Heyo, friends!

I have something to say before we start, I called it. During Clash at the Castle, my prediction of Dominik Mysterio betraying his dad was spot on.

I knew the moment Edge accidentally kicked Dom a few weeks back due to the Judgment Day’s interference and Rey somewhat favoured Edge that Mysterio’s son would go rogue. I called it. I hope Dominik is ready for the consequences that follow because Edge said he’ll beat his ass. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only thing I foretold. Keep reading to find out, I mentioned it last week.

On other things, Drew McIntyre is still pissed about his stolen win at The Clash due to Solo Sikoa from NXT came in and pulled the referee mid cover count. I’m not going to say that McIntyre was going to succeed, but I’m not going to say he was going to lose either. I like being indecisive.

Anyway, I’ll stop being weird for now… let’s get on to the brawling.

Imperium vs. The Brawling Brutes – 6-man tag team match

I’ve never heard of Imperium. I don’t watch NXT. The group consists of Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci from NXT 2.0. I do find it intriguing that they brought Vinci, who fits so well in the team, on SmackDown.

This battle wasn’t as phenomenal until Shemaus finally gets tagged in to wipeout Kaiser with multiple clotheslines before sending him over the rope then delivers a backbreaker to Vinci. 25 chest punches to Kaiser, Sheamus has the entire stadium roaring in excitement. Shemaus looked like a man possessed. He was tired of Gunther’s terror.

Sheamus has Kaiser on his shoulders as he performs his White Noise on Ludwig and Giovanni.

Both athletes, Gunther and Sheamus find themselves in the ring together and unleash havoc on each other as Ridge does with Kaiser and Butch with Vinci. Sheamus was able to drop Gunther with a knee to the face outside the ring.

Ridge and Ludwig are still on the mat hatching it out brutally. Ridge flips Ludwig over, and he lands awkwardly on his left knee.

Butch goes for Vinci from the top rope but he’s caught by Gio as he brings the rabid animal into a Brain Buster.

What’s unfortunate was that the Brawling Brutes lost once Giovanni and Kaiser worked together to double team Ridge Holland for the win. I sat there waiting for an anvil to fall on my leg and that would’ve been less painful.

Winners: Imperium

Solo Sikoa joins The Bloodline after his sudden appearance at The Clash during Roman Reigns’ match against McIntyre. The second the Usos descend on SmackDown, the first thing I said was “Oh dear,” once I saw Sami Zayn hopping around like a rabbit on acid. His dancing is all kinds of wrong. I would gladly turn off the TV.

Aside from that, Sikoa is here as he walks his way to the ring to greet his fellow brothers, excluding Zayn, obviously. He completely refused Sami’s advances for a hug. Ha! Ha!

After their celebration, McIntyre stomps to the ring holding a steel chair as a weapon. The twins retreat along with Zayn; although, Sikoa doesn’t back down as he stands in the middle of the ring, awaiting for Drew. They brawl it out for a short time before McIntyre prepares himself to strike Solo with the chair only for Zayn to take the bullet by pushing Sikoa out of the way. I hate to admit, but it was a valiant effort. I will never say that again. My mouth feels injured.

Now because of that, Sikoa and McIntyre want to settle their rage later tonight.

Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah vs. Toxic Attractive – Tag Team match

Raquel and Jacy start things off in this matchup as Rodriguez is taking power and strength to Jayne. Rodriguez uses Aliyah as a plank and plants her on top of Jacy for a failed cover.

Rodriguez and Aliyah are still new to their titles, and some fans weren’t sure if they were up for it. Yet every time they enter a fight, and win, they prove that they can do it.

A double team by Toxic to break Aliyah and bulldoze her into their corner, crashing their body against Aliyah’s face was a success. She is in trouble as Jacy has Aliyah’s arms in a lock of joint manipulation.

Aliyah tags Raquel, and she destroys Gigi Dolan with a Fall Away Slam move and a Spinning Corkscrew from the second rope. Dolan manages to get her teammate in as they band together to take Raquel down since Aliyah rolled away.

But Raquel finds the energy to power up against her opponents as she has Jacy Jayne where she wants her for a winning Tahana Bomb, but not before Aliyah spears Dolan from interfering.

Winners: Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah 

Fatal 5-way Elimination Match will determine who Liv Morgan will face at Extreme Rules

When I saw the notification that Lacey Evans was going to be here tonight, my whole body twitched. She came out in a new army green outfit that I actually like, telling people to kiss her ass as she struts towards the ring.

During this match, Natalya got eliminated by Ronda’s arm bar, Xia Li got taken out by Deville with an arm choke hold as well as Lacey Evans who also got the boot when she tapped out because of Rousey.

Sonya and Ronda are the last two remaining in this fight for the golden opportunity to face Morgan. Rousey’s face was so disgusted once she saw that Sonya was the last one to kick, it was so funny. Deville ties her hair up to square up with Ronda, in vain.

Rousey has Sonya on her shoulders and a Piper’s Pit move to Deville was administered, but that wasn’t all. Ronda finishes Deville off with a reversed arm bar turned into an ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Ronda Rousey 

Sami Zayn finds the twins and Solo backstage, Zayn receives the cold shoulder as he arrives. What’s with the angry stares? Amazingly, Sikoa thanks Zayn for taking the hit for him as proof of his loyalty to The Bloodline. Since Paul Heyman is still indisposed someone around here has to pick up the slack of being a weasel. May as well be Sami.

Hit Row & The Street Profits vs. Maximum Male Models & Los Lotharios – 8-man tag team match

Last week, I called this match out. I saw the future, and I ended up being right. Yay!

Moving on, Man.soor begins this fight and gets flipped over then lands on his stomach, but of course, it didn’t take long for these models and Lotharios to back out from the ring running like frightened sewer creatures.

The models do gain control after that hurdle as Man.soor has Ashante in a neckbreaker. Man.soor tags Ma.cé as they double down on Ashante using their elbows.

Ma.cé tags Angel to deliver a hard kick to Ashante’s jaw then he and Humberto run to shove Top Dolla right off the apron. Humberto prepared himself to fly and crash into Ashante, but instead he collides with his cousin as he falls backwards onto the announce table.

The match is still going, so Humberto slides back in and is met with Angelo Dawkins’ strength as he plummets on the mat. Man.soor tags himself in with Humberto’s airborne body only to be caught by wicked close lines and a flying shoulder tackle by Dawkins.

Top Dolla was about to jump over the ropes, so he could land on the already flattened Los Lotharios, yet he’s abruptly stopped by Maxxine. B-Fab doesn’t take too kindly to that, so she yanks Maxxine by her ankle before they get into a verbal altercation. Max Dupri promptly arrives between them but is later kicked in the side of the head by Dolla.

Hit Row has Man.soor locked down for a winning Heavy Hitter for the team, leaving the models and Los Lotharios crawling away in defeat. The one time they look ugly.

Winners: Hit Row & The Street Profits 

The monster among men, Braun Strowman is here and more dangerous than ever. I was waiting for Strowman to make his entrance but I was greeted by Alpha Academy instead. Yikes, the shoosh guy is back. If you could see me eye roll, it’s quite hard.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t want Mr. Gable here, the audience agrees with me. Strowman’s theme song finally plays, and he presents himself at last. Braun lands a right hand to Otis before pushing him into a corner, Gable comes from behind to deliver a cheap shot. Strowman wasn’t pleased.

Braun takes Gable out as well swiftly before getting trampled by Otis’ empowering weight. That doesn’t stop Strowman who performs a powerbomb on Otis like it was nothing.

Solo Sikoa vs. Drew McIntyre

The bell rings and McIntyre goes straight for Sikoa, unloading punches. Sikoa retaliates with hits of his own that’s ultimately screwed by McIntyre’s harsh headbutt.

Drew looks to deliver a Claymore, unfortunately, the twins save Solo from becoming a human carpet as they regroup near the barricades.

We’re back and Solo has Drew in a headlock momentarily until McIntyre manages to hurl Sikoa. Because McIntyre was whiplashed earlier, the referee doesn’t see that Jey hits him with a cheap shot to the jaw.

After a neckbreaker by McIntyre, Solo counterattacks with a super kick to the face for a cover that Drew kicks out of.

Drew dodges a quick right hand by Solo, but as he’s about to bounce back from the ropes, McIntyre slips over, and the Usos hit him from behind the referee’s back. Suddenly, The Street Profits rush in to save McIntyre from further beatings. Sami helps by smacking Montez from the back of his head then he assists Jey with Angelo.

Montez is left alone, so he climbs the turnbuckles and lands on the twins and Sami. Leaving bodies everywhere.

Solo is looking for the Simoa Drop, but he gets a Claymore out of the ring instead.

Tick tick tock. Karrion Kross emerges from the underground to choke the living hell out of McIntyre. Drew tried to fight him off but Kross was too strong, fresh and relentless in his approach. The entire screen turned black and white when he showed up too like they used to do with the nWo. I thought my TV broke…

Karrion’s eyes were so unhinged and focused on choking Drew out, that nothing else around him mattered. McIntyre eventually fades and so does the scene.

Winner: No one

TOP PHOTO: Karrion Kross choking out McIntyre. Courtesy of WWE