TMZ has obtained and posted video of Jeff Hardy’s arrest on charges of DUI Alcohol/Drugs, driving with a suspended license and violation restrictions placed on his driver’s license.

In the video, one Florida police officer can be seen approaching the car, stopping and pulling out his gun when Hardy does not comply with an instruction, an order. Another officer follows suit on the other side of Hardy’s Dodge Charger. The officers back away from the car when Hardy begins to drive forward. Shortly thereafter, a third officer arrives on the scene. The guns are put away when Hardy finally kills the engine, turns off the car and steps out of it, staggering and weaving as he walks.

A police radio can be heard in the background with a dispatcher stating that there were multiple 9-1-1 calls and alerts about Hardy’s erratic driving.

Hardy sits on the ground between the two vehicles as an officer explains they have received three or four  9-1-1 calls about Hardy’s driving.

“Do you know why we might have gotten some calls?” asks the officer explaining to Hardy that he was “all over the road” and “running off the road”.

A mumbling Hardy says to the officer that he has an MRI appointment coming up to scan his brain. The officer tells Hardy he smells alcohol on his breath. Hardy admits to having two or three double shots of Fireball whiskey that day.

Hardy has bonded out of jail, custody. This is his third DUI offense in three years.

Tony Khan himself has released a statement concerning the incident.

“We were able to resume contact with Jeff Hardy this afternoon. AEW does not condone Jeff’s alleged behavior. We made it clear to Jeff that we will assist him in getting treatment for substance abuse issues, which he has indicated he is open to receiving. In the interim, he is suspended without pay and he can only return to AEW upon successfully completing and maintaining his sobriety.”

Last year, Hardy was pulled off a WWE tour and eventually fired by them after they offered to send him to rehab as well.

Matt Hardy posted a tweet expressing concern and disappointment.


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