It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means! Well, seeing as Dynamite us coming to us from Toronto for the first time, it means that 90% of the SLAM Wrestling crew is in the house. Okay, that may be a little high, but a good number of staffers are in the house, so be on the look out for their thoughts and reactions to being at the first Canadian AEW show. [Here’s the live report from Amos Mina.] Let’s get to the action.

Renee Paquette (FKA Renee Young) is now ALL ELITE! She welcomes Christian Cage to the stage, who guarantees a win tonight, while taking a shot at the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Luchasaurus vs. Jungle Jack Perry

Jungle Boy gets overpowered early. He is able to knock the big guy into the ropes and connects with a punch from the floor. Perry gets caught by Luchasaurus and dropped with a German suplex. The fight spills to the floor. Luchasaurus sets up a table. JB drops off the shoulders of Lucha, but is shoved into the ring post. Perry ducks a shot and Luchasaurus hits the post. Jungle Jack is whipped into the barrier and slammed onto the ring apron.

After a commercial break, Perry dodges a spear in the corner and Luchasaurus crashes into the ring post. Lucha catches Perry on a suicide dive, but then gets driven into the ring post again. On the apron, Jungle Boy tries to pic up Luchasaurus, which doesn’t work. Perry slips off Luchasaurus and nails him with two super kicks. Luchasaurus holds on, so Jungle Boy uses a sunset flip powerbomb to put Lucha through the table. Christian makes his way down the ramp. Perry is focused on Cage as Luchasaurus sits up in the ring. Perry with two thrust kicks, but gets slammed to the mat and taken down with a clothesline. Luchasaurus can’t get the pin. JB is set atop the turnbuckle, he swaps spots with the big man and rains down right hands. Luchasaurus breaks out of the tree of woe and slams JB into the mat head first. Perry looks for a Kill Switch, but can’t turn him over. Jungle Boy is picked up on the shoulders but counters with a poison-rana. Jack hits the Kill Switch and rolls Luchasaurus over, but he can’t get the three count. Jungle Boy tries to lock in the Snare Trap. Luchasaurus is able to get the ropes to break the hold. Perry goes up top, but get caught. Luchasaurus with a chokeslam from the top turnbuckle. He follows with the cut throat into a back breaker and coves to get the win.

Winner via pinfall: Luchasaurus

Renee Paquette is backstage with a celebrating Stokely Hathaway. Matt Hardy runs up very upset. Turns out Hathaway bought Private Party’s contract off of Andrade and they are now part of the firm. Ethan Page gives Isiah Kassidy a chance win their contract back by beating him in a match, but if he loses the Firm will also own Matt Hardy’s contract.

Wardlow and Samoa Joe (WarJoe) vs. QT Marshall and Nick Comoroto (The Factory)

Before the match, Marshall makes fun of the WarJoe name. That probably won’t come back to bite him. Wardlow with a massive lariat to QT. He follows with a spine buster to Comoroto. Joe holds Comoroto down, allowing Wardlow to hit a suplex. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and puts Comoroto to sleep.

Winners via submission: WarJoe

After the match, Wardlow directs the powerbomb symphony on QT Marshall. Brian Cage walks to the ring with the Embassy. Cage isn’t happy that WarJoe stuck their noses in the business with FTR. Cage wants to know where FTR are? They walk out. I guess all Cage had to do was ask. FTR needs a third for their match on Rampage. They set up the return of Shawn Spears. I know he hadn’t gone anywhere, but it’s a been a while since he has been on TV. Spears spooks Aaron Solo into the ring, where he takes the Big Rig from FTR.

Tony Schiavone is in the back with Chris Jericho, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker. Parker tells Bryan Danielson the match tonight personal, by trying to poach Daniel Garcia. Jericho hasn’t heard from Garcia since he faced him last week. Jericho also vows to remain the Ring of Honor champion.

Swerve Strickland vs. Billy Gunn w/The Acclaimed

Gunn knocks Swerve to the mat and then catches him with a shoulder block. Gunn taunts Strickland. A back elbow opens up some space and a low drop kicks sends Gunn to the floor.

After a commercial break, Swerve is working on the left leg. Gunn is dumped to the floor. Strickland with a diving knee drop to the leg. Swerve with shots to the mid-section. Gunn pops to his feet and slamming Swerve to the mat. Gunn with a power slam. Swerve avoids the Famouser. He hits a flatliner. Swerve goes up top and hits the Swerve stomp. Gunn kicks out of the pin at two. Gunn swats a drop kicks away. Swerve counters a slam, rolls up Gunn and grabs the ropes to gain leverage. The ref doesn’t see it and makes the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland

After the match, Max Caster and Anthony Bowens come down to check on Gunn. They were going to scissor, when Mark Sterling interrupts. He has a document issued in the United States that says Mark Sterling owns the trade mark on “Scissor Me”. Sterling will make money off it, while the Acclaimed can’t use it anymore. Sterling has some ideas on how that can come to terms, but in the mean time he scissors with Tony Neese.

Alex Marves asks MJF about nearly shaking hands with Wheeler Yuta. Stokely Hathaway interrupts before Max can say anything. MJF finds it hilarious and tells Stokely this is strike two and he will fire him if he messes up again. He tells Stokely to hit the bricks. MJF has a message for William Regal. He will not be afraid to remind Regal of their past. MJF is coming to terms with the fact that nice guys finish last. He has no choice but to be the bad guy.

Tony Schiavone welcomes AEW World Champion Jon Moxley to the ring to talk about his match next week against Hangman Adam Page. The champ talks about the stress of being the champion and how some people crumble and self destruct. The champ has to be ruthless. Hangman Page makes his way to the ring.

Page wants whatever Mox has to say to say it to his face. He knows that Mox respects him and that means the world to him. Page tells Mox that he is the man he wants to be, but last week he shattered an illusions, calling Page a nice kid. Hangman wants to know if Mox thinks he is a kid and Mox acknowledges that he does. The champ doesn’t think Page doesn’t have what is takes to pull the trigger. Page admits to his loses and how his friends have disappeared. Page has overcome because he is a man. Page will beat Mox within an inch of his life to get that title back. Page drops the microphone and bumps Mox heading out of the ring.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson (challenger) vs. Chris “Lionheart” Jericho (champion) w/Matt Menard and Angelo Parker – Ring of Honor World Championship Match

Judas starts to play, but the music switches as Jericho is the Lionheart tonight. Jericho actaully extends the hand for a shake, but Danielson just kicks it away. Danielson with head butts and then knee strikes. Bryan catapults Jericho out of the ring and takes him out with a suicide dive. He slams Jericho on the ramp. Danielson mounts the champ in the corner and rains down punches. Jericho answers with chops. The champ takes Danielson up top and rains down right hands. The champ finishes with a hurricanrana to the floor.

After the commercial break, Bryan is working over Jericho’s back. Jericho with a DDT and then drop kicks Bryan off the apron. He follows with a splash to the floor. Jericho goes up top, but gets cut down by Bryan. Danielson with a Butterfly suplex off the top and locks in the Lebell lock in the middle of the ring. Jericho breaks the hold and transitions into the Walls. Bryan tucks the shoulder and rolls through. He drives elbow strikes into the midsection. Danielson locks in the Walls. Jericho counters with a small package. Danielson kicks out and connects with a round kick to the head. Bryan with hammer and anvil elbow strikes. Jericho lifts Danielson up and lands a fireman’s carry. Jericho misses on the lionsault. Bryan with a leaping knee strike. Danielson leaps into a Code Breaker, but Jericho only gets a two count. Danielson gets shoved into the ref, who falls to the floor. Both men go down after clothesline. Matt Menard slips the title into the ring. Danielson is slow to rise. Daniel Garcia runs in, taking the belt from Jericho. This allows Danielson to hit Jericho with the Psycho knee. Garcia then lays out Danielson with the title belt. The ref is rolled back into the ring, as Jericho makes the cover. He gets the three count for the win.

Winner…and still Ring of Honor Champion…via pinfall: Chris Jericho

After the match, Wheeler Yuta, Claudio Castagnoli and William Regal hit the ring.

Nyla Rose is calling herself the TBS champion, despite just straight up taking it from ringside. Anna JAS wants a match for the TBS title. Rose tells her to show up Friday.

Jamie Hayter and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD w/Rebel vs. Toni Storm and Hikura Shida

Shida takes a massive chop from Hayter. Storm tags in, hammering Jamie to the mat. Toni spring off the ropes with a thrust kick. Baker grabs Storm from the apron and Hayter connects with a kick.

After the break, Shida finally gets her hands on Baker. She connects with a jumping knee and mounts her in the corner, raining down right hands. Hayter tries to break it up and Jamie is suplexed into the ring. Baker is stacked on top of Hayter with a suplex. Shida hits a Meteora off the second rope. Hayter hits a back breaker. Storm runs in with a bulldog to Hayter. Britt wants the Lockjaw and gets gloved up. Shida fights off Hayter and Baker, but takes a double thrust kick. Baker with a stomp and Storm has to break the pin to save the match. Hikura hits a sliding elbow strike. Hayter breaks the pin. Storm takes out Hayter on the floor. Baker counters Shida and wants the Lockjaw. Shida nearly rolls up Baker and she has to release the hold. The two trade pinfalls until Shida covers with a high stack roll up and gets the three count.

Winners via pinfall: Hikura Shida and Toni Storm

The Butcher and Blade call out Mox and Claudio for a fight on Rampage.

Orange Cassidy (challenger) vs. Pac (champion) – AEW All Atlantic Championship Match

Cassidy comes out firing, but misses the Orange Punch. Pac with kicks and a knee strike to the head. Orange answers with strikes, only to take an uppercut in the corner. A running kick takes Cassidy to the mat. Pac stuff Orange’s hands in his pockets and mocks his kicks. Orange leaps to his feet and hits a drop kick. Pac catches a suicide dive and hits a Falcon Arrow on the floor.

After the commercial break, Cassidy is laid out on the ramp after a tombstone piledriver. Cassidy rolls himself down the ramp and crawls to the ring. He beats the ten count. Pac immediately puts him in the Brutalizer. Orange gets a foot on the ropes to break the hold. Cassidy hits a suicide on the floor and follows with a DDT on the floor. Cassidy with a DDT in the ring. Orange delivers the Orange Punch, but Pac kicks out of the pin. Cassidy goes up top, but Pac rolls to the apron. Pac gives him the thumbs up. Cassidy jumps into a kick, but then counters with a Beach Break on the apron. Pac with a bridging suplex in the ring and locks in the Brutalizer. Cassidy is able to flip himself over and get to the ropes. Pac goes to the floor to grab a hammer, but is stopped by Danhausen. Pac lays him out and takes the hammer. The ref takes it, but some how he has a second one. Cassidy hits Pac with an Orange Punch before Pac can strike. Cassidy picks up the hammer. Pac rolls him up, but Cassidy kicks out. Another Orange Punch takes down Pac. Cassidy hits another Orange Punch, covers and gets the three count for the win.

Winner…and new AEW All Atlantic Champion…via pinfall: Orange Cassidy

After the match, the Best Friends and Danhausen celebrate with Cassidy in the ring. Dynamite is on Tuesday next week, so see you in six!


AEW’s Dynamite debut in the north: A night of scissoring, patriotism, and overall good fun

AEW Dynamite 10/12/2022

Coca Cola Coliseum, Toronto, Canada

AEW first foray into Canada was fine. The show always features good wrestling, but nothing was must see tonight. Orange Cassidy beat Pac for the All Atlantic Championship in a good match. Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson put on a another great match and the ending follows the sports entertainment story line. WarJoe is still cool, though.