It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means! Another AEW backstage scandal! We should be talking about Dynamite’s third anniversary show or how it’s National Scissoring Day, but noooooooo! Andrade had to go and call out Sammy Guevara in an interview and Sammy clapped back at him on Twitter. And now Andrade has been sent home and pulled off of the Rampage taping. Anyway, let’s get to the action.

(Editors note: Dale is covering Dynamite from an Airbnb with spotty internet and no cable. He is powering through, though. )

MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta

Wheeler knocks MJF to the mat and goes up top. Max rolls to the opposite corner before Wheeler can take flight. MJF hip tosses Wheeler into the turnbuckle. Friedman applied a chin lock; Wheeler fights his way free. Max hits a back breaker and follows up with gut wrench slam. Yuta with¬† a German suplex. MJF blocks another attempt. Max with a stomp to Wheeler’s elbow and then hits a powerbomb/back breaker combo. MJF crotches Yuta on the top turnbuckle. MJF wants an avalanche tombstone piledriver, but Yuta is able to escape. He hits a hurricanrana from the top rope. MJF spills to the floor, where Yuta nails him with a suicide dive. He delivers MJF back into the ring and goes up top. Max rolls away and gives Wheeler the finger. Yuta takes a flying leap and hits the splash from over half way across the ring anyway. Wheeler unloads the hammer and anvil elbows. Yuta wants the seatbelt, but MJF counters with Salt of the Earth. MJF flips it over and Yuta is forced to tap out.

Winner via submission: MJF

After the match, Wheeler shows some respect by offering his hand. MJF is conflicted and looks to go in, when Lee Moriarty attacks Wheeler from behind. MJF yells at Moriarty that he didn’t tell him to do that. Stokely Hathaway gives Friedman the Dynamite Diamond ring as William Regal heads to the ring with brass knucks. MJF backs off and exits the ring.

Matt Menard is not pleased that Daniel Garcia is teaming with Bryan Danielson tonight. Chris Jericho tells Garcia that they made him a great sports entertainer and he better make the right decision. The JAS threatens to end Garcia, while Jericho is determined to desecrate the Ring of Honor legacy.

Jay Lethal vs. Darby Allin

Darby takes down Lethal with a side headlock. Lethal gets to his feet. Allin with an arm drag with a rope assists. Lethal with a kick and nearly catapults Allin into the ref. Darby has a knee give out and Lethal focuses on the injury. Allin does plant him with a reverse DDT.

After a commercial break, Allin is favoring the left knee and Lethal with a straight kick. He follows with a suplex. Allin tries to fight his way off the top turnbuckle, but Lethal takes him to the mat with an avalanche dragon screw. Jay locks in a figure four. Allin gets to the ropes to break the hold. Allin avoids the Lethal Injection and hits the Code Red. Lethal kicks out. Sanjay Dutt and Satnam Singh walk out on stage. Lethal tells them to get back. Teh distraction allows Allin to hit a hurricanrana and the two trade near falls. Darby locks in the Last Supper and stacks Lethal up into pin. Allin gets the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Darby Allin

After the match, Darby goes for a hand shake while keeping an eye on Dutt and Singh. Lethal shakes his hand.

“The Machine” Brian Cage (challenger) w/Prince Nana vs. Wardlow (champion) – TNT Championship Match

Cage works Wardlow into the corner, firing shoulders into the midsection. Wardlow turns the tables, working Cage over in the corner. A lariat can’t fell the champ. Wardlow fires off a lariat of his own and Cage barely budges. The two trade blows in the middle of the ring. Wardlow with a hurricanrana. Cage sends Wardlow into the ropes, but the champ catches the tiger feint kick and slams Cage to the mat. Cage with a power bomb.

After the break, Wardlow hits a release German suplex after coming off the top with a stunner. Wardlow follows with a belly to belly suplex. Wardlow floats over and spikes Cage with a modified chokeslam. Cage ducks the wind up lariat, slamming the champ to the mat. Wardlow with two head butts and hits the lariat, sending Cage to the mat. The straps come down and the Symphony is warming up. The power bomb connects and the crowd wants a second movement. Wardlow gives them what they want. He delivers two more powerbomb before covering the getting the three count.

Winner…and still TNT Champion…via pinfall: Wardlow

After the match, the Embassy attacks (I have no idea who these guys are). Samoa Joe runs in to make the save.

Britt Baker DMD says Saraya will not be competing in AEW as she is not cleared to wrestle. Tony Schiavone seems to dispute that claim. Britt is undaunted though, saying hat makes AEW officially, her house.

Penelope Ford, Serena Deeb and Jamie Hayter w/Britt Baker and Rebel and vs. Willow Nightingale, Athena and Toni Storm w/Saraya – Trios Match

Athena with a cross body slam to Ford. Deeb tags in, connecting with an uppercut. Storm tags in, kicking Deeb to the mat. She is forced into the corner, where Storm, Athena and Nightingale all connect with hip attacks.

After the break, Deeb works Storm over with an inverted Dragon screw. Nightingale gets the hot tag. She plants Hayter with a spinebuster, but can’t get the pin. Deeb chokes Willow on the ropes. Rebel pulls out a crutch, but Saraya is able to disarm her. Willow hits Serena with a pounce. Ford catches Willow with a back heel kick. Storm takes out Ford and Deeb takes care of Storm. Ford gets cut down by Nightingale with a drop kick. She hits the Doctor Bomb and gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Willow Nightingale, Athena and Toni Storm

After the match, Baker gets in Saraya’s face and catches and elbow for it. A fill on brawl breaks out. The faces clear the ring.

Andrade may not be in the building, but Jose the Assistant is and he is dressing down Private Party for failing to show up at crucial moments. Jose tells them to do the right thing tonight.

The Acclaimed, AEW Tag Team champions, are in the building for National Scissoring Day. Antony Bowens gets the party started and AEW now stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. It’s time to celebrate with some scissoring. Bowens is the Sultan of Scissor. Scissoring is a handshake and show of teammates. The fans want to be represented by a real team; not two dudes that were thrown together. Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee aren’t the most popular thing in wrestling; EVERYONE LOVES THE ACCLAIMED.

Daddy Ass takes the podium and calls this his house. Didn’t Britt Baker all ready stake a claim to this. Anyway, Billy presents Anthony with a giant pair of scissors. Max Caster unites everyone behind the Acclaimed and is going to do the first ever bi-partisan scissor. Before that can hope, Swerve Strickland crashes the party.

Swerve tells the Acclaimed that if it wasn’t for Gunn, they wouldn’t even have the titles. Swerve challenges Gunn to a match next week in Toronto. Mark Sterling interrupts. He has been calling Swerve a jerk for months and the Acclaimed will want to hear what he has to say. They need him. He’s been against Strickland from day one. Not only do they ignore him, Sterling takes a Scissor me Timbers from the Acclaimed. Gunn then accepts Swerves challenge.

Death Triangle will be taking on the Dark Order for Trios Tag titles on Rampage.

Anna JAS and Tay Melo will be taking on Madison Rayne and Skye Blue on Friday.

Rush vs. Hangman Adam Page

The fight goes to the floor and Page is slammed into a chair. Rush then whips and chokes the cowboy with a camera cable.

Back in the ring, Page with a fall away slam and then kips up. Rush hits him from behind. Page catches Rush in mid-air and drops him with a Death Valley Driver. Rush kicks out of the pin. A head butt stops the Buckshot Lariat in it’s tracks. Rush follows with a head butt and hits the straight jacket piledriver. Page kicks out, but Rush is looking for the Bull’s Horns. Hangman counters with a lariat and goes to the apron. Page connects with the Buckshot and covers to get the win.

Winner via pinfall: Hangman Adam Page

After the match, Private Party comes to the ring. AEW Champion Jon Moxley comes out of the crowd. He slides into the ring¬† and the two face off. Mox tells Page he has been waiting for this for three years. The champ is ready for their match on October 18th and there will be one man last standing. Mox vows to break Page’s face. Page is ready to fight now. My feed cuts out, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say they did not have a match.

Willow Nightingale challenges Jade Cargill to a match at Battle of the Belts IV.

Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage vs. Feugo Del Sol

Luchasaurus squashes Del Sol.

Winner via pinfall: Luchasaurus

Luchasaurus wants to do more damage but Jungle Jack Perry makes the save. He tells Luchasaurus that he broke his heart and now Jungle Boy is going to break all his bones. Just pick the time and place.

Cage tells Perry that he warned him about coming back. He takes Jungle Boy up on his offer, but not here, not tonight. Next Wednesday on Dynamite is when the match will take place.

Pac will take on Trent Barretta at Battle of the Belts IV.

Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara

Garcia and Jericho faces off and Jericho offers a hand shake, observing the Code of Honor, despite this not being a Ring of Honor match. Garcia toys with Jericho, showing the RoH champ no respect. The two trade chops. Guevara trips Garcia up from the apron. He tags in, hammering him with punches. Garcia with a low drop kick and Danielson tags in. The American Dragon drop kicks Jericho off the apron and unleashes kicks in the corner to Sammy. A suicide dive sends Jericho into the barrier. Danielson then catches Guevara coming through the ropes with a punch.

After the commercial break, Jericho distracts Danielson allowing Guevara to hit a Spanish Fly from the top turnbuckle. After a shoulder tackle, Guevara and Jericho pose in the ring. Danielson and Guevara collide as both wanted a cross body block. Garcia and Jericho get their respective tags and stare each other down. A well place punch stops Sammy in his tracks. Garcia fights Jericho into the corner and hits a suplex. A running PK finds the target. Garcia counters the Lion Tamer and transitions into the Dragon Slayer. A superkicks from Guevara breaks the hold; he then flies over the top rope to take out Danielson. Garcia counters the Lionsault by getting the knees up. Sammy in and Garcia counters the leaping cutter. Danielson and Garcia pound on Jericho and Sammy with elbow strikes. The two set Guevara up on the turnbuckle, but Sammy lands on his feet. He hits Danielson with a standing Spanish Fly. Sammy looks to end the match. He picks up Garcia, but Daniel blocks the GTH. Garcia sticks Sammy with a pile driver. Jericho pulls Garcia off the cover. Daniel runs into a thrust kick but still hits a lariat. On the floor, Danielson is suplexed through the ringside table. Sammy hits the GTH on Garcia. He doesn’t go for the pin, though. He goes up top, but catches the knees going for a shooting star press. Garcia locks in the Dragon Slayer. Jericho smashes the RoH title into Garcia’s face. Guevara rolls him up to get the win.

Winner via pinfall: Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho

After the match, the JAS comes to the ring to celebrate. See you in seven.

AEW Dynamite 10/5/2022

Entertainment and Sports Arena, Washington D.C.

Outside of the opening match with Wheeler Yuta and MJF and the main event featuring Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia versus Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara this show wasn’t really must see. Even the National Scissoring Day segment with the Acclaimed was a bit bloated with both Swerve Strickland and then Mark Sterling coming out. Once Sterling walks out you can stop watching that segment.