It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means? No, not to vote for Herschel Walker (ever!), or to protest COVID lockdown practices in China. It’s time for AEW Dynamite and we have a packed card where we go to match three in the Best-of-Seven series with Death Triangle and The Elite, and Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks need to overcome the 2-0 lead PAC and The Lucha Bros currently enjoy.  Can they get back to the top?

We’ll find out later as we head to the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, IN. Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone have the call, and out comes Jon Moxley. Basically, he gets in the ring and gives props to the wrestling scene in Indiana.  He goes on to say there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and him.  Mox lays out that he can outwrestle anyone on any given nigh,t and the ring belongs to him and no one can say different.

Well, Hangman Adam Page comes out and he thinks differently.  This is the first time we’re seeing him since he and Mox faced in a brutal match for the AEW World Championship where a King Kong Clothesline left the Hangman concussed. Mox asks if it’s smart to face him (or even if he remembers because, well…y’know), and they brawl out of the ring as security tries to separate the men.

Now let’s head to the First Match of the night and it’s…

Bryan Danielson vs. Dax Harwood

The start of the match is a feeling-out process and Harwood and Danielson are trying to see how they can get the advantage over the other.  But it isn’t long before both men light up with chops and there is no quarter asked and none given.  Harwood is knocked out of the ring, and Danielson nails a tope suicida to knock him over the barricade, and from there they fight amidst the fans.  The match heads back to the ring and in one spot perched up the top turnbuckle, Danielson tries an avalanche backdrop but Harwood rolls through for a crossbody midair.  As they land hard on the mat, Danielson rolls through to cover for a two count.  Harwood goes for a German Suplex but Danielson escapes. He attempts the Busaiku Knee and Harwood scouts it and then gets him in a springboard Liger Bomb, and then transitions to a Sharpshooter.  Danielson twists his body to the side and manages to reach the bottom ropes to break the submission hold.  Danielson and Harwood roll through for pinning attempts, but then the American Dragon finally cinches the LaBelle lock and Harwood has no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Bryan Danielson

After the match, Harwood and Daniels shake hands in a show of mutual respect, and that is a mat classic if ever there was one.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Ricky Starks on Winter is Coming, and he announces he will be in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale and he predicts he will win. He’s coming for MJF’s spot, his, ring, and Starks says he is Absolute for a reason.  

We get an update ofMox and Page and they are still brawling backstage.  Can’t they just get along, and fight in the ring like grownups?

The Jericho Appreciation Society and Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta of the Blackpool Combat Club are with Renee Paquette for a sit-down interview, and she thanks everyone for agreeing to no physicality. Menard tries to interject and goad Castagnoli during his interview, but Renee is having none of it. Castagnoli tries to finish his sentence and Hager announces he clearly likes this hat. 

The Swiss Superman is having none of it and storms off before promising he will beat Jericho for the ROH World Title at Final Battle. Garcia and Hagar say they should have a tag match on Rampage between Yuta and Castagnoli to soften them up, and Yuta agrees to it.  He also challenges Garcia for another shot at the PURE title at Final Battle and another match is added to the PPV card.

And now let’s join back at ringside for a match, and this is for the…

AEW TNT Championship: AR Fox vs. Samoa Joe

While I’m happy that Fox is now signed to All Elite Wrestling, because he had a ton of talent during his run in Lucha Underground, I don’t see him as a challenger for a title just yet, let alone a threat to the Samoan Submission Machine.  So if you’re new here on Wednesday Nights, enjoy this Haiku in Review™:


Fox is All Elite,

But Joe Muscle Busts his way

To retain. Hail The King!

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Samoa Joe

Joe gets on the mic after the match and says he’s the true King of Television.

(Author’s Rant and Shameless Plug:  Uhh, that’s nice Joe.  Except there’s only one true Kings of Television, and it’s me and Bill Frost of TV TAN Podcast:  The Only Podcast That Matters™.  Recognize!)

Wardlow interrupts on the ‘Tron, and says to Joe he may have the title for now but he needs to remember this is Wardlow’s world.  The fans chant his name, much to Joe’s chagrin.

There’s another video package of Powerhouse Hobbs and he’s taking everything, apparently.

William Regal is out to introduce us to the new AEW World Champion, and MJF comes down and he and Regal embrace. He reads an email by Regal after The Firm turned their back on him, and he reads how Friedman is trying to reach his full potential and notes he doesn’t need to reach for the Dynamite diamond ring but suggests instead to use the brass one. MJF wraps that up by suggesting he wanted to leave an “emotional scar on Moxley” to ensure he knew he was outsmarted by him. He gives props to The Firm and he won’t chase them down, because he’s above that and it takes effort, which is for “poors like all of Indiana.”

Now he talks about the title belt, and he feels the title makes him gag so it needs an upgrade, because none of the previous titleholders are on his level. There’s a table in the ring with a cloth over it, and he unveils a new AEW World Championship belt which is the same but has the leather in a Burberry design; a Big Burberry Belt if you will. MJF then concludes to the fans that he will be on top for a very long time.

MJF gives props to Regal for inspiring him, and as he talks up his accolades he clocks him on the back of his head with the self-same brass knuckles that Regal slid to him at Full Gear. As Regal is laying prone in the ring, MJF mocks him and says he made a deal with the devil. He adds insult to injury as he paraphrases the same email he received from Regal seven years ago;

“Will, the game has changed.  MJF exclusively hires top talents or top-class world athletes.  When you’re one of them, send me your stuff.”

Now that is how you get revenge, folks.  Take notes on this.

As MJF leaves, medics and staff get in the ring and Regal gets stretchered out and send to an ambulance.

Now let’s get back to the action with…

Ricky Starks vs. Ari Daivari

As Starks is getting ready, Ethan Page and Stokely Hathaway come out on the ramp, and Matt Hardy comes out too.  But Hathaway ain’t having it, and tells him to head back since he owns him (ouch!).  Page adds more insult to injury as he says to Starks he’s also in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale, and tells Hardy he will help him. Page says he stole his spot, but he’ll be winning it at Winter is coming.

At that point, Daivari punks him but it isn’t long before Starks gets a spear followed by a RoShamBo for the pin and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Ricky Starks

Tony Schiavone is now backstage with the AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D, and Rebel. Sit down with Saraya and insist on a sit down with her instead.

There’s also a recap of House of Black cleaning house over Best Friends and The Factory, and business has picked up.

Now for something different, here’s…

Willow Nightingale vs. Anna Jay A.S. (with Tay Melo)

Nightingale manages to hit with short arm lariats and a running crossbody to cover for a two count, but Jay comes back with a reverse Blockbuster.  Throughout the match, chokes and cheap shots with assistance by Melo help keep Jay on offense over The Babe with the Power, but Nightingale comes back with a big boot and then follows with a spinebuster for another two count.  The end comes with Nightingale delivering a Doctor Bomb for the pin and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Willow Nightingale

After the match, Melo helps Jay out of the ring.  But then the Rancid music hits and Ruby Soho is in the ring after being out of action at her hands.  She beats down Melo and nails the Destination Unknown on the ramp.

Now Schiavone is backstage with Orange Cassidy and QT Marshall, and the leader of The Factory says he wants a shot at the AEW All-Atlantic belt and wants a lumberjack match. Cassidy interrupts and says no problem, and Marshall has no response because no one lets him finish a sentence.  Jerks.

Now we get the TBS Championship celebration of Jade Cargill with confetti, and she lets us know we’re here for a big celebration. She also addresses the Baddies hanging with the trash she sent to the curb. No one is on her level, and for some reason, she addresses Bow Wow. And just like that, he appears on the ‘Tron and says he’s got something for her real soon, and can someone explain to me why in the name of Tokyo Drift is this a thing?

In any case, it’s time to Carry on my Wayward Son for the Main Event, and this is the…

AEW World Trios Title Best of 7 Match: DeathTriangle (PAC, Rey Fenix, and Penta El Cero Miedo, with Alex Abrahantes ) (c) vs TheElite (Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson, with Brandon Cutler and Don Callis)

The Elite jump Death Triangle during their entrance and we have a Pier Six brawl on the top of the ramp.  The Young Bucks set up PAC, and Omega runs down the ramp for a V-Trigger and PAC  escapes and nails a kick to break it up.  During Picture in Picture, the action goes everywhere BUT the ring, and PAC does a moonsault from the stage to the pit on The Elite.  Omega is in the ring, and now the match begins, but Penta is clearing house ringside because, “Cero Miedo!”  Abrahantes passes a hammer to Penta, and after he dives on The Elite he gets in the ring with Omega and winds up, but Fenix stops him.  Penta is sick of his goody two-mask brother, and that’s when Omega lands with the V-Trigger to knock him out of the ring.  The match favors The Elite as they hit a Superkick Partay on Penta, and Omega follows with a snapdragon suplex and a powerbomb to a V-Trigger to cover, but PAC breaks the count.

Now we get more aerial assaults as Death Triangle lands triple moonsaults on The Elite, and Penta nails the Fear Factor package piledriver on Omega to cover but gets a two count.  Nick superkicks PAC out of the ring, and Fenix hits his own superkick and then Matt gets Penta in a Northern Lights suplex and then catches Fenix to Lucha Bros for a double Northern Lights.

PAC kicks him out of the way and focuses on Omega and attempts a superplex, but gets blocked.  PAC has his headgear to protect his broken nose and uses it to headbutt Omega and goes to an avalanche falcon arrow to cover for a two count.  During another Picture in Picture, Death Triangle are making short work of Omega and then PAC and Omega throw bombs at each other.  Pac hits a slingshot German and Omega with a clothesline and both men are laying down. Fénix and Nick are in the ring and he gets a cutter on the Young Buck to stack him up for a cover,but he kicks out at two.  The Young Bucks attempt the Meltzer Driver but Fenix escapes.  However, they change to the Bang for your Buck and Matt cover Fenix before Penta kicks him to break the count.

Now the Bucks set up for the BTE Trigger on Fenix and PAC and Penta step in to break it up.  The Lucha Bros deliver the Fear Factor on Matt, and Fenix dives to the outside.  There’s a cover by PAC on Matt but he only gets a two count.  PAC comes back with a brainbuster for another two count and then goes for the Black Arrow as The Lucha Bros hold back Nick and Omega at ringside.  Matt gets his knees up at the last second to stack up PAC for the cover of one, two, and three.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  The Elite

Now the score is 2-1, and after the match we see Penta and PAC arguing with Fenix about why they didn’t use the hammer earlier to put an end to the match sooner.  Meanwhile, Omega gets on the mic and promises the fans The Elite is back on track and promises a reverse sweep.  Therefore he bids us adieu along with a goodbye and good night (Bang!), so now play that Kansas song again as the show fades to black.


Final Thoughts:

Danielson/Harwood provided a great start and The Elite/Death Triangle finished up the show perfectly.  You can’t ask for anything more.

You can ask for now Bow Wow segments and less squash matches, but overall, this is a great show based on the strength of the two matches.

You can catch Dale Plummer this Friday for AEW Rampage, but for now we’ll see you in seven!