The wild child of the Cosmic Angels faction is leaving Stardom.

Unagi Sayaka announced on her YouTube channel today that she is exiting the promotion.

Recently, Sayaka finished last in the Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix 2022 tournament. She only defeated Kohgo and Saki Kashima in the tournament.

“I had said that I would go on a rampage. Everyone’s expectations and assumptions were upset when I lost more league matches than anyone and came last,” she said about her performance.

Sayaka detailed some independent shows she will be wrestling at in the near future and hinted that she might be wrestling overseas.

“Your place might be the next that Unagi Sayaka goes to attack,” she promised.

One of Stardom’s breakout stars known for her unorthodox and chaotic ring style, Sayaka held the Artist of Stardom Championship with her Cosmic Angels stablemates Tam Nakano and Mina Shirakawa. She was also the Future of Stardom Champion defeating Shirakawa in a tournament to crown a new champion but lost it to Ruaka 84 days later.