The show kicked off with highlights from NXT World’s Collide. We then went straight to the WWE Performance Center where we were welcomed by Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett.

Tyler Bate made his entrance and was ready to cut a promo in the ring. Bate thanked the fans for the support at Worlds Collide and for supporting NXT UK. He then said that he would be known as the first and last NXT UK champion…..

Out came Gallus (Mark COffey, Joe Coffey, and Wolfgang). They had some choice words for Bate as they told him that he let down the entire UK because he couldn’t win the unification match for NXT UK. Bate then reminded Gallus that they lost their Tag Team unification match also. Joe said it doesn’t matter because there are three of them and only one of him. Gallus went into the ring and Bate tried to fend them off as best as possible but the numbers game was too much. Bron Breakker came out for the save and grabbed a mic. Breakker said that last Sunday their worlds collided but tonight they unite as he will be standing by Bate to kick Gallus’ asses tonight….

Kit Wilson and Elton Prince (Pretty Deadly) were admiring their newly acquired belts which were perfectly on display. Lash Legend entered stage left and said that people were saying that Damon Kemp is the reason they’re champs but they should ignore that…

Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin, Toxic Attraction make their entrance as we go to commercial.

We get the TMZ cam and Roxanne Perez is with Meiko Satomura who bow as Perez walked away. Meiko is waling as the TMZ reporter asked her how she felt. Meiko said she was disappointed as Cora Jade came up for a word. Jade was a bit cocky and challenged Meiko to a match. Meiko said no. Jade wondered if Meiko was afraid of her but Meiko responded by saying she already had a match with Roxanne Perez.

Doudrop and Nikki ASH come out as we head to the opening match of the night.

1. “Toxic Attraction” Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin vs. Doudrop and Nikki ASH

Doudrop and ASH cut the ring in half from Toxic Attraction to take the early lead Nayne and ASH were in the ring as Jayne did a few tosses to ASH. ASH hit a corner splash on Jayne and followed that up with a bulldog for a two count. ASH re-gained the advantage as she locked in a chinlock to Jayne. Jayne reversed this as she hit a backdrop. Doudrop got involved but Dolin kicked Doudrop to the ground form the apron as we went to commercial.

ASH was cut away from her partner as Toxic Attraction cut the ring in half. ASH made the hot tag to Doudrop. Dolin hit a superkick to Doudrop but it didn’t phase her. Doudrop bodlyslammed Jayne on Dolin and hit both women with a standing Senton. Doudrop hit Jayne with a Vader Bomb but the count was stopped by Jayne. ASH had the Finlay Forearm on Jayne as Doudrop hit a Michinoku Driver followed by her running Crossbody for the win.

Winners: Doudrop and Nikki ASH

Apollo Crews is walking outdoors as he reflected on how he sees who Waller really is now. He said that the first eye poke could have been accidental but the second one wasn’t. He said that Waller tried to ruin his vision but now he just sees a storm ahead. Crews said that while his vision is hazy, he’s not afraid of the unknown. He took of glasses he was wearing to reveal a bloodshot red eye…

2. JD McDonagh vs. Wes Lee

JD and Lee started off very technical as JD had Lee in a headlock. Lee was able to get away and started to throw JD via armdrags. Lee did a backflip to play into the mind of JD. JD slammed Lee by the hair and then he worked the boot to Lee in the corner. Lee quickly recovered and hit JD with a flip dive as we headed into commercial.

JD had an arm wrench on Lee as he focused on the limbs of Lee. Lee landed some punches on JD and a CQC. Lee then hit JD with a Gamengiri and quickly followed that with a hook kick, double stomp combo. JD left the ring for a small break but Lee hit JD with a tope suicida. Back in the ring, Lee hit a running Meteora and went for a pin but it was only good enough for a two. JD and Lee are going back and forth as JD kicked out of a Sunset Flip which set him up to hit Lee with a Devlin Slide for the win.

Winner: JD McDonagh

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks were back drinking coffee and having biscotti. Pretty Deadly appear and Tony asked them how much money it cost them to hire Damon Kemp. They said it cost nothing. D’Angelo was shocked. Prince said they didn’t hire Kemp at all and had no idea what he was going to do. Wilson and Prince walked away…

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett hype up next week’s 2.0 1-year anniversary. There will be a vote for for most impressive start to come out of NXT 2.0.

3. Meiko Satomura vs. Roxanne Perez

The match started off as Meiko got a wristlock on Perez which was reversed by Perez. Meiko then converts this to a headlock. Meiko then hit Perez with a back kick and flying shoulder tackle to slow the match down a bit. After a bit, Perez blocked a Juji Gatame with a pin which then Perez got a series of armdrags on Meiko. Perez then hit a huracanrana on Meiko and went for a pin for just a two-count. Perez found Meiko and rolled her up in a Jacknife pin. Meiko kicked out and put Perez in a rear naked choke hold.

Perez then hit Meiko with a shotgun dropkick and followed that up with a Suicide Lou Thesz Press. We cut to the back where Cora Jade was watching the match but she was conveniently gone from the TV area.

Meiko had Perez in a butterfly stretch. Once Perez escaped she hit Meiko with an axe handle strike and dropkick. Meiko rallied back with a thrust kick. Meiko escaped a submission attempt from Perez with a knee to Perez’s shoulder then hit her with a spinning heel kick.

Perez ad Meiko begin battling backa nd forth as they make it to the top rope. Perez hit Meiko with a Frankensteiner which was only good for a two count. Perez blocked a roundhouse kick but wasn’t able to do the same with a pele kick or a Scorpio Rising which gave Meiko the win.

Winner: Meiko Satomura

After the match btoh women shook hands and bow. Meiko left the ring and as Perez was alone, she gets hit in the back with a kendo stick from a sneak attack from Cora Jade who got chased out of the ring by Meiko. Meiko held up Perez’s hand…

Bron Breakker and Tyler Bate were warming up in the back. Bate thanks Breakker for the save earlier. Breakker said that they will kick some ass later.

A Damon Kemp promo aired where he talked about how Roderick Strong brought him into WWE. He talked baout how the Creeds became a great tag team but didn’t get thanks for helping them. He said that Roddy always put him in the background or in useless tag team matches. He said he’s a Pam American Wrestling Champion, beat up Brutus in College and made him look like a punk. He said that Julius was jealous of him because Strong liked him more. He said because of the lack of respect he decided to take down Diamond Mine from the inside. He said he left Strong bloodied in the parking lot and gave the Creeds one last chance but they ruined it so he took the chair to the back of the Creeds which signaled the end of Diamond Mine. He said it’s not Diamond Mine forever but Damon Kemp Forever.

Rip Fowler and Jagger Reed were at their merch table again handing out pins. Kiana James and her new secretary got one. Kiana threw the pin in the trash because she doesn’t give free advertisements. James ran into Ariane Grace who also had an issue with Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons. They agree to work out together.

4. Ricochet vs. Trick Williams (w/Carmelo Hayes)

Carmelo Hayes is on commentary for this match. Ricochet hit a baseball slide on Trick and followed this up with a series of chops to the chest of Trick. Trick hit a back kick to the head of Ricochet and followed it right up with a strong Irish Whip into the corner. Trick caught Ricochet in midair with a right hand slap and then slammed Ricochet face first into the announce table to get the approval from Hayes.

Trick then hit a neckbreaker on Ricochet but this got Ricochet fighting back as he hit a springboard crossbody on Trick. Ricochet then hit a flying clothesline on Trick and quickly followed that up with a recoil and a shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks are with a new cup of coffee as they run into Cameron Grimes. They attempt to recruit Grimes again but Grimes said not and throws the coffee to Stacks face instead. D’Angelo then hit Grimes with a sideslam through a table.

The Creed Brothers vs Pretty Deadly for the NXT tag team championships is announced for next week, the WWE fans will get to decide on the stipulation.

A vignette for Sol Ruca aired. She was on the beach surfing

The Creed Brothers were interviewed with Ivy Nile. Brutus was angry at Kemp over everything he said. He said Kemp can be a tough guy behind a camera but next time they see them its destruction on sight. McKenzie told the Creeds they were getting a title shot next week against Pretty Deadly and WWE fans will get to pick the stipulation. Julius said that they will beat Pretty Deadly’s bitch asses

5. Nathan Frazer vs. Axiom

This is match 1 of a Best-of-Three series.

The match started off with both men locking up but Axiom  took Nathan down with an armlock. Axiom then locked Nathan in a headlock but Nathan got out and hit a running dropkick onto Axiom. Nathan followed this up with a tope suicida as we go to commercial break.

We are back from commercial as we see Axiom land a kick to the shoulder of Frazer. Axiom then hit a tope suicida on Nathan on the outside. Back in the ring, Axiom hit a crossbody from the top rope and went for a pin but it wasn’t enough for the win.

Nathan then hits a swinging neckbreaker on Axiom and followed this up with an inverted DDT for another close pin attempt. Nathan then hits a slingblade on Axiom but Axiom then stomped on the back of Nathan. As the match went on Nathan locked Axiom in a boston crab but Axiom is able to reach the bottom rope. Axiom then hit a leaping sidekick to the face of Frazer who went for the pin and won the match to take the first match of this best of three series.

Winner: Axiom

A promo for “The Super Diva” aired. He’s driving through the streets on a moped and said there is nothing better than a boy and his scooter. He said he will bring all of this to NXT as he’s coming next week…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams about Williams’s recent loss to Ricochet. Trick said he’s still taller, stronger, and even after a loss he’s still better.

Hayes talked about Ricochet not having what Melo’s got, the North American Championship. Melo talked about how he’s going to win the best star vote.

McKenzie said Melo has a match next week and it’s to a vote. This angered Hayes and Williams.

Vic Jospeh and Wade Barrett checked in from ringside. Next week:

  •  Pretty Deadly vs. The Creed Brothers for the NXT Tag Team Championship with a vote on the stipulation
  • Tony D’Angelo and Stacks vs. Cameron Grimes and a mystery partner

6. “The Coffey Brothers” Joe and Mark Coffey (w/Wolfgang) vs. Tyler Bate and NXT Champion Bron Breakker

Bron and Joe started the match and Bron hit a clothesline on Joe. Bate then came into the match and hit a rolling Swanton off the shoulders of Bron onto Joe. Bate then went after Mark and locked in a headlock. bate with a nice dropkick onto Joe. Bron and Bate then hit stereo Suplexes on the Coffey’s along with stereo Standing Moonsaults as we get the classic Steiner barks.

Back from commercial Bate had Mark on a headlock. bate hit a tilt-a-whirl headscissor on Mark. Joe then hit a backbreaker on Bate for a nearfall. Joe then hits a suplex on Bate and locked in a bearhug. Shortly after Bate gets the hot tag to Bron.

Bron then hits two shoulder tackles on Joe, followed by a belly-to-belly suplex. Bron then hit a spinebuster on Mark. Bate came back and hit a bulldog on Mark off the shoulders of Bron and Bron hit a Spear and we finish this series and match up as Bate hit the tiger driver 97′ on Mark for the win.

JD McDonagh showed up and dumped Bron Breakker to ringside. McDonagh hit Bate with the Devil Inside. McDonagh retreated to the crowd after Breakker reentered the ring as the show closed.


NXT: September 6, 2022

NXT had some excellent in-ring action tonight. The inclusion of the NXT UK top talent has injected some great change that NXT 2.0 really needed. One year in and NXT 2.0 has some shades of Black and Gold but we are still far away. That said, if we get six fun in-ring matches and promos that develop and progress stories, NXT is fine.