Multiple titles are up for grabs, and the National Wrestling Alliance is here to prove that they are Alwayz Ready for their pay-per-view on FITE.TV.  The big one is the escalating feud with Matt Cardona putting up the Ten Pounds of Gold.  But will it be a steel cage match, or a death match.  Also, what condition is Matt Cardona in?  So many questions abound, and we’ll have to see how the rest of the card shapes up.

We go to the Pre-Show, at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, TN.  Joe Galli and Tim Storm start out on commentary.

May Valentine is with BLK Jeez, and he announced he’ll be in Tyrus’ corner, as Austin Idol will be managing “his son” Cyon.  So, I guess that’s a thing.

Now we get the first match of the pre-show…

“Magic” Jake Dumas (with CJ) vs Rodney Mack

So, Christi Jaynes is now billed as Dumas’ “assistant.”  Huh.  Okay, then.  But the Redd Dogg just takes Dumas to the Dogg pound, and CJ and Dumas are not on the same page…at all.  Dumas pulls a playing card, slices Mack’s eyes and get a flatliner for a two count.  Dumas calls for the steel chair, and CJ sits on it.  Dumbfounded, Dumas backs up to Mack who chokes him out.  CJ is just oblivious, as Dumas is wondering why he picked her as a magic assistant.

Your Winner via Submission:  Rodney Mack

We go back to May Valentine, and she is backstage with Chelsea Green.  She asks for an update on her husband Matt Cardona, but Green avoids it and says he’s ready.  But she wants the Women’s title, but she’ll give Kamille her due for now.

“Hatchet” Sam Shaw is in the ring for the first time since NWA 70.  Kyle Davis asks questions of the former Dexter Lumis, and he gives a creeper stare for the ages.  Rush Freeman comes out to “interrupt” the segment, and now Sal Rinauro gets in his grill, but Shaw and Freeman…eh, let’s be generous and say team up.  They shake hands and Shaw slams Freeman, and gets The Silence submission.  Rinauro come back, and Shaw gives more of the same, until Gaagz the Gymp gets in, but Shaw stares him down and the Gymp thinks better of it, all while dragging Rinauro’s carcass out of the ring.

May Valentine is with “Wrecking Ball” Legursky, and he says his tag partner is out hurt with “elephantitis of the groins”, and won’t be in the triple threat match.  Which is a shame because Fixers rule.

Austin Idol joins commentary, and the eye roll by Storm says it all, so let’s get to the tag match….

The Mortons (Ricky and Kerry Morton) vs. the Country Gentlemen (AJ Cazana and “Adorable” Adrian Andrews, with Joe Cazana)

This is the first time Joe Cazana has been ringside in a long time, escorting his son.  Galli notes that the Cazanas have been an integral part of the Tennessee wrestling scene.  All of a sudden, Danny Dealz comes out with Jeremiah Plunkett and Alex Taylor, and we now have a triple threat match after all.  This had tons of action, but the big takeaways are The Ill-Begotten have more tag chemistry but the Country Gentlemen have an “it factor” that plays well with their history for the Knoxville crowd.  Kerry spends the most time in the ring as the babyface in peril.  But a hot tag to papa Ricky and they clean house.  Kerry gets a running knee to Taylor, and The Mortons land a double dropkick to Plunkett for the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  The Mortons

Now we get the show.  Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call, and this is the First Match of the Night…

Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch

This is still being billed as Stevens’ Swan Song, so he’s going out of wrestling, if you can believe that.  Murdoch comes out to different intro music that’s more hard rock, and a black duster without sleeves.  The match is mostly technical early on, but Murdoch shuts down with a boot to Stevens face.  Stevens tries to leap, but the laces of his boot are caught on the top turnbuckle and Murdoch takes advantage.  He gets a Russian leg sweep by Stevens and elbows for a two count.  But Murdoch gets a pop up powerbomb and a flying bulldog to earn the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Trevor Murdoch

Fans chant “Thank You, Aron”. As Stevens looks on, he asks for a mic and responds “You’re Welcome.”  If that was it for Stevens, well…it was a classy way of going out.

Now for Tag Team action and it’s for the…

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship:  The Hex (Allysin Kay and Marti Belle) (c) vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige)

The Hex able to isolate and double team Paige, and once Envy is in she gets the same treatment with a senton/punt kick combo by Kay and Belle.  Kay climbs up top, but Envy sneaks behind and gets a powerbomb for a two count.  Envy and Paige take turns stomping a mudhole into Kay, and they attempt a double suplex but Kay is too strong, but Paige side kicks Kay to cover for a two count.  The Pretty Empowered team try again for the double suplex, but Kay reverses move and gets the hot tag to Belle, and Paige gets a Saito Suplex and a facebuster for her trouble.  Belle covers for a two count.  Now Kay and Belle attempt Hex Marks the Spot, but get a one count.  Paige stiff arms Belle, and Envy grabs the belt, but the ref sees it and takes it away.  She then uses distraction to low blow Belle and hits neckbreaker for the win.

Your Winners, and New NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions:  Pretty Empowered

Despite how they won, it was a nice twist, and Paige is overcome with emotion at the win.

Now for the next title match, and it’s for the…

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship:  Homicide (c) vs. PJ Hawx

The match is a tale is of veteran savvy by Homicide versus the youthful technical skills of Hawx.  Hawx goes for quick pins, but Homicide manages to counter at every turn.  A Boot to the back and Homicide slams him hard on mat for a two count.  Hawx attempts with a deadlift suplex, but Homicide turns it to DDT for a two count.  Homicide gets Hawx in an STF, but he escapes to clinch a leg grapevine and Homicide reaches the ropes.  Homicide stun guns Hawx in ropes and covers, but the kid kicks out at two

.Homicide gets in a figure four with an underhook for a painful submission, but Hawx manages to wriggle out.  Hawx launches Homicide with a belly to belly suplex that catches the top of his head for a two count.  Hawx pushes off Homicide and gets a deadlift suplex for a one count, and the younger Hawx is showing frustration.  He goes up top for a superplex, and Homicide pushes him off.  Hawx leaps back up and hits it for a cover, and it’s just a two count.  Homicide nails a snap Koji cutter but Hawx kicks out.  Now the champ gets the Cop Killa finisher and gets the three count.

Your Winner and Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Homicide

After the match Homicide gives props to Hawx, but The Fixers come out to assault both men.  Obviously, Bradley’s “elephantitis” cleared up.  Now Luke Hawx comes out to defend his son and he gets squashed as a result.  Ricky and Kerry Morton get in the ring and clear The Fixers.  But Colby Corino comes out with a ref in tow, and he is  cashing in his Champion Series shot, so why not have  another title match for the…

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship:  Homicide (c) vs. Colby Corino

Corino is fresh and gets Homicide on a slam to ring apron and a tope suicida.  They brawl to the outside and up to the stage entrance, and Corino goes for a piledriver, but Homicide reverses to a back drop and Corino bounces off the stage.  Back in the ring, Homicide covers for a two count.  Homicide signals for the Three Amigos suplexes, but Corino reverses and gets two neckbreakers to cover for a two count.  Homicide nails the Cop Killa on Corino’s head and neck that looks nasty, and gets a two count.  Corino is out, and as Homicide tries to pick up his lifeless form, The Last Bastion is playing possum and gets a Superkick and covers for a two count.  Homicide folds him up for the pin, and finally ends it.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Homicide

May Valentine is backstage with a pissed off Jennacide.  She wanted to be in competition tonight but Markova stole her spot.  She says that along with it being Hot Girl Summer, its hunting season and will hunt down Markova and then will hunt down a title.

Now for more hot girl summer action, here’s…

Taya Valkyrie vs. Natalia Markova (with Taryn Terrell)

The match feels…I dunno, disjointed in spots, and it’s not from La Wera Loca.  Markova tries to bring the action to Valkyrie, but the former AAA Reina de Las Reinas is firmly in the driver’s seat.  At one point, Markova chokes her with feet and follows by spanking her, but Valkyrie returns the receipt.  Markova goes for the Beautiful Disaster misses but she follows up with a Jazz Stinger for a two count.  Terrell distracts Valkyrie, and as she goes after the irritant outside the ring Markova nails with a baseball slide.  Terrell and Markova celebrate early and Valkyrie pulls her leg to a splits and slams Markova to the floor.  Valkyrie curb stomps Markova, and then follows with a hip attack in the corner and a Meteora finds its target.  Valkyrie delivers with the Road to Valhalla finisher, and Terrell distracts the ref.  Valkyrie wants her out, and Markova with the Beautiful Disaster kick and she gets the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Natalia Markova.

Huh.  Terrell was useful after all.  Go figure.

Are you ready for another title match?  That was rhetorical as the next matchup is for the…

NWA National Championship: Jax Dane (c) vs. Chris Adonis

Yeah this match is going to the land of the big uglies.  Fans at ringside are chanting for Masterpiece, and both men start out with tests of strength, but Dane uses dirty tricks early on, but cannot stop Adonis momentum.  At one point Dane celebrates early, but Adonis goes for the Masterlock and he ducks out.

Dane throws in a steel chair, and Adonis wants The Masterlock Challenge.  Dane obliges as ref gets chair out of the way as Adonis has the hold clinched in but Dane mule kicks his…err, little Adonis’s and the champ in control and locks in Adonis’ Masterlock, and he’s fading fast…but Adonis manages to reach down and break the hold.  Adonis gets a Sky High but only a two count for his trouble. Adonis attempts the Masterlock again on Dane, and he gets sent to the ropes, but still locks on the hold until Dane backs up and slams his back to the steel ring post.  Dane signals the Dane Event clothesline, but Adonis ducks and gets the Masterlock, but his hand is hurt and can’t close it, and now the Dane Event clothesline knocks him down finally for the pin.

Your Winner, and Still NWA National Champion:  Jax Dane

May Valentine is backstage with Aaron Stevens on what he is going through.  Stevens gives it straight, saying he’s been doing this since sixteen, but has never come close to the championship, but is ready to be done.  We don’t get what we want, but get what we need.  Now he and Valentine will take that trip to Brazil together.  Not sure if it’s a work or a shoot, but I am intrigued either way.

But there’s no time to process, as it’s now time for…

Cyon (with Austin Idol) vs. Thom Latimer

This match felt like it was thrown together at the last minute, but it was very intense between both men, but the gist is that Cyon has taken a dark turn since allying with The Universal Heartthrob, and it shows in the match.  But Latimer is no slouch, and is able to overcome Cyon’s offense.  The ends comes with Latimer delivering a pop-up powerbomb to cover for the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Thom Latimer.

As the King of All Evil celebrates his win, Idol is in the ring asking Cyon what went wrong.

But there still more action as the next match is for the…

NWA World Television Championship:  Tyrus (c) (with BLK Jeez) vs. Big Strong Mims

Mims elbow is heavily taped up from getting injured at PowerrrTrip 2.  Tyrus takes his time entering, and then as bell rings, Mims tackles him right away in corner.   Mims is firmly in the driver’s seat, but Tyrus sends him crashing hard.  Mims gets fired up, but Tyrus starts to overpower.  Mims goes for his Big Strong Slam, but Tyrus grabs the ropes and gets out of the ring

Mims gives chase and rushes at Tyrus but he side steps and Mims’ bad arm catches the steel ring post.  Tyrus just works over Mims, and gets a running splash in the corner.  A Body slam and elbow drop by Tyrus gets a lackadaisical two count.  Tyrus chokes Mims with the wrapping on his arm that is coming undone. Mims slams Tyrus and adds a big splash that gets a close two count.   Jeez gets up top to distract the ref.  As Mims goes over, Tyrus rushes but knocks Jeez down in the process.  Mims gets a shoulder tackle, but Mims is hurting.  It’s hard to tell but his arm is dangling at an odd angle that suggest it was a legit injury.  The ref checks on Mims, as Tyrus smiles at his misfortune.  Mims fights on, and Tyrus yanks hard on the bad arm.  Tyrus ends it with a heart punch, and the match ends.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Television Champion:  Tyrus

After the match Jeez helps up Mims, and Tyrus shakes his hand in show of respect…and clotheslines him back down.  Douche.

Also, that’s his seventh title defense, so he is guaranteed a shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold at any time.  Wonder how that gets played down the road.

There’s three more title matches to go, and if you’re feeling worn out, then you know how the Knoxville crowd is feeling.  But let’s press on with the…

NWA World Tag Team Championship:  La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf) (c) vs. The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams and Harry Smith)

The tag champs came in with TNT tag belts won in Liverpool, UK, as if to get in the Connection’s heads, but Galli points out Williams and Smith hold a win over La Rebelion during the Crockett Cup tournament, so tonight it’s put up or shut up time.

Wolf and Williams start off, and both men are evenly matched.  Then a tag to Bestia and Smith, but the son of the British Bulldog can overpower the Tijuana Gremlin, but it isn’t long before lucha double team takes hold.  Smith gets a Saito suplex and a tags in Williams.  Now the Connection set up and Smith gets a very delayed (by a count of thirty seconds) suplex to Bestia to cover for a two count.  Smith follows with a butterfly suplex, staring daggers at Wolf, sending Bestia to their corner.  Williams tags in, and The Ambassador baits Wolf, and gets an overhead suplex, while trapping Bestia’s leg to wrench his ligaments.   Smith sets up Bestia in the corner, but he fights out and gets a tornado DDT.  Bestia with a hot tag, and Mecha is a Wolf En Fuego.

He and Bestia get Williams in an electric chair/Blockbuster combo to cover for a two count.   Williams’ nose is busted open, but gets Smith in for a power slam, and sends Williams for an assisted senton that gets a two count.  La Rebelión gets a (botched) Mark of the Beast but Smith breaks the pin.  They go for Total Rebelion (muscle buster to a 450 splash) and it’s one, two…Williams kicks out.  The bodies are flying and hitting the floor, and now the fans are waking up chanting “This is awesome!”  Smith with a powerbomb to Bestia and Williams attempts to try Chaos Theory, but Bestia rolls up for a two count.   Williams nails with a scary superplex that gets Bestia landing hard on his neck, and Smith with a diving head butt for the one, two, and three.

Your Winners, And New NWA World Tag Team Champions:  The Commonwealth Connection

May Valentine is backstage with KiLynn King on how she feels before her title match.  King talks about grinding every day for these types of opportunities.  She doesn’t think Kamille is taking this match seriously.  King, however, is not taking it lightly, and is focused on this match and winning The Burke.

Bully Ray joins Galli and Storm at commentary, as both women have been trained by him at Team 3D Academy.  But we should get ready for the……

NWA World Women’s Championship:  Kamille (c) vs. KiLynn King

After Kyle Davis delivers with the boxing-style intros, Kamille offers with a handshake.  King is suspicious but accepts, and it’s friendly until Kamille rams her shoulder hard at the challenger, but King ain’t backing down either.  Then we get a test of strength and King is standing tall against The Brick house.  Anything Kamille can do, King has an answer.  Kamille nails with a fallaway slam, and King gets right back up, and the champ is stunned.  King manages with a delayed ten count suplex before dumping her down to cover for a two count.  King hits the ropes and Kamille fires back with a devastating clothesline.   Kamille is back in control with a gutwrench suplex for a two count.  King hits her in breadbasket, and runs the ropes but Kamille lands a spinning leg lariat for a one count.  Now, Kamille gets the Mafia Kick and gets another two count on King.

Kamille goes to the outside, and wraps King’s arm on the ring post.  Kamille goes back on the attack, and King returns the receipt by pulling her arm hard into the post.  King goes for a basement dropkick to the outside, and goes stalking her. Kamille slams King’s head on the steel steps and sends her back in the ring.  She covers King and gets a two count.  Kamille sends her hard into the corner, but King goes up for a missile dropkick.  King lights up the champ with chops and she is now finding her second wind.  She gets a snap German suplex on Kamille for a two count.  She get the champ in an airplane spin, and then King nails with a roundhouse kick that gets another two count.  King goes up top, but Kamille sends her crashing down to a Tree of Woe and picks her up in a Torture Rack then a slam for a two count.

Now the match kicks into high gear as King manages a desperation suplex, countering Kamille’s spear.  King covers for the one, two…no such luck.   Kamille gets a slam, but only a two count, and she’s starting to get frustrated.  King lands with a facebuster and goes up top for a frog splash.  King covers again, but it’s another close two count.  Kamille finally gets he spear and she finally puts away the challenger King who took her to the limit.

Your Winner, And Still NWA Women’s Champion:  Kamille

Bully Ray steps away from commentary and congratulates both women for their effort.  After she gets The Burke on her shoulder, Kamille gives a sincere handshake of respect to King, who reciprocates.  As she continues the celebration, Max the Impaler gets in and she wants the title.  Over half a dozen security try to keep Max at bay, as Kamille looks on holding the title high aloft.

Dr. Tom Pritchard comes out from the back.  He congratulates his former student Kenzie Paige on her title win, as she came in through his school with JPWA.  He thanks the NWA for bringing back professional wrestling.

And now we get the Main Event, and it’s for…

Wait, hold up.  Cardona is in street clothes and his arm is in a sling.  As he walks to the ring, with Mike Knox, VSK, and Chelsea Green in tow, Cardona gets on the mic, and he confirms that unfortunately he cannot compete.  He’s proud of his group, and proud of the Ten Pounds of Gold.  He was supposed to defend against Aldis on his show.  Cardona notes that he and Aldis are both alike in that they need the championship.  They’re not gonna find out tonight who is the better man, as he tore his bicep from his arm.  He got surgery recently and was told he’d be out 3-5 months.  But he’s the champ and he calls the shots.

Well, that brings out the NWA head honcho, William Patrick Corgan, and gets in the ring to straighten out Cardona.  It’s hard to tell but the tone and gestures suggest Corgan is saying he runs company, not Cardona.  He’s asking for the belt, and Cardona can’t do it.

Now the National Treasure in the ring with a mic, and Aldis has an injury as well: it’s his back, from carrying the company for the last five years.  He calls Cardona an “ex-WWE guy parasite” that slid in to the promotion and conned his way to the top spot.  The belt belongs to the NWA.  Aldis tells Cardona to nurse that arm so he can jerk off to his tweets, and asks for someone in back to wrestle with him since he wants to send the fans home happy.  Murdoch comes out with a thousand yard stare, and he tells Corgan he’s cashing in his rematch clause.  Cardona still clings to belt and Corgan tries to get a handle on things.

Now Latimer and Kamille come out, and Kamille wants her man to get a shot.  Latimer take the mic and sends Kamille out so he can speak for himself.  He says to Corgan’s face he is main eventer, and he will be that in corner to get ready to challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Now Sam Shaw comes out, and Latimer asks if he has something to say.  Shaw responds with just three words, “I want in.”  Cardona finally relinquishes the belt to Corgan and is distraught, but puts his trust in the NWA Owner to make the right decision.

That decision Corgan makes for the Main Event is a…

Fatal Four-way for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship:  Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch vs. Thom Latimer vs. “Hatchet” Sam Shaw

As the bell rings, the match goes all over the ring and spills out into the crowd.  The fans chant, “This is Awesome!”, as all four men are brawling throughout the Knoxville Convention Center.  All bets are off on who’s winning the Ten Pounds of Gold, as Latimer and Murdoch still fight outside, and Shaw and Aldis are in the ring.   Now Latimer enters the ring in and picks up his feud with Aldis again. Shaw and Latimer team up on Aldis, and Murdoch gets in the action.  Murdoch goes for a pin, and they drag him off Aldis.

Latimer and Aldis team up on Shaw and before we get a Strictly Business reunion, they go back to work beating on each other.  Murdoch slams Shaw, and goes for flying bulldog, but Shaw cuts him off.  He goes for a superplex and gets shoved off.  He fights off Aldis and Latimer, and then Murdoch gets up the top turnbuckle and lands a crossbody splash to the floor.  Murdoch pulls up lame as he landed awkwardly on his knee.  Aldis is in the ring and Latimer nails a spear to cover and Shaw pulls the ref out before he can make the count. Shaw goes under the ring to Latimer’s dismay, and Latimer and Aldis battle on the top turnbuckle, and Murdoch comes up from behind and we get a Tower of Pain.  Murdoch covers Aldis slowly for a two count.  He goes to cover Latimer and it’s the same deal.  Shaw crawls back from under the ring, and has the momentum now, slamming Aldis and Latimer.  Shaw goes up top with a leg drop that misses the mark.  Murdoch comes back with a pop up powerbomb and gets a two count.

Latimer launches and catches Murdoch with a moonsault to cover, and Aldis breaks count.  Now Aldis gets the Figure Four (woo!) to Murdoch to further injure his bad knee, \but Latimer and Shaw fly down from up top to break the submission.  There’s a bunch on near falls, and Murdoch goes up top for a flying bulldog, but his boot gets caught on turnbuckle, and he turns it awkwardly on the way down.  Now Shaw has The Silence submission on Latimer, but Aldis lands with an elbow drop.  He follows with a tombstone Piledriver to Shaw but Murdoch breaks the pin cover.  Aldis goes for the Kingslayer on Murdoch, but Latimer kicks him to stop the submission.  Aldis sends Latimer and Shaw out, and Murdoch is perched on top for the flying bulldog on Aldis.  He covers for one, two, and three.

Your Winner, and New NWA World Heavyweight Champion:  Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch gets on the mic, and said he was gonna do what he set out to do:  Work for it.  He also tells the Knoxville crowd that it don’t matter who they are, just keep on working towards your goal.    Corgan shakes his hand, and then Bully Ray extends his hand to the new champ as show ends.


Final Thoughts:

While it is a shame Matt Cardona is out, the NWA made do and deliver a title match that showcase Latimer and Shaw as worthy contenders alongside Aldis and Murdoch, who is now a tow-time holder of the Ten Pounds of Gold.  Kamille and King also had an outstanding match, and hopefully this isn’t the last time we see King in the NWA.

While some matches could have been cut from the PPV, this was one of the better shows the NWA has brought to fans.  Now we get ready for the TV tapings and preparing for NWA 74.  So see you all next Tuesday!