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I’m back! Did you miss me? If not, I’m not going to cry about it unless you buy me candy and ship it to my house like the sugar crazed child I am. Ha! Ha!—No? Okay.

Ridge Holland & Butch vs. Sami Zayn & Solo Sikoa

Sami was thankful to Jey for helping him out when he was fighting Kofi Kingston two weeks ago but what he wants is for Jey to bring that same energy to this match at ringside and not the unhinged man he normally is. What a shock. Zayn wants tranquil behaviour rather than rage. When you look at his mad furry beard, it says something else.

Sami and Butch start this match as Butch shocks Zayn with a quick clothesline that flips Sami like a pancake. Holland and Butch pay respect to Sheamus with Ten Beats.

An opening has occurred for Jimmy to send a cheap shot to the back of Butch’s head.

As Sami tags Solo in, Butch manages to release himself from Zayn’s grip, so he could deliver an elbow to Sikoa’s face before sending Sami over the ropes, hurting his arm on the apron. Given the distraction, Butch sends a running knee to Zayn.

Holland made me laugh when he kept running back and forth like a petulant kid screaming for a sucker as he ploughs Zayn into the turnbuckles before getting a boot to the face.

Because they can’t seem to get on the same page, Jey and Sami get into another argument, which costed them the win. Butch delivers a quick roll up as soon as Zayn gets back in the ring for a another victory.

Oof after oof after oof. Ha! Once Roman Reigns arrives on SmackDown as promised, he angrily looks upon his family after another loss for Sikoa and Zayn. Hell will be smacked on their asses.

”The kids are in trouble,” said Wade Barrett along with Micheal Cole’s “Daddy is home!” cracked me up.

It’s wrecking time for The Bloodline. Roman is pissed. And happy too… towards the audience anyway. Reigns wants this problem between Zayn and Jey to be dealt with and done. So, Roman orders them to air it out straight on the table now.

Sami apologizes for whatever it is he may or may not have done towards Jey and asks for them to bury the hatchet. Jey, on the other hand, is taking his sweet time.

Sami says he likes Jey, but Jey replies that he doesn’t like Zayn’s hair, his face, which I cackled up so hard, and he doesn’t like his shirt. Sami wonders why he’s being yelled at, the Tribal Chief wants them to make peace.

Jey; however, says “I don’t care what the Tribal Chief said!” I absolutely blew up with laughter. I was crying so much, I couldn’t breath. The highlight of the night.

What’s more is that Roman goes out of his way to say that he will do something Jey won’t like, change Sami into a full-fledged Bloodline member as “Sami Uso”. Does that sound good to you guys? That idea makes me want to remove my teeth, and I still wouldn’t feel pain. Jey had trouble keeping a straight face during it all.

What came off as abrupt was when Paul Heyman suddenly started talking. My head twitched so hard, I felt interrupted. I could have gone the rest of the night without this.

Winners: Ridge Holland & Butch

The New Day vs. Maximum Male Models

As we move on from the best beginning of the live show, another cryptic message was sent by The Viking Raiders.

Anyway, New Day transmits a reminder to the Usos that they’re the most riveting tag champs in the world, and it’s going to stay that way… for now.

Xavier Woods does a trunk load of spinning maneuvers to avoid having his arm snapped by Man.soor as they begin this fight. Woods hits his opponent with a spinning kick to slip him up. Funny. Yay.

Xavier tags his partner in, so they could perform a double to team to send Man.soor a hospital bill for his wounded arm.

Maxxine tries to help by distracting the official, as always, so Ma.cé can yank Xavier from behind. Man.soor attempts to cover Woods, but it looked a little wonky. Like a fish out of water. Ha!

Ma.cé is now in as he kicks and pounds Xavier in the chest while he’s down on the mat. Woods does switch the game real quick by throwing Ma.cé overboard then handles Man.soor next by tagging Kingston in. Kofi was on fire! Amazing job all the way. Beautiful.

For the finishing victory move, Kofi plants Man.soor on his spine using his leg, so Woods could jump from the top rope and land onto his face. It looked like a big ouchy.

Winners: The New Day

Backstage, Sonya Deville is having an interview with Kayla Braxton about Ronda’s open challenge for the SmackDown championship. Deville likes to tell us that Morgan won’t be the one answering that opening because of her loss at Extreme Rules, which broke her. How sad it really was. I called it. Morgan needed to be more prepared, and I’m sorry, she wasn’t. But I won’t go to the levels of Sonya’s words.

That upset Liv, so she bulldozed Sonya still consumed with rage that should have been there during her title match, honestly.

Braun Strowman acknowledges that Omos is a strong man and challenging, but he doesn’t think Omos is too big for him to handle. He ain’t afraid.

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Emma – Open Challenge

Ronda doesn’t waste time, huh? Soon after winning the title back, she issues a dare for everyone in that locker room.

Emma – Tenille Dashwood is back in WWE.

Ronda starts this match strong by pushing Emma into a corner followed by an arm throw over her shoulder, so Emma could crash onto the mat.

Rousey tangles Emma around the ropes to knee kick her opponent in the head repeatedly then rolls Emma for an attempt at a tap out that doesn’t happen. Both women collide in the centre of the ring, temporarily blacking them out.

Ronda had Emma in an ankle lock that could have broken her challenger’s ankle, and it almost did, yet Emma flips out in time, sending Rousey against the turnbuckles she manages not to hit.

Rousey dug deep into this match to put Emma away with Piper’s Pit to knock her out, but to add a final stamp, Rousey uses the arm bar for a win.

Winner: Ronda Rousey (c) 

Jey Uso, backstage, wanted to speak to Roman, but Heyman stops him at the door saying that he has his back. Although, what it seemed like to me wasn’t honesty. Maybe Jey is right in being paranoid. I’m starting to see it too. What about you guys? Am I crazy?… text me.

The Halloween season truly is here because once again Bray Wyatt malfunctioned our televisions with another note. He will be addressing his demons later tonight.

Shayna Baszler congratulates Ronda on her win earlier with Emma, but Natalya interrupts with words of her own. Nattie believes that if she accepted Rousey’s challenge, she’d be champion right now. What shocked me was that Baszler locked Nattie into a choke hold, causing Natalya to blackout. I’m not sure where that came from, but I liked it.

Hit Row & ? vs. Legado del Fantasma – 6-man Tag Team match

B-Fab wanted to save their secret third man for this match for when it really begins. And as we make our way to the ring, it’s SHINSUKE NAKAMURA our surprise wrestler.

The bell hasn’t officially rang, but the six men went at it anyway. B-Fab also entered the ring because she wanted to beat Zelina, whose arrogantly standing at ringside. Zelina kept saying B wasn’t at her level, ha, wait until later. She says different.

Anyway, when order is established, oh well, Shinsuke is seen taking out all of Fantasma. Escobar thought he could go against Nakamura in a punching brawl, but Shinsuke takes him right out with a kick to the back of his head followed by his Vintage Nakamura maneuver.

Top Dolla is later tagged in, two out of three members of Fantasma jump him, yet get caught by Dolla then swiftly smashed on the mat. Shockingly, Escobar catches Dolla in the face with a running kick.

Dolla may have gotten a boot, but he rose back up to perform a Downtown 3 move, tags Nakamura in, so he could send the Kinshasa victory. They weren’t the only ones who got a win. B-Fab manages to whiplash Zelina with a harsh shoe to her face.

Winners: Shinsuke Nakamura & Hit Row

Back in Roman’s locker room, Paul Heyman urges Reigns to watch a video of Logan Paul in a boxing workout match. He says that Logan got pins in his hands after a surgery for breaking it in the first place. If he lands that lucky punch, the pins are a contributor. To not underestimate him.

Roman doesn’t believe he’ll land any punch due to his lack of experience since Logan has had two matches so far. It’s not enough in Reigns’ eyes, nor mine. It’s true. And not only for the reasons that I don’t like him for… I somewhat promise.

Karrion Kross vs. Madcap Moss

This is Kross’ return against Madcap since being attacked by Drew McIntyre a few weeks ago. This is to prove that there are no lingering damages while being hospitalized.

Madcap has more power above Kross with punches after punches, shoulder tackles and throws that destabilized Kross the majority of the time. Which came off as weird given how Kross has this everlasting strength that emotes when he fights even though he’s been weakened.

Karrion makes a comeback with a belly-to-belly throw before kicking Madcap into a corner then delivers a close line. He attempts a cover, yet Moss jumps out.

It’s Kross’ turn to drain his opponent with an elbow to Moss’ face then whips him against the turnbuckles. You have to admire the determination of Madcap to stay in this match as he gets back on track with shoulder tackles and punches.

“Ooh, what a right!” By Kross to Madcap’s jaw sounded like shattered bones before Karrion takes advantage of Scarlett’s distraction to plummet Moss with a hard hit to the back of his opponent’s head before covering him for a win.

The point has been made, yet Kross crossjackets Madcap to the edge of passing out as he sends a message to McIntyre for their upcoming steel cage match at Crown Jewel next week.

Winner: Karrion Kross

Rey Mysterio is backstage saying his excited to be on SmackDown, so he could face Gunther in an Intercontinental Championship match. The Ring General comes out of nowhere like a fat fly, allowing his lackeys to hold Mysterio as he delivers a heavy chop to Rey’s chest. He’s going to be feeling that for days. He got the luckier side of it compared to Sheamus, really.

At first, I thought it was Dominik who attacked Rey. I suppose we’re not there yet.

As an ending threat for the night, Bray Wyatt walks to the ring to address his loyal followers… whoops, I mean, fans. Heh. Wyatt and that creepy light lamp still freak me out.

When he asked us if we can feel that, I was like “Feel what? My hungry stomach?” Probably not, but he meant the adrenaline. I was hang up on food rather than mysterious notices.

Wyatt was being extremely raw and real with us as he narrates his dark and painful moments. That he isn’t afraid of doing anything wicked. And speaking of wicked, that anonymous man on the screen now known as Uncle Howdy is back. He calls Wyatt a liar.

I didn’t understand a thing he said, but we got to see a face this time. An ominous one at that.

TOP PHOTO: The Bloodline in the ring. Courtesy of WWE