Canadian wrestler Michael Elgin has fired back at critics, the wrestling media for their latest reports about him. Over the weekend was the first to report that he had been arrested in Japan for theft of protein powder, was facing five years in prison and could be barred from returning to Japan.

Elgin issued a statement on social media denying those accusations.

“I’ve been asked to keep details minimum but I must clear some things up. I’m sure someone will send this to Twitter, which is great. Because that platform will refuse to listen to reason. So here it is. First, I was not charged with anything. I DID not steal f——g protein,” he wrote.

Elgin says that when he travels to Japan he packs his own supplements and gear.

“If I were to run out of protein, NOAH had protein in the dojo for use after our workouts. So here it is -NO I did not steal protein or anything of that sort,” he continued.

Elgin states that he was not deported or banned from Japan.

“Now, I was indeed questioned about an issue. This did make me unable to let NOAH know I could not appear on 7/9 and 7/10 events. The policy in japan is they take everything and do not let you contact anyone unless asking for a lawyer. You do not get a phone call, you do not get any of your belongings,” he said about being detained for questioning.

Elgin blames that questioning for him missing two NOAH shows.

“NOAH officials talked with me, I myself and the police officer explained the reason I was questioned, as well as the fact that I did nothing wrong. But the damage of missing shows was already done,” he stated. “I do not hold this against NOAH, I do not hold this against the police of Japan but the system of these matters for sure needs some work. If I had of committed any crime, I would of been detained at minimum 10 days, and as long as 30 if there was any merit to investigate.”

“So no, I did not steal protein, I did not steal anything. I was not deported and I was not banned from Japan,” he concluded.

Over the last few years, the Canadian star originally from Oshawa, Ontario, was fired from Impact Wrestling due to harassment allegations there and was arrested for violating a protection order.

Elgin published a YouTube video denying the allegations.