Impact returns with what is expected to be a hard-hitting show tonight. Here are our predictions.

Name Prediction Winner
Bob Kapur Given the competitors, this should be a really fast-paced match, reminiscent of the X-Division matches from years gone by. I think that Mad Man Fulton tries to help out his buddy Austin, but gets neutralized, and in the confusion, Bailey ends up pinning Austin to win the title. That sets up a good story/feud between Bailey and Trey, which should be off the charts good. “Speedball” Mike Bailey


Bob Kapur At first blush, it would seem that the ongoing storyline about Kaleb’s divided loyalties would be ending, now that he’s no longer with the company. But I could see someone else coming in and taking his spot (paging John E. Bravo) to fill that comedy void. Meaning this lengthy feud will continue. The way to do that is to have the champs win via screwjob. The Influence


Name Prediction Winner
Bob Kapur After Moose stole Josh’s title – and the happy ending to Josh’s world title quest – and after all the subsequent shenanigans involving Josh’s family, the only right ending for this one would be for Josh to deliver Moose his comeuppance and take back the title. And I think that’s what is going to happen. Josh Alexander


Bob Kapur On paper, this one would have been more interesting before the recent announcement that AEW owner Tony Khan purchased ROH and signed Gresham. Now, though, it seems unlikely that they will allow Impact – with whom their broader working relationship seems to be over – to hold the ROH gold (I expect Deonna Purrazzo will lose her ROH Women’s Championship pretty soon, too). So this one will be a fun match, but the ending seems predictable. Jonathan Gresham


Name Prediction Winner
Bob Kapur Anyone who reads my Impact recaps knows how little I care about  most Japanese wrestlers no matter how “legendary” they may be. I also don’t like how Impact (and AEW) bring in these “legends” without any explanation as to who they are or why we should care that they are there. Catering to the hardcore audiences is fine, but it’s not going to move the needle, so why bother? Which is to say this is my bathroom break. Who cares? 


Bob Kapur At this point, Rosemary is kind of like Impact’s version of Natalya in WWE – you can put her in a match with anyone and it will be good, but for whatever reason, she’s not perceived as a champion. In Rosemary’s case, that may be because of her gimmick. I think that this match may mark the beginning of a change, and she may end up as champion in the near future. But, as I’m calling for title changes in a few other matches, I don’t think they’ll do that many in one night. She’s the odd one out. Tasha Steelz


Bob Kapur As a huge fan of both of these ladies, this is somewhat of a dream match for me. I think both of these women are in the top 5 in the world today, and hopefully the match gets the time it needs to let them prove it. After being criminally underused in WWE, Taya should get a big win, and no better way to do it than claim the gold here. Taya Valkyrie


Bob Kapur I’m not a huge fan of the insertion of Jay White into this mix. I like the storyline they’d been having with Maclin taking on all the Impact guys with which he has a beef for not trusting him during the feud with Honor No More. Blurring the lines by adding in the Bullet Club is unnecessary, in my view. Particularly because they tend to drag things down with silly antics, like White’s incessant use of low blow punches to end matches. I would like to see Maclin win, just because I think he should be moved up the card. But I fear the worst will happen, and White will eke out a win and make the Impact guys look dumb in the process.   Jay White


Bob Kapur This should be a fun match, and I’m hoping Impact opens up their wallets and the “Forbidden Door” to get some surprises into this one. I assume that the Guerillas of Destiny will be there, and they could be favourites to win. But with the news that the Briscoe Brothers will be at the next set of tapings, my hope is they come in as a surprise entry and win the whole thing. Dem Boys in Impact? Yes, please. The Briscoe Brothers