Greetings and Salutations all, Boris is back this week with the SLAM! Wrestling Impact report. We are slowly building our way to next week’s Over Drive Show so this week should be focused on building towards that. This week we have two title matches including the main event of Jordynne Grace defending her knockouts title against Gisele Shaw. We will also have Trey Miguel vs Mike Bailey in a semi-finals match of the X-Division Tourament which should be solid.

You can listen to my Impact coverage over at Sunday Nights Main Event Podcast Network as I chat Impact on the BAM Weekly podcast. Without further ado, lets get to it!

After the intros, the show kicked off as Joe Hendry made his entrance! We here at Slam surely believe in Joe Hendry, so we hope you do too. Joe Hendry said that the Digital Media champion should inspire and Myers isn’t doing that. Hendry said that when he comes the new champ, all of the comment sections of the internet will say “We Believe”

Joe Hendry vs Brian Myers (c) (w/ Matt Cardona): Impact Digital Media title

Myers has been the longest reigning champ so far. The match started with a wrist lock by Joe. Myers quickly and aggressively pushed Hendry to the ropes but Hendry took him down with some textbook takedown. Hendry then hot Myers with a vertical suplex but that was only good for a two count. Myers took enough of an early beating that he needed a break so he slid to the outside of the ring to regroup but Hendry followed him and connected with an uppercut.

Myers made his way back into the ring and as Hendry made his way in, he kicked him for his troubles. Myers followed up the kick with a Guillotine but Hendry reversed it into a suplex. Hendry is looking to put the match away early as he looked for a Trustfall but Myers turned it into a Flatliner. Shortly thereafter Hendry regained control of the match as he hit Myers with his pop-up powerbomb but yet again, this was only good for a two.

Myers is looking desperate as he threw Hendry to the outside. Hendry made it back in the ring and hit another uppercut. Heath and Rhino came out and took Cordona out to ensure the match stays fair. Hendry is abck in the ring and hit the Standing Ovation which gave him a three count, the win, and the title!

Winner: AND NEW Impact Digital Media Champion; Joe Hendry

Jai Vidal is with Gisele Shaw and said that she has been working on a video for Shaw. Vidal said that the only clip is missing is one of Shaw with the Knockouts Championship raised over her head. Vidal aired a preview to the video and it was a bunch of wrestlers thanking Awesome Kong for making the Hall of Fame, but with a hilariously dubbed Gisele over Kong’s name.

Violence by Design is in the back, Angels said that he was in a dark place (I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE) but now he is all about violence. Kon said he is violence. Impact belongs to violence.

Trey Miguel vs Mike Bailey in a semi-final match of the X-Division Title Tournament

We get a combo of fast paced moves to start the match that ended in a face-off between the two wrestlers. Bailey bounced off the ropes and landed a kick on Miguel. Kenny King came out to watch the match up close. After a commercial break, Bailey had firm control of the match but Miguel came back into the match to hit a stomp on Bailey that gave him a two count. Both men go back and forth and traded chops. Bailey hit a forearm on Trey and threw him to the ropes but Trey countered that with a spin kick.

Trey, now in control tried for a Meteora but Bailey moved out of the way and Bailey went for a Ultimate Weapon which had Miguel move out of the way. Shortly after, Miguel was on the outside and Bailey landed a moonsault. With both men battling in the ring, Miguel ended up making his way into the ring first and went for a sunset flip to Bailey still on the outside of the ring. Bailey blocked the sunset flip though and hit his moonsault double knee stomp. King finally got himself involved and tossed popcorn at Bailey but then threw Miguel into the steep steps which meant that Bailey was DQ’d.

Winner: Trey Miguel via DQ and advances to the finals of the X-Division title tournament.

Miguel will now face the winner of Black Taurus and PJ Black at Over Drive.

Backstage, the Death Dollz are chatting. Rosemary said that they suffered their first loss. Taya mentioned that Jessika should have a drink. Rosemary said no and that she needs to channel her energy towards Tasha Steelz next week. Jessika suggested that she did in fact want that drink. Rosemary was not too happy with Valkyrie.

Chelsea Green is shown getting ready for her match with Mickie James as Deonna Purrazzo is with her.

Fresh off his interference in the previous match, Kenny King said that he still remembers Eddie Edwards words but right now he is laser focused on Mike “Speedball” Bailey.

Bhupinder Gujjar vs G Sharpe

The match was quite short. It had Gujjar hitting a splash int he corner followed by a backbreaker for a two-count. Sharpe tried to lock inaΒ  stretch but Gujjar maneuvered out of it and hit a devastating clothesline followed by a Slingblade. Gujjar continued his dominant performance with a Ripcord knee and a Samoan Drop which was only good for a two-count. Sharpe got minimal offense after an eye rake but Gujjar came right back and hit a pop-up powerslam and his Gargoyle Spear for the three count.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar

Backstage Heath and Rhino are chatting. Heath said that Myers lost his Digital Media Title and that’s a shame because his head wasn’t in the game. Rhino saw Josh Alexander walk by and walked up to him. Rhino told Alexander that he cannot trust Bully Ray since he’s a piece of S#!T…. (Here we go…)

Jessika is backstage with Alisha Edwards. Jessika offered a drink to Edwards, after Edwards declined, Jessika said it’s over as she is reading a self-help book. Jessika is saying some nonsense about seeing the real Aussie Open at Thunder Down Under. Alisha saw her husband Eddie Edwards and said that he is concerned for his recent comments. She doesn’t believe Edwards is completely done with Honor No More. Eddie said that HNM is over and now its all about them.

Chelsea Green (W/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs Mickie James

Just a reminder that if James loses, she has to retire. Green has an obvious advantage on James as she has won two of their three singles matches. Green wants to badly be the one to retire James. The match was a back and forth affair which eventually saw James hit a kick for only a two count. James went to the ropes and Deonna got involved as she tripped up James. This gave Green the opening for a lungblower but it was only good enough for a two-count.

Mickie got the advantage of the match and eventuially dropped her down and covered Green for a pin but Purrazzo got involved again as she moved Green’s hand to the ropes for a break to said pin. The referee noticed Purrazzo’s interference and tossed her to the back. Both women are on the apron and trade forearms and land a kick at the same time to take each other out. A bit down the road of the match, Green kicked the referee and took him out. Mickie went to the top rope as Purrazzo came back to ringside. Purrazzo tried to trip James again from the top rope but Taylor Wilde came out and the two battle to the back.

James hit a Lou Thesz Press but the ref is still out! Chelsea recovered and hit an Unprettier on James and went for a pin but the groggy ref only made it to two. Green went to the top rope on her own and went for a Missle Dropkick but James caught her mid air and landed a Jacknife Pin for the three count and the win.

Winner: Mickie James

Maclin is looking for Scott D’Amore but runs into Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer told Maclin that he needs to step up and be a locker room leader and not throw temper tantrums all the time. Maclin tells Dreamer to go find his friend Bully Ray. Dreamer said that he will talk to D’Amore to make sure Maclin gets a match, against him!

Zicky Dice (W/ Johnny Swinger) vs Bully Ray

It was then time for the weekly squash match of the week. Swinger and Dice had a funny moment as they did the classic “Get the Tables” gimmick. Ray hit a Bully Bomb shortly thereafter for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

After the match, Moose came out and low blowed Ray from behind. As Ray slowly got up Moose speared to the corner which had a table that Dice and Swinger set up.

Sami Callihan has one of Violent By Design’s students wrapped up in tape. He said that last week Eric Young and him faced for the first time but his cronies ruined the match. Callihan then challenged Young to a match called the Death Machine Double Jeopardy.

Author’s note: Hear me out. Later on the show we got the rules to this Death Machine Double Jeopardy Match. First you have to make your opponent bleed and then you can win by pin or submission. There are no DQ’s or Countouts.

Outside of the arena an angry Chelse Green is shown leaving. Deonna Purrazzo caught up with her and asked where she’s going? Green said she’s “going home”.

Bully Ray challenged Moose to a Tables Match

A video package played for Kazarian talking about his history in IMPACT and how he met his wife in IMPACT. Statements from Chris Sabin, Gail Kim and Scott D’Amore.

Gisele Shaw (W Jai Vidal) vs Jordynne Grace (c): Knockouts World Championship

It’s TIME FOR THE MAIN EVENT! The match started off with Grace showing and using her strength over Shaw. Grace hit a Spinebuster on Shaw for just a one-count. Gisele went out of the ring to re-group. Grace followed her and took out Vidal with a dropkick.

This gave Shaw the opening she needed to hit Grace with a powerbomb as they were still outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Shaw hit a running uppercut on Grace right in the corner of the ring. Shaw then started chopping Grace but Grace once again used her strength to take her down with a clothesline.

After the commercial, both women were going back and forth on each other with forearms but Grace broke this up with a scoop slam. Grace then hit Shaw with a Vader Bomb for a two count. Grace continued dominating the match as she then hit a few forearms on Shaw but as Grace went for a clothesline, Shaw moved out of the way and landed some head kicks on Grace and went for a pin that was negated at two.

Gisele now had a bit of an advantage in the match and hit a spin kick on Grace while she was in the corner directly followed by a draping DDT wich once again was only good enough for a two-count. Gisele was then taking a risk as she went to the top rope but Grace got up and met her at the top and hit a Superplex followed by a Jackhammer for a very close two-count. Grace then battled back as she hit a Vertebreaker for a super close pin. Shaw, now seeing the championship in her reach went for a backbreaker but ONCE AGAIN, it was only a two-count. Grace recovered from all of that to proce that she is a tough as nails champion as she hit a powerbomb followed by a Grace Driver for the THREE AND THE WIN.

Winner: AND STILL Knockouts Champion; Jordynne Grace

After the match, Grace is celebrating her huge win but Masha Slamovich breaks up the party and hit her with a chair. Masha threw a bunch of chairs into the ring to have a chair party as she stacked them all on top of one another and hit a Snowplow on Grace over the chairs. Masha took the belt and posed with it as the show cut to the Las Vegas Dessert. We are in the area where PCO was buried and his hand broke through the ground like a classic horror movie to end the show…

Next Thursday on IMPACT (Over Drive go-home show):

  • PJ Black vs. Black Taurus in an X-Division title tournament semifinal
  • Steve Maclin vs. Tommy Dreamer no DQ match
  • Eric Young vs. Sami Callihan Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy match


IMPACT TV: November 10, 2022

This show had three great matches in Bailey/Miguel, James/Green, and Grace/Shaw. There was a lot of good story progression as we are so close to Over Drive.

The whole “You cannot trust Bully Ray” stuff is a bit drawn out but I am still willing to give it a chance moving forward as it should be leading up to his match with Josh Alexander for the World Championship.

Overall, good episode and let’s see what next week’s show brings before Over Drive on Friday night.