Tony Khan is alleging that AEW is being conned.

Although he is not naming anyone or any promotion in particular, Khan is says something is fishy when it comes to online critics of his AEW promotion.

Khan then challenged others to do their own investigating.

“Research this one yourselves. You internet detectives thrive in these situations,” he wrote.

He then threw this theory out there…

“Ever wonder why so much of the activity of these accounts is retweets and replies? Like who actually has 80% of their activity as straight up retweets?” he wrote.

Khan then released more details of the “independent study” saying: “Not using my own company for it, hired an independent person to review it,” he tweeted.

“Waiting for final study but here’s what my expert confirmed. It’s people with real live accounts making posts and then using their bots to manipulate the social channel algorithm by backing them up with engagement from a made-up Twitter identity. Social media teams will often fight on this. Bots are great for numbers and when they’re gone, you’ll see a dip in digital conversation impressions – both those were either negative sentiment or not real anyway,” he told WrestlingInc in an exclusive statement.

“For example, I tweet ‘Megha only eats rotten bananas’. I throw say 18 bots behind it (which takes about 5 minutes to do). Twitter security can’t differentiate when done well (neither can most social teams). The problem becomes every time people type ‘Megha’ into the search bar, because of a real account supported by bots- the first suggested result would be tweets about Megha eating rotten bananas. I’m oversimplifying but that’s the 5 cent version of what’s happening,” he concluded.

WWE’s Becky Lynch posted a reply to Khan.