It is the biggest party of the summer with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar battling it out in the main event but before that…

SummerSlam 2022  Results

Kick Off Show

As always Kayla, Rosenberg, Patrick, Booker T and of course Jerry “The King” Lawler. A recap of matches is in order after the initial banter so they of course do so.
Matt Camp is with the people, asking the crowds questions. A whole lot of hype.

First up we get the video package to promote the match between Bianca and Becky. We know the story, like the back of our hand, but in the end, I guess the review is still seen as
a necessity. Panel votes 2 to 2 for the match. Pat McAfee/Corbin is next; the panel weighs in. Panel votes 2 to 2 for this match too. Rey Mysterio and Dominick vs. The Judgment Day; panel discusses. 3 to 1 for the Mysterios, Booker T the only one going for the Judgment Day.

Miz vs. Logan Paul is next up to be previewed. Greg Miller oins the panel and replaces Rosenberg at this point. 3 to one for the Miz, Greg Miller the only one voting for Paul.

Backstage interview: Theory predicts the beginning of the Theory Era by the time the show ends, as he is at this point still planning to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

They go into discussing Theory vs. Bobby Lashley match for the US Championship. 3 to 1 for Bobby, only Booker T odd man out, voting for Theory to win this match, although he states he’s not sure Theory will cash in his MITB contract by the end of the night.

Ronda Rousey vs. Liv Morgan for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. 77% of the WWE Universe chose Liv to come out victorious, Kayla reported. Panel chose 2 to 2 to
win. Usos vs. Street Profits w/ Jeff Jarrett as special guest referee. 3 to 1 for the Street Profits, only Jerry Lawler going for the Bloodline. They take a look at how the superstars have been spending time with the fans over the weekend. Titus O’Neil is announced to the ring soon after the video package. He welcomes the audience to the event. He honors 3 local
charities; gifting each with their own custom titles as well as $20,000 is given to each of the three organizations.

Next we see the video package we’ve been seeing for weeks now that is probably Edge as most suspect. It is seen at the end that the mysterious character has written in blood: “I Am Coming To Nite.” Panel finally goes on to discuss the Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Panel goes 2 to 2 again unable to come together.
Pre-show’s over and as useful as always (note my sarcasm please).

Main Card

Bianca Belair (c) versus Becky Lynch –  Raw Women’s Championship match

Bianca gains favor early on, as is her forte. Becky shows frustration just as early. Both women look intent to deliver a clinic; perhaps even deliver a match greater than thei WrestleMania match and of course longer than last year’s 26 seconds. Becky gains favor, attacking Belair’s arm with a few moves in quick succession, gains control of the match. The match proceeds a little back and forth from this one on. Belair continues to sell the arm injury, despite continuing with multiple power moves.

End up at the barricade; once back in the ring, Becky is in control, executes a Becksploder, gets interrupted before another, Becky cradle counters but doesn’t get the pin.
Bianca is still in pain…commentators (Byron) calls attention to it.

Action back outside of the ring. Suplex from Bianca to Becky on the outside. Pin fall attempt, Becky kicks out. Becky diamond dust…goes for the pin, Bianca kicks out. Becky
tries for a Hurricanrana, Bianca essentially deadlifts her up. Becky goes for the Disarm-Her; Bianca gets to the ropes and outside. KOD on the outside. Becks almost missed the 10-
count because of this.

Becky at one point pulls Bianca off the top rope by her braid into Manhandle Slam, goes for the pin, Bianca kicks out. Goes for manhandle slam off top rope, reversal into Spanish fly, KOD, pins Becky for the win. The two women shake hands and hug in the center of the ring.

As Bianca celebrates, Bayley’s music hits, she enters to applause from the crowd. What a return; she looked great. Then Dakota Kai debuts!! Then Io Shirai!! Insane.
The three go to the ring and get in Bianca’s face. When it seems like she’ll be alone, Becky re-emerges to back up Bianca. Becky perhaps has turned face.

Winner: …and still Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair.

Logan Paul versus The Miz

Miz comes out first, accompanied by both Ciampa and Maryse. The people are behind Paul! The Miz actually runs circles around Logan at first and even plays with him a bit.
Logan returns the favor soon enough. Paul holds his own, even lands a Moonsault off the apron onto the floor. A battle of chops soon ensues, back and forth.
During the action, Ciampa interferes, giving Miz the advantage a bit. Logan delivers a Blockbuster, gains favor for a bit. Running Powerslam, calling to mind the Bulldog.
Logan even gets Miz in the Figure Four. It’s clear Logan applied himself; he’s popping out moves left and right, and pretty good ones at that.

Ciampa tries to interfere, is ejected from ringside. Refuses to leave; A.J Styles music hits; attacks Ciampa from behind. They go at it in the crowd. After the distraction Logan hits a Phenomenal Forearm on the Miz. Miz kicks out after he pins him though.

Logan Paul unbelievably delivered a Frog Splash from the top rope and onto the announce desk! Maryse tries to cause a distraction, does, but Logan ducks when Miz tries to capitalize, Logan hits the Miz’s move Skull Crushing Finale, pins Miz for the win. Haters gonna hate, but you can’t hate on Logan Paul, the reality star delivered, folks. A very good

Winner: Logan Paul

A package on Brock Lesnar’s career is shown. After a commercial—a ridiculous one at that for pure life water by Maximum Male Models, a video package is shown on Roman Reigns.

Bobby Lashley (c) versus Theory – WWE Unites States Championship Match

Lashley unleashed. Courtesy: WWE.

Even before the bell rings, Theory hits Bobby Lashly with the MITB briefcase. Bell rings. The action isn’t really one-sided as would have been expected. Theory gets his shots in,
despite trying to leave at one point and being stopped by Bobby. They even trade blows soon after. Theory holds his own against the mammoth Bobby. Bobby gains favor sets him up for the Spear, Theory avoids it. Eventually, Bobby locks in the Hurt Lock and well, as Porky Pig said: “That’s all folks”. Bobby retains.

Winner: …and still WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley

The Judgment Day vs. The Mysterios – NO DQ Tag Match

Edge is back. Courtesy: WWE.

Action starts out with loads of energy. What else would you expect with the Mysterios? But the action is equally back and forth for a bit, the Judgment Day very reminiscent of the Acolytes, very aggressive, powerful. Domnik gets in trouble in the middle of the ring with Priest, the two Judgment Day members have a little fun beating up on Dom. The jr jr Mysterio turns it around gets to Rey for the tag, Rey has his way with the Judgment Day for a spell. Rey even gets a hold of a chair. Does some damage.

Balor tags in and interrupts the 619 he set up at one point. A few false set-ups along the way from this point. Double 619 is set up, ruined by Rhea Ripley at ringside. The match is suddenly interrupted by the returning Edge. He has returned in the incarnation he once inhabited as the Brood…same entrance music. He destroys the Judgment Day, exacting his revenge and helps the Mysterios get the win. Double 619 and Rey gets the pin on Balor.

Winners: The Mysterios

Pat McAfee versus Happy Corbin

Corbin goes for a ride. Courtesy: WWE.

One heck of a passionate entrance for McAfee: a choir singing him in, even a creepy as all hell guy dressed in a Joker getup hissing at Corbin as he walked in. Trash talk starts the festivities; McAffee interrupts with a Superkick from nowhere. McAfee does well for a bit, Corbin gains the advantage soon enough, bullies McAfee around a bit, slow pace of course, dominating. Corbin even gets into it with an irate Michael Cole at ringside during the festivities. Action progresses, McAfee goes to the top rope. Charles Robinson goes down, after McAfee avoids the End of Days from Corbin. McAfee hits the Low Blow, goes off the top rope, executes some sort of roll-up and McAfee pins Corbin.

After a high five with Cole, McAfee has a beer with a fan at ringside.

Winner: Pat McAfee

Drew McIntyre gets announced to the ring, grabs a microphone to address the Nashville crowd. He cuts a good promo essentially stating that he’s pumped to face whoever wins the match later on. The crowd’s into it even a boy ringside that Drew addresses. Fans chant the boy’s name: “Colt”.

The Usos (c) Versus The Street Profits – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos displaying some twin magic. Courtesy: WWE.

A few of the Titan’s cheerleaders saw the Profits to the ring. Jeff Jarrett shows early on he’s going to be fair, or so it looks at the start. The match starts slowly enough but picks up momentum. For quite a while it’s a back and forth and even, near falls, spectacular moves. At one point a double Splash from the Usos to the Profits almost results in a pin, but Ford breaks it up just in time. The momentum is fast paced after this point on, the men putting on a clinic as Michael Cole said during the play by play, and all of a sudden out of nowhere the momentum shifts and Angelo Dawkins loses control of the match and is annihilated by the Usos. They deliver him a Superkick and the1-D and it’s over. Just like that. Talk about a momentum killer.

Winners: …and still WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, The Usos.

Riddle shows up surprisingly, calls out Seth Rollins, they go at it, officials are trying to keep them apart. Seth Rollins stomps Riddle, the same thing that supposedly caused their match to be canceled in the first place. This is creative’s way of building the story between them their match slated to go down at some point in the future. This segment plants the
seeds for that a bit better.

Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Liv works over Rousey. Courtesy: WWE.

A very clumsy start to the match. Progresses that way for a while. The stupidest ending to the match. First off it’s ridiculous Morgan broke free of the arm bar twice by getting to the
ropes and the third time it’s applied she ends up pinning Ronda. What a perfect way to ruin Ronda’s reputation and do nothing to establish favor for Liv amongst technical
wrestling fans. Very terrible finish. Even the narrative by Cole and Graves, they’re breaking down Liv. Ronda dominated the match, they even say so. All the while Ronda snaps and attacks both Liv and the referee. Horrible creative on this. No idea. It seems like Vince is still sneaking ideas in via a courier. Our babyface champ is on the floor crying as Ronda parades around the ring in anger, dominant as she was in the entirety of the match, not a scratch on her not at all blown up and ready for 20 more opponents, including the awaiting Brock Lesnar back there. At the close of that Liv Morgan looks ridiculous. Is that how you build the new face of a division? Corey Graves: “Well, Liv better thank her lucky stars tonight.”

Winner: …and still SmackDown Women’s Champion, Liv Morgan

Kane announces attendance 48,449, yes and he does his fire trick for old time’s sake as Michael Cole said.

Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar – Last Man Standing, Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match

It marked 20 years since Brock Lesnar beat The Rock, Roman’s cousin at SummerSlam 2002. He won the WWE championship for the first time back then. Michael Cole
mentions this as Brock enters after Roman’s typical acknowledgement demands. Brock then drives a tractor to the ring. During the announcements, Brock interrupts by jumping off the tractor onto Roman. Let the festivities begin. Fight gets into the crowd. Pretty physical from the get-go, Roman taking quite the beating. 2 minutes in Lesnar has already delivered a few Suplexes. Samoan drop to Lesnar through table. Brock goes through a few tables.

Pace picks up; more than any other match the two have had. Aggressive, lots of tables, foreign weapons, like ends of tables, etc. Brock even loads the front loader of the tractor with Roman and drops him into the ring. They each have turns facing the ten count and they both always make the ten count at intervals throughout the match. Very entertaining. Brock reverses the guillotine; Roman passes out, stirs at 9 and is up miraculously. Brock Lesnar lifts the ring with the tractor. At this moment I wondered briefly if I had fallen asleep, but yeah, I was awake as this was happening. Roman falls out of the now tilted ring. But of course he survives this and after that onslaught, he delivers blow after blow to Lesnar soon after. Lesnar keeps getting up

Theory does show up but before he can cash in Brock F5s him. Brock finally succumbs to Roman’s onslaught aided by the Usos. They pile the rubble at ringside atop him and he
cannot answer the ten count. Roma retains for what is the longest most boring championship reigns in history. The match was eventful but the ending as always was

Winner: …and still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns