoming event Royal Rumble in January. Kingston mentions that regardless of how advance Santos Escobar’s talents are, he won’t count Ricochet out given his everlasting stamina, in my opinion, is superior to Escobar.

This chat shockingly becomes an opportunity for Gunther to challenge Kofi for a match later tonight. Because Imperium fancies themselves the supreme division while The New Day are still seen as a joke to them.

Speaking of jokes, I thought that was what Bray Wyatt was leading into when he mentions that all humans used to be animals with primal instincts. They haven’t gone anywhere because we all have taste for brutality, Wyatt is only trying to remind us… in the creepiest fashion imaginable. I agree with him, but he didn’t have to be like that, like an ominous talking shadow with a nose piercing.

He continues to say that he didn’t attack LA Knight, but I beg to differ just a little bit… there’s a part of me that still thinks that Wyatt is Uncle Howdy. It does make sense, no? What do you guys think? Am I speaking gibberish? Ah, maybe.

Emma vs. Shayna Baszler

Anyway, Emma is going to have her second match against the Submission Magician, Shayna Baszler. She meets with her real-life beau Madcap Moss before the match. Madcap Moss encourages her to believe in herself despite how much the game has changed. Like I said, I’m here for Moss and Emma weekly. They’re cute. She kisses his cheek too. OOH.

Ding. Ding. Ding. The match is underway as Shayna bangs Emma onto the mat then proceeds with an MMA fighting style pound and ground while also mocking her opponent.

Emma rebounds with a Side Russian Leg Sweep that could have planted Shayna long enough if the match was already spent.

Shayna ploughs through Emma with a shoulder tackle after she tried to pin Baszler with a roll up. The Submission Magician returns the favor by attempting to break Emma’s arm, but she swerves through and kicks Shayna in the side of the head.

Emma shocks us with a quick and valiant neck breaker to Shayna using the middle rope to her advantage, but Baszler kicks after two. She capitalizes with a Tarantula move to destabilize Shayna’s back, and the damage has been done.

Although, Emma tapped out to Baszler’s Kirifuda Clutch move and lost, it wasn’t enough since Emma was crawling away, so she attempted to break her arm, yet Shotzi comes to save her only to be ploughed down too. Emma is out, and so is Shotzi, yet we are gifted with Raquel Rodriguez’ beautiful presence as she lands an assist.

The numbers were too overwhelming for Shayna, so she left the ring. Quite frankly, it needed to stop anyway.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Kofi Kingston vs. Gunther

Ha! I laughed when I saw Kofi giggle at Gunther’s entrance once he removed his long black coat. It came off like a pinwheel. It was funny.

Anyway, Gunther has control of this match with a Back Breaker to Kofi followed by a stump on Kingston’s chest as he laid on the mat. The Ring General does the strangest but most effect move by placing Kofi between his feet before twisting Kingston’s neck. That could’ve bruised the throat.

Kofi had a moment to capitalize when he manages to throw Gunther over the ropes, so he attempts to jump the General, but Ludwig Kaiser trips him, costing him the opening. Gunther comes back in to dismantle his opponent in the center of the ring, but suddenly, Braun Strowman shows up to take on Kaiser and Vinci at ringside. He chased them out the arena like rats under a pipe drain.

Strowman catches Giovanni then bangs him against the ring post, which distracts Gunther for Kofi to send a knee kick that he quickly jumps out of and leaves the ring.

Gunther has Kofi in a tight chokehold, yet Kofi shakes out of it with a few punches to the mid-section. Kingston rallies with a roll up that doesn’t grant him the win. Rarely do you see the Ring General reeling like he has been during this match as Kofi delivers a frog splash on his back.

Gunther becomes angry that Kofi kicked out after that harsh chop he sent, so he put Kofi through a submission move, a drop kick and a powerbomb that doesn’t keep him down.

Gunther tries again with a new move he created called the Last Symphony that connects with a win.

Winner: Gunther

We are brought backstage with The Bloodline as they prepare to get some food, Sami was going to bring the car around, but Jimmy stops him from going alone, so he suggests that Solo go with him because of the piling enemies they’ve made.

Jimmy makes sure that Jey is all right with Sami being in The Bloodline, even goes as far as to ask about the lie Zayn told Jey, if he should confront him. Luckily, Jey is satisfied. The giddy mood is swiftly tainted once Sheamus attacks the Usos with a shillelagh then goes on to chant “banger after banger after banger” as he struts away. He and McIntyre will be waiting on the other side.

What’s more alarming is that Damage Control is here because of Bayley’s backwards delusion that Michael Cole missed her. She didn’t appreciate the amount of indifference the crowd had for her team at Survivor Series when they kept cheering as Becky Lynch dropped from the top of the cage.

For some reason, Bayley thinks the women in the SmackDown locker room aren’t sufficient enough. With that comment gliding in the wind, Liv Morgan appears on behalf of the entire change room by taking on Damage Control as it became a 3-on-1 assault. Morgan had these girls running at first, but her sudden thirst for violence got quenched the wrong way. She was getting beaten pretty quickly until… Tegan Nox arrived to help Morgan as she makes a staggering return to the wrestling world.

Morgan brought a kendo stick once their momentum got switched around as she unloads on Iyo, Dakota then Bayley. Liv and Tegan stand proudly inside the ring as they watch their enemy squirm away.

Elsewhere, Lacey Evans has gone back to basics as we are shown footage of her in military workout, bringing back clarity to her goals.

And speaking of goals, end results, Uncle Howdy enchants us with the notion that Bray’s current personality is an illusion, a ploy to believe one thing only to be met with another. He says one should embrace their inner ferocity rather than ignoring it, he wants to push Wyatt over the edge and have him admit he’s not as reformed as he wants us, or himself, to believe.

As we move on from that, Karrion Kross and Scarlett have marked their new target, and his name is Rey Mysterio. Tick tick tock. Time is running out on the clock… They called Mysterio “The Emperor” as it’s written on the Tarot cards. Future match coming right up, served with cookies and blood. Ha!

Ricochet vs. Santos Escobar – SmackDown World Cup Finals

I thought I should mention first that Zelina, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde got kicked out by the official because Del Toro and Wilde thought they were being slick when they tried to help Santos by weakening Ricochet in secret… from the referee’s sight, anyway. I laughed so much because they were beyond perplexed, and Zelina was enraged that she looked their mom as she ordered them to keep walking ahead of her.

Yikes… Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! That turned my stomach into knots.

Oof. I’m good now. So, the match was anyone’s game, really; although, Zelina was certain Rico will lose. Santos Suicide Dives Ricochet into the commentary table brutally on his backside. Big ouchy.

Ricochet was about to drop kick Santos on the main floor, but he dodges it, which allows Rico to land on the barricades like on a tightrope, and Escobar meets him there. Santos uses his legs to catapult Rico onto his back, again.

Santos had Rico on his shoulders as he delivered several knees to the top of his head as he looks to perform the Phantom Driver, but Ricochet counters with a finisher of his own instead.

This match was so intense with counters after counter, I couldn’t breath. That means I’m having fun. No need to worry, guys. Ha!

Rico sends a kick to Santos and misses, but from behind, Escobar wraps his legs around Ricochet’s neck, flips him over, so he could land on the back of his head. Ricochet was dizzy. Santos dives for a cover that ultimately fails severely.

From the top rope, Ricochet dumps Santos on his back like a wrecking ball hits a building, hard and painfully. Escobar was all sorts of confused as Rico sends a knee and two kicks to the jaw before leaping off with a 630 for a tremendously breathtaking win. That’s my boy!

Winner: Ricochet 


TOP PHOTO: Ricochet holding his Cup as Gunther looms over him. Courtesy of WWE