It’s time to step Into the Fire, and it is getting hotter in the National Wrestling Alliance, as Tim Storm tries to get back in the title picture, facing the NWA Champion Matt Cardona.  Also, can Cyon answer Tyrus’ slam challenge to finally get a chance for the NWA Television title?  With that and a lot more action, we best turn to NWA Powerrr to get into the action.

A cold open recaps the main event match, with Cardona sending Tim Storm into the ring to face Nick Aldis (which honestly, you should read here to catch up).  Cardona added that since Storm cannot challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold, he added the stipulation that if he beats him he can make sure he can challenge for the heavyweight title.

The energy is electric at the Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN.  On commentary is Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and…back by popular demand (?), Austin Idol.  Expect Sky to be exasperated at every turn (which I don’t blame her), and it’s time for the First Match of the night, and the NWA wastes no time as it’s..

Courtesy of the NWA

The NWA Heavyweight Champion, Matt Cardona (c) vs. Tim Storm

Nothing fancy with this match, as Storm outwrestles Cardona early on that he needs to take a powder.  After a breather, the champ climbs back in the ring and tries to trick Storm with a handshake.  But Storm is onto him and beats some respect into Cardona with a big boot to cover for a two count.  Storm keeps up the attack in the corner, and as Cardona leaps away, he pulls up lame as his knee gives.  As the ref checks Storm goes to Cardona, who’s playing possum, and goes to work on The Perfect Storm, and at one point uses his tee shirt to choke out Storm.  Cardona goes up the top turnbuckle, but Storm brings him down with a powerbomb for another two count.  He gets the Perfect Storm finisher for one, two…but Cardona gets a foot on the bottom rope to break the count.  Storm sends Cardona to the corner and rushes at him but he dodges and gets a face wash on Storm.  Storm dares him to do another, and Cardona obliges and drags him to the center of the ring to get the pin.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Matt Cardona

Cardona looks to add more insult to injury using the title belt, but Nick Aldis dives into the ring and makes the save.  The Cardonas start to come out, and Aldis uses the belt to knock out VSK.  Mike Knox gets on the apron…and thinks better of the situation, as The Cardonas regroup as Aldis stands tall.

Kyle Davis Shills for new tee shirts available at NWA’s e-store, but Da Pope comes out and he’s got something to say. He’s been patient and heard certain people saying that NWA needs saving. Well, Pope says he is cashing in the title shot for the Ten Pounds of Gold, and change is coming… courtesy of Da Pope.

But now we got some junior heavyweight action, and it’s time for…

Courtesy of the NWA

“The Revolutionary” Darius Lockhart vs. “The Professional” Rhett Titus

Again, Honor Lives in the NWA, and that’s seen as Lockhart and Titus adhere to the Code of Honor, and it’s a nice technical battle, and both men are putting on a clinic according to Galli.  Titus gets Lockhart in a hammerlock, and he tries to roll out, but The Professional is able to ground The Revolutionary on the mat.  Lockhart gets up to a standing base, but Titus spiked his head hard with a head scissors and keeps on the attack.  But Lockhart answers back with roll-ups for a two count.  Then Titus channels his inner Dory Funk and gets a spinning toe hold submission, but Lockhart on his next revolution goes for another rollup pin, but still gets a two count.  Now both men are swinging for the fences.  When Titus punches, Lockhart returns the receipt.  Then Lockhart gets him backed into the corner, and pummels Titus. The ref goes for the five-count to get Lockhart to break it up, and when he doesn’t respond the bell is rung, and Kyle Davis announces to the crowd…

Your Winner via Disqualification:  Rhett Titus

Lockhart is fuming at the call, but the ref’s call stand.  Titus sticks his hand out and Lockhart reluctantly shakes it, still adhering to The Code. Titus says that he is now in Lockhart’s head, and I smell a feud a-brewing.

May Valentine is backstage with The Briscoes, and Dem Boys are in the NWA. Jay says they are on a roll, having won The Crockett Cup and beat The OGK a few weeks back. Now only one thing is left to do, Mark says and they want the tag team straps worn by legendary tag teams like The Road Warriors.  Jay straight up says La Rebelion should watch their backs, ’cause they’re on the list.

At the Podium with Kyle Davis are Jax Dane and Chris Adonis. Adonis says not to worry about “Johnny come lately” and his fur vest because he states that you have the greatest wrestler to hold the National title twice; The Masterpiece himself. Dane says those are big words, and he’s surprised he knows those words.  As he lists his accolades, he promises to put him on the shelf like he did “Crimson.” Adonis hears that Dane is up for challenges…so how about the Masterlock Challenge.  The fans are up for it, but Dane walks away.   

We get recaps of the NWA USA episode last week.  If you missed it because of some show like WrestleMania, you can read it here.

Up next, we get…

Trevor Murdoch vs. Garrison Creed

Yeah, you can smell the squash here, so enjoy this Spice Roasted Butternut Squash recipe.  In the time it took me to hunt down a good recipe, Murdoch gets in one Piledriver and so long Creed.  Thanks for playing.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Trevor Murdoch

Kyle Davis is with Murdoch at The Podium and gets his thoughts on Pope’s title bid and his rematch Clause. Murdoch state flatly that he’s here to focus on him and him alone; and if he did that before he’d probably still have the Ten Pounds of Gold. Out comes Aron Stevens and he tries to talk sense (!) into Murdoch, and tell him to get out of his head.  When common sense doesn’t work, he gets into character and starts to sing Patience, and Murdoch is not a music fan, as he punches Stevens out cold.

May Valentine is backstage with the owner, William Patrick Corgan, and he addresses everything that’s going on tonight. Starting with the junior heavyweight exhibition, he grants Titus a shot for the NWA Junior Heavyweight title.  Next, Corgan states that Aldis can’t get a shot anymore after he lost at The Crockett Cup.  Now, Murdoch has his rematch, but he’s not sure he’s in the right mind.  He also notes that Da Pope trying to process his title shot is good but isn’t sure when that will take place, whether at a pay-per-view or an episode of Powerrr. For now, he has to work with Cardona, like it or not, and he’s holding the cards.  So whatever happens, he will work with the champ to do what’s right for business.

Finally, Cyon comes out to accept Tyrus’ Slam Challenge.

But before we get to that, Austin Idol steps away from commentary (much to Velvet Sky’s pleasure), and breaks down the rules: which are:

  • Cyon gets three shots to slam Tyrus to the mat
  • If he slams Tyrus, he will get an automatic shot at the Television title

As the NWA Television champ enters the ring, he gets right in Cyon’s face and gestures to show what he has.  Cyon starts with slam attempt number one, and Tyrus manages to push him off.  Cyon refocuses and goes for a second attempt and gets a leg up, but Tyrus starts to lean back to the rope to stop the leverage.  As he goes for his third attempt, Idol yells something to Cyon.  The masked man leans in, and Idol whispers something to his ear, and Cyon is…stunned.  As he tries to regroup, Tyrus is behind him and nails a heart punch the challenge is over.  Tyrus and Idol walk away as the show goes to credits.



Final Thoughts:

This episode of NWA Powerrr feels as though it was run backwards.  Storm/Cardona and Lockhart/Titus brought the in-ring action, and it was great.  Having the Slam Challenge at the end was anticlimactic at best; boring at worst.  Hence, the rating going down by 0.01.

Well, here’s to hoping next week will be better, so see you in seven!