As night two of The Crockett Cup is upon us, the main events that fans are clamoring to see is which tag team will be victorious in this grueling tournament. Also, the Ten Pounds of Gold are on the line, and Nick Aldis is the white knight to defend the honor of the National Wrestling Alliance from Matt Cardona’s wicked ways. With that, and a plethora of titles on the line, we need to step Into The Fire for the second pay-per-view on Fite.TV.

If you missed Night One of The Crockett Cup, check out the action you missed last night here.

All caught up? Good.

Fans get the preshow kickoff, and Kyle Davis at The Podium with the Commonwealth Connection of Harry Smith and Doug Williams, as they eye the vaunted Cup. Williams is banged up and sore, but he’s ready to move on and win. Smith says it’s an honor to be in the NWA and to challenge for the Cup, and he tells the fans that they are looking at greatness. Davis asks Williams about his British Invasion partner Aldis and the upcoming title match, and will he have his back. Tonight, he says, they have eyes on the Cup and then they’ll have eyes on the Ten Pounds of Gold.

The first match is…

“The Legacy” AJ Cazana vs. Big Strong Mims

Fans cheer for the local favorite and third-generation wrestler Cazana, and this match is a case of two big hosses trying to out power the other, but the advantage goes to Mims early on. Cazana tries to wear down the challenger’s lower back, but Mims is… well, Big and Strong. Cazana attempts a Vader bomb and misses, and Mims comes back with a head butt to a clothesline, and then a big Strong Slam ends it.

Your Winner:  Big Strong Mims

May Valentine backstage with the “Revolutionary” Darius Lockhart on the Junior Heavyweight Final. He says that people see him as an underdog, but he’s beaten Daivari and Rinauro to get to the belt, and it will find its way around his waist.  Lockhart assures the fans that the Intergalactic Soul will says to the people that it’s Nation Time.

The next match is a…

Team War Match: Magic Jake Dumas and The Fixers vs. BLK Jeez and GoldRushhh (with Austin Idol) vs. Cyon and The OGK

(Author’s Note:  This was a very involved match, and I’d love to spend time going over it in detail, but this recap needs to be put to bed, and the whiskey is becoming my sleepy time tea).  For the sake of brevity, IdolMania is eliminated early on, and The Fixers renew their feud with The OGK, and Taven gets the win for the team with a Frog Splash on Bradley.

Your Winners:  Cyon and The OGK

Valentine is backstage with Jax Dane. He states Mayweather was never his brother, because brothers don’t let teams down. He’s been the weak link all along, and Dane promises he will climb to the top, using the National champion as a stepping stone. Dane proudly states he killed Crimson, and he’ll murder Mayweather, before telling Mayweather, “You’re welcome for my time.”

And for the final preshow match it is…

Alex Taylor (with Captain YUMA) vs. PJ Hawx

The younger Hawx is showing no ill effects from night one of the Cup, and is able to overcome Taylor with his technical prowess and amateur background.  Taylor has some moves, manages a head snap to cover for a two count, and then Taylor follows with a slingshot senton, and gets another two count. Taylor goes up top, but YUMA says it’s too far. Taylor steps down and says to YUMA to stay out, but Hawx twists up to a grapevine submission, and Taylor taps out.

Your Winner:  PJ Hawx

YUMA gets in the ring, and Taylor punches him in the face.  YUMA gets in his grill, but Taylor hits a low blow, and then a falcon arrow to lay him out.

And now we can officially begin…

Night Two of the Crockett Cup

We’re at The Nashville Fairgrounds once again.  Your commentators Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call, and we need to head right to the first of the …

Semi-Finals for The Crockett Cup:  The Cardonas (VSK and Mike Knox vs. The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay Briscoe)

Mark and VSK start off, with fans still solidly behind “Dem Boys”, and VSK rocks the younger Briscoe, but that doesn’t last long, as a tag to Jay ensures we gets smash mouth Briscoe wrestling, Sandy Fork style.  They send VSK to the ropes, and Knox tags himself in, and they send Mark out, and Knox unleashes his fury, followed by a somersault flip/leg drop combo by The Cardonas.  Jay manages to get the hot tag to Mark, and it’s Redneck Kung Fu Fighting. Mark gets VSK down with a cross arm takedown for a two count.  VSK rakes his eyes, and tags to Knox for a running crossbody to cover for another two count.  Jay takes out Knox, and then both Briscoes hit the signature Redneck Boogie to the Doomsday Device finishers that gets the pin

Your Winners, and Advancing in The Finals:  The Briscoes

But, wait, there’s more, as we get to the second of the…

Semi-Finals for The Crockett Cup:  La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and MechaWolf) vs. The Commonwealth Connection (Harry Smith and Doug Williams)

As La Rebelión are the number one seeds, and favored to win, Bestia and Williams start the match, but Williams utilizes British-style wrestling to slow down the tempo to avoid lucha moves.  A tag to Smith, and the third generation wrestler still shows shades of The British Bulldog power to Bestia.  ‘Wolf comes to chop block Smith, and La Rebelión get back in control.  Smith tries to power through, but ‘Wolf and Bestia target his bad leg to make him a Commonwealth in Peril.  One dragon screw to a leg drop further aggravates leg of Smith to keep him immobile.  Bestia hits the ropes, and runs into a desperation powerslam by Smith. He crawls to his corner to Williams, and he is your Ambassador and he is Chuffed, clearing through La Rebelión.

A Tiger Driver by Williams to ‘Wolf, but Bestia drop kicks him in the face, and he punts the bad leg of Smith. La Rebelión goes for Mark of The Beast, and that blown spot looks painful and it’s a wonder no one got hurt worse.  ‘Wolf gets sent out, and Bestia is isolated, as Williams sets him on Smith’s shoulder and one avalanche British Slam is enough for the pin in a big upset as…

Your Winners, and Advancing in The Finals:  The Commonwealth Connection

Kyle Davis is back at The Podium with Da Pope.  He inquires about his loss early in the Cup tournament and his concussion by Mike Knox and Matt Cardona, and Pope tells “Textile Kyle (hah!)”  this was a reflection of the life and times of Da Pope. He brings up the Champion Series, and he still has a title match in his pocket to use, and he still keeps cards to his chest.  Hmm, that would be interesting to see.

Speaking of interesting, it’s time for the first single match of the night, and it’s for the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA National Championship: Anthony Mayweather (c) vs. Jax Dane

Mayweather goes straight on the attack, and continuing the bitter rivalry with his former War King partner.  Mayweather has the advantage, and Dane pumps the brakes and goes outside.  Mayweather gives chase, and Dane tries to keep separation between him.  At one point, Mayweather leaps from the ring to the outside, and barely clears the ropes in another scary spot. He gets most of Dane, but injures his knee in process.  Dane smells blood and crotches him on the ring post, and goes on the attack but Mayweather is not backing down.  He locks in a single leg crab to his bad knee, and Mayweather is hurting while a Dane relishes the moment.  Mayweather valiantly tries a backslide, but can’t get the leverage. The Champ nails a spinebuster, but pulls up gamely due to the toll on his leg.  Mayweather goes up top for a big elbow and still can’t capitalize for a pin.  Dane toys with his opponent, but Mayweather grabs Dane hand in a desperation armbar, and Dane has to tap out.

Your Winner via Submission, and Still NWA National Champion:  Anthony Mayweather

As the champ is helped back, Dane smirks and then goes out to hurt Mayweather some more. He brings him back to the ring, gets his leg trapped in the ring apron, and gets a spare turnbuckle to further damage his leg. He calls Davis, and he cashes his Champion Series title shot. The match starts again, and one clothesline later, Dane gets the pin, so therefore…

Your Winner via Pinfall, and New NWA National Champion:  Jax Dane

Truly, Mayweather won the battle, but still lost the war.  A pyrrhic victory, indeed.

Now to catch our breath, let’s go to the next match for the…

NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Hex (Allysin Kay and Marti Belle) (c) vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige)

As Paige is debuting a new ‘tude, due to her association with Envy, this is still all Kay and Belle running roughshod from the start, with a Hex Express to Paige.  At one point, Envy tries “twin magic” rolling Paige out, and trying to surprise attack Kay, while Paige takes out Belle and then Kay, but she spots the ruse, and lays her out.

Silly Paige; tricks are for twins!

Pretty Empowered manage to get Belle isolated and she is your Hex in Peril, as Envy gets a cannonball for a two count.  They go for a superkick double team, but Envy hits Paige instead, and Belle gets the hot tag to Kay.  They hit the (very spotty looking) Hex Marks the Spot finisher, and cover for the pin and the win.

Your Winners, and Still NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions:  The Hex

As we reset, referee Jared Fritz comes out with the NWA Junior Heavyweight title belt.  Galli explains that the belt was designed from the original 1960s belt. The initials “BR” and “KF” on the sides of the plate on the belt, and Galli ads they stand for “Buddy Rogers” and the first NWA Junior Heavyweight champion, “Ken Fenelon.”

There’s a nice video package highlighting the men that fought in the tournament, starting from the last PPV, Hard Times 2, to matches in the NWA USA, and that culminates in the finals to crown the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Austin Aries vs. Darius Lockhart vs. Colby Corino vs. Homicide

Corino comes to the ring, wearing a “Jimmy Rave Approved” t-shirt. Homicide, celebrating his birthday today, has a tank saying “Free Cain”, and I’m curious the reaction by fans or talking heads on that fashion choice.

As the bell rings, Homicide and Aries get in each other’s grill. Lockhart and Corino insert themselves in the posturing, but get sent out for their troubles.  Homicide drop kicks Corino outside, and Aries one-ups with a dive to Lockhart. Homicide hits ropes, but Corino uses the ropes for a slingshot spear, and Lockhart gets up top with a crossbody on The Last Bastion for a two count. Lockhart and Corino get rid of the veterans, and Lockhart scouts Corino’s spear, and transitions to a splash for a two count.

He knocks out Corino, but Corino comes back with a Samoan drop to Colby Crush to cover for a two count.  Lockhart counters with a standing lariat for a two count.  Homicide comes back and The Notorious Legend starts chopping at the youngsters, but then Lockhart and Corino back in, and Corino locks a sharpshooter on Homicide.   Lockhart slugs away at Aries, but he counters by getting him in the Last Chancery, but Lockhart and Homicide reach the ropes to break the holds.  Corino and Aries face each other, and Corino gets a spinning tombstone piledriver for a two count.  Lockhart gets Homicide sent out and suplexes Corino to cover, but Aries breaks the count.  Aries counters with a shin breaker to suplex, and tries the IED, but Lockhart ducks away.   Aries fires back with the Discus Five-arm, and now lands the IED with force. He gets Lockhart in the brainbuster and it’s a close two count.  Homicide gets back in the ring, tries his Cop Killa finisher, but Aries gets out. Homicide gets Corino in the Cop Killa, and the ref slaps his hand for the three count.

Your Winner, and the New NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Homicide

Homicide is overcome with emotion as his hand is raised, and he gets a sweet gift for his birthday.

We go back to Kyle Davis at The Podium with Trevor Murdoch, in his street clothes. Davis asks how he’s feeling, and Murdoch is not happy with what’s going on. He’s not upset by Aldis going for the title shot, but he *is* upset that he was still bleeding while Aldis went to the ring and took that opportunity. Murdoch calls bulls***, and says Cardona took everything from him, and then he goes on every podcast to bury him and the company. But the other issue is that *you* cheered on for Cardona (Yeah, you.  The Fans!). He’s got nothing to lose, and he’s not getting “future endeavored” here, and if he gets fired, it’ll be on his terms. At the end of the day, whether it’s Aldis or Cardona, they’ll have to face him down the road.

Remind me never to rile him up.  Also, it’s your fault you chanted for Cardona.  Just saying.

Now it’s time for a three-way dance for the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Kylie Rae vs. Chelsea Green

Galli lets us know that Rae was supposed to be challenging Kamille on PowerrrTrip, but things changed because of travel, and now she will be in this match. As for Green, the story is she  politicked her way to this match, and here we are.  Also, Kamille is noted as holding “The Burke” for 288 days, according to Galli.  While Davis gives boxing style intros, Green gestures (broadly) to her waist, saying the belt is hers.

As the bell rings, Green sends Kamille outside hard, and Rae and Green trade moves, with “Smiley” Kylie coming out on top.  Kamille pulls Green out of the ring, gets behind Rae, and a hits a fallaway slam, but Green goes for pin, and Kamille breaks the count.  Galli notes Green is part of the Cardonas, leading to the best line by Velvet Sky: “Can we not say the ‘C’ Word?”  Genius, I tells ya!

Rae gets aggressive and starts taking it to the champ.  She sends Kamille to the corner, and she does a Ric Flair-style flip over the corner, and Kamille comes back in the ring.  Now Green is back, and rams Kamille’s head on the top turnbuckle, then delivers a double dropkick to both women. Green pins Rae for a two count.  She has full control, trying to put away either Rae or Kamille, but can’t get the pin. Green curb stomps Kamille to the bottom turnbuckle but gets another two count.  Then she sends Rae to the ropes, and “Smiley” Kylie gets Green in a crossface. Kamille goes to break up, and Rae gets both in a double crossface. Green gets a finger on the ropes, and she breaks the hold.  Kamille tackles Rae in the corner, and sends her up top. Green gets behind but is pushed off by the champ. Green comes up from behind, and fans are treated to a powerbomb/suplex Tower of Pain. Green goes to Rae to cover, but only gets a two count.  Back to Kamille, and it’s the same thing, leaving Green frustrated.

There’s chops ahoy by the women, and Rae hits a nasty superkick to Kamille. Green gets a modified facebuster, but Kamille comes after Green with Radio Silence, but Green gets to the ropes to get away from a pin attempt.  The champ picks up Green, and knocks out the ref for a Blue Thunder Bomb, and there’s no one to count the pin.  Rae sends Kamille out, and gets Green in a TKO.  The ref comes to and counts for one, two… no, so close!  Rae argues with the ref, and turns to get a Kamille spear, and it’s academic as The Brickhouse gets the pin

Your Winner, and Still NWA Women’s Champion:  Kamille

Thom Latimer comes out to celebrate, but there’s no Chris Adonis. The rumors are that Strictly Business is breaking up, but that is a subject for another day.

For now let’s head to the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA Television Championship: Tyrus (c) (with Austin Idol) vs. Rodney Mack

So far, Tyrus has defended the belt successfully five times.  Idol is at The Podium, and will not be at ringside, as he tells his “Man-Ster” to take care of business.  This match is, to quote Todd Keneley, going to “the land of the big uglies,” but both men shake hands in a show of respect (!).

Early on, there is a feeling out process.  Mack shows his amateur boxing skills, as Tyrus uses his size, but the Redd Dogg sticks and moves, and brings down the champ.  Tyrus gets a shot in, and he methodically picks apart Mack, and gets a fallaway slam.  Tyrus gets a running splash and gets a one count. Mack keeps coming up for more, but Tyrus slams him back to mat. The Man-ster tries to pin, but keeps getting a one count.  Tyrus goes up top for a high risk maneuver, and Mack cuts off at the pass and nails a massive superplex that takes out both men. Mack covers, but Tyrus has foot on up the ropes.  As they get back up, Tyrus delivers the heart punch, and defense number six in the bag.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Television Champion:  Tyrus

May Valentine is backstage with Aron Stevens, and she asks him as a friend, “Are you Ok?” Stevens then kinda goes off on a tangent and says he will reinvent the division.  I sent a message to Valentine via Instagram, and the exchange went like this:

Me:  What in the blue hell was Stevens saying?

Valentine:  Exactly hahahaha

Glad I wasn’t the only one lost.

Now, Joe Galli has David Crockett and Da Pope joining at commentary, as they get an up-front view of…

The Crockett Cup Finals:  The Briscoes vs. The Commonwealth Connection

Fans, this is a story of Catch Wrestling versus Redneck Kung Fu, with The Briscoes coming up short at the last Cup in 2019.  All four men meet in the middle, giving handshakes of respect, and that is proof that Honor Lives.

Mark and Williams start the match, and they size each other up, but The Ambassador showcases that British wrestling style right from the get-go.  Jay tags in, and the pace quickens, as they display their tag chemistry to isolate Williams.  Williams tags Smith, and the tempo changes as he showcase his power moves on Mark.  He escapes Smith’s offense, and big brother Jay sets up a Jay Driller, but it gets reverses to a back suplex.  Tag to Williams, and the Connection nail with clothesline to the corner into a powerslam, and Williams covers for a two count.  The fans chant for “Dem Boys”, but the Connection keep Jay isolated from Mark, and he is your Briscoe in Peril.

Smith keeps on the attack with devastating head-butts, and then Williams and Smith make a wish with Jay’s legs.  Williams has the elder Briscoe with a side headlock and Jay fights out, and gets a flying dropkick. Dazed, he tags Mark and Chicken is showing that Redneck Kung Fu.  Mark gets a fisherman brainbuster for a two count, and then goes for the Froggy Bow, but Williams blocks that move. Jay brawls with Williams on the outside of the ring, and Smith and Mark are up top the turnbuckles fighting, and Smith gets a textbook superplex to cover, but only a two count for his trouble.  Williams tags in, and gets a Tiger Driver, but gets a two count.  A Pier Four brawl erupts in the ring, and Jay and Smith keep fighting on the outside.  Williams and Mark are back on their feet, and Mark gets a side suplex.  Jay is back, and he gets a DVD and Mark lands the Froggy Bow for one, two…no! So close!  Jay tries his Jay Driller, and Williams comes from behind with a waistlock, and Smith kick him to a suplex that gets a two count.  There’s miscommunication by the Connection, allows Jay to get the Jay Driller on Williams, and then Mark goes up top for the big elbow for one, two, and three!

Your Winners of The Crockett Cup:  The Briscoes

After three years, Dem Boys get the win.  Smith and Williams give a show of Honor and Respect shaking hands.  The Briscoes come out and shake David Crockett’s hand as they hoist the Cup in victory.

There is a neat video package of what led to the confrontation between Cardona and Aldis that you can check here as part of the NWA’s Ten Pounds of Gold Series:

With that, here’s the second Main Event, and it’s for the…

Courtesy of the NWA

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: “Alwayz Ready” Matt Cardona (c) vs. “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis, with Jeff Jarrett as Special Guest Referee

As both men head to the ring, a sign in the crowd says, “Aldis has that Big Nick Energy.”  Cardona comes out with a plush purple robe that is reminiscent of “The Nature Boy’s” wardrobe.  The Fairgrounds is electric, as Davis gives boxing style intros.  As Jarrett says to both men he wants a clean fight, Cardona jumps Aldis right away. He Backs up Cardona, and *now* he rings the bell.  Aldis goes right at Cardona, and the champ backs out of the ring to rethink strategy.  Aldis goes straight at the upstart, and rains punishment. Jarrett is calling it down the middle, as Aldis sends Cardona out of the ring the hard way.  Cardona is getting frustrated and he flips off Storm, who is beside himself, and Cardona starts to walk away with the title belt. Jarrett stops the count out, and gets a mic, and says to Cardona, “Listen slapnuts!” Jarrett emphatically states this match will continue until there is a winner, and orders him to get back in the ring. Cardona refuses, and Storm leaves commentary and flings him back in.

Aldis goes for pin, and Cardona walks away. Aldis gives chase, and starts brawling in the crowd.  At one point, Cardona gets the upper hand, hits Aldis on The Podium, and pushes Jarrett away, but Aldis returns with suplexes on the stage floor. He has Cardona in a side headlock and brings in the champ the hard way, but Cardona gets back in control with Russian leg sweeps to the guardrails. He yells that he’s the champ, and the crowd is split 60/40 for Cardona. Cardona is “Always Ready” and dropkicks Aldis on the outside, and hits a double arm DDT to the concrete floor, like he did to Murdoch.  Back in ring, Cardona is in control, and he takes the tape off his wrists to strangle Aldis, but Jarrett pulls him off. One neckbreaker later, and Cardona gets two count.  Aldis tries to stand, and Cardona gets a double axe handle to cover for another two count.

Cardona locks with a sleeper hold, and Aldis is fading. Jarrett checks his arm, and they drop once.  Then a second time, and then… Aldis comes back to life with a backdrop suplex to clear the cobwebs.  Cardona gets back and hits his leg on Aldis’ neck, and then struts like Jarrett, but Aldis knocks him back down and both men are out.   Jarrett starts to count, and he’s up to the eight count, and Aldis comes back with a Michinoku Driver for a two count.  Aldis fires up, but Cardona nails a codebreaker, and then tries a Figure Four (Woo!) leglock, but Aldis rolls up and the champ escapes. Now Aldis shows how it’s done, and Cardona writhes in pain as he reaches the ropes to break the submission.

Aldis rushes and hits the turnbuckles, and Cardona uses the Unprettier for a pin, but gets another two count to his shock.  Cardona goes to the corner and gets the Ten Pounds of Gold.  He swings and misses Aldis, and The National Treasure gets a tombstone piledriver, following up to a big elbow for one, two… Cardona kicks out by just by a hair!  Aldis grabs the belt, and Jarrett rips it away from him. As he puts away the belt in the corner, Cardona gets a low blow to Aldis’ little “Treasures” to hit his signature Reboot, and then nails Radio Silence for one, two… Aldis kicks out, and Cardona is agog. The champ goes for another Reboot, and Aldis sends him outside the hard way.

Soon, VSK and Knox come out from backstage, and Jarrett tries to keep them away from the ring, and that brings out Smith and Williams and they brawl with The Cardonas, and it’s pandemonium in the Fairgrounds.  VSK gets in the ring, and Jarrett clocks him and sends out, but Chelsea Green comes from behind and hits a low blow to his nether region, but Mickie James comes out to help her man, and sends the Hot Mess out.  Now Aldis has Cardona in position and gets his legs in the Kingslayer cloverleaf, and as Cardona taps, Jarrett looks and signals for the bell.  Aldis is ecstatic, and goes to James, but Jarrett is talking to Davis, as he announces…

Your winner by Disqualification, and Still NWA Heavyweight Champion:  Matt Cardona

Jarrett saw James, and assumed she hit him in his… err, slapnuts.  Aldis is beside himself with disbelief, while new James pleads the case.  All that is for naught, as The Cardonas celebrate the win, as the show fades to black.




Final Thoughts:

Just straight bell-to-bell action, and the show left fans wanting more, especially as it relates to the Ten Pounds of Gold.  Cardona is here to stay, and the NWA could use a champ like him for guys like Aldis, Murdoch, et al to chase after.

Congrats to Homicide on earning the Junior Heavyweight belt, as well as The Briscoes earning the elusive Crockett Cup.  If the rumors are true and AEW isn’t going to bring in “Dem Boys” once ROH launches, their loss is the NWA’s gain.  Also, kudos to the NWA National and Women’s title matches, respectively.

Time to relax, as we will see you this Tuesday for NWA POWERRR and this Saturday for NWA USA!