It’s the first Wednesday night after Revolution and you know what that means — fallout! Not that there is much. No titles changed hands on Sunday, so the two biggest results were Eddie Kingston beating Chris Jericho and not getting his handshake and CM Punk taking care of MJF in a bloody dog collar match. Let’s get right into it.

The Demo God himself, Chris Jericho, kicks off the show, heading to the ring. He calls his match with Kingston one of his best matches of his career and maybe his best AEW match. Kingston brought out something in him, but Jericho acknowledges that he didn’t live up to his word by not shaking hands. Jericho invites Kingston to the ring so he can apologize and shake his hand.

Eddie joins Jericho in the ring. Kingston says he wanted to give up before the match, because Chris got in his head. He was afraid, but several fans at fanfest gave him the courage and a reason to win. He wanted to make those people proud. An emotional Kingston hopes he did those fans proud. The other issues is that the handshake was for Jericho. What problem does Jericho have?

Jericho knows everything that Kingston said was right. He respects Eddie and would be honored if he shook his hand. The two shake hands, but are interrupted by 2.0 and Daniel Garcia. They attack Jericho and Kingston. Ortiz and Santana run down and clear the ring. Santana has Garcia and Ortiz hand a bat to Jericho. He takes a swing and hits Santana. 2.0 jumps in the ring to join in on the beat down. Jake Hagar runs out confused. He wants to know what is going on. Hagar attacks Ortiz and joins in on the beat down. Jericho taunts Kingston and nails him with the bat. Hagar powerbombs Eddie through a table onto the floor. Chris grabs the microphone calling the group the Chris Jericho Appreciation Society.

Hangman Adam Page (champion) vs. Dante Martin (challenger) – AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match

The two shake hands to start off. Fun fact — Dante Martin is the youngest wrestler to challenge for the AEW title. Let’s be honest, Martin is not winning this match, but that doesn’t stop him from hitting some high spots. He kicks Page off the apron and follow with a moonsault off the turnbuckle to the floor. He goes high risk again, but Page powerbombs the young challenger out of mid-air. The champ follows up with the Buckshot Lariat and covers to get the win.

Winner…and still AEW World Heavyweight Champion…via pinfall: Hangman Adam Page

After the match, Tony Schiavone interviews the champ. Page wants Martin to return to the ring. The champ wants Martin to know if he is able to get another match he would love to do it again. Adam Cole walks out, saying he proved that Page is not untouchable. He calls the loss a fluke. Cole says Page will not get lucky again and next week he is challenging him to a six man tag team match. Cole has two guys that know the champ well. Cole wants to make the champs life a living hell. Cole will not stop until he gets that title.

Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley w/William Regal vs. The Workhorseman JD Drake and Anthony Henry

Well, Drake gets a nickname, but no entrance, so I’m predicting a beat down here. Danielson tags in to unloads kicks on Drake. Henry tags in and catches a knee to the gut. Mox then pummels him into the corner. Danielson locks Henry in a surfboard allowing Mox to chop him. Moxley takes two big chops from Drake, but then takes him down with a lariat. Danielson tags in, hitting the psycho knee. Bryan stomps on Drake’s head before applying the Lebell lock. Drake taps out.

Winners via pinfall: Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley

Tony Schiavone hits the ring for another interview, welcoming William Regal to the company. It’s been 29 years since these two were on TBS together. An emotional Regal thanks Schiavone for helping him 29 years ago. Enough of being nice, Regal had checked out of the business over the last two months, until someone told him that Danielson mentioned him on TV. Regal took interest and had to watch. Regal says Danielson is the wrestler he should have been. When he heard that Mox and Danielson were going to face off, he had to come out. He calls these two the perfect combination and can take anyone to the next level. Anyone who steps into the ring with them will not like the outcome.

Alex Marvez is backstage with the Dark Order and wants to know their relationship with Hangman Adam Page. The champ interrupts and apologizes for Sunday. John Silver wants to know who Page is selecting from the Dark Order. Hangman actually ran into Jurassic Express and they agreed to team with him. AWKWARD!

Wheeler Yuta w/Orange Cassidy and Danhausen vs. Pac w/Penta Oscuro and Alex Abrahantes

The rest of the Best Friends come to ringside. Yuta with an inverted atomic drop. Pac runs into boot and Yuta with a leg drop from the top turnbuckle. Pac kicks out. A mule kicks sends Wheeler to the mat. Pac gets a near fall after bridging into a pin after a German suplex. Pac takes Wheeler up top, hitting an avalanche brain buster. Pac locks in the Brutalizer and Yuta is forced to tap out.

Winner via submission: Pac

Adam Cole, The Young Bucks and ReDRagon are on the Cutlercast. Cole brings up the fact that nobody won titles on Saturday, but next week things are going to change. Cole describes everything the Young Bucks are, who say they won’t face Adam Page. Cole cuts them off and says he was actually going to pick O’Reilly and Fish. Well that was also AWKWARD!

FTR tells Alex Marvez they want ReDRagon and the Young Bucks. Tully Blanchard interrupts, saying that FTR needs to focus on winning the titles and not revenge. FTR takes issue with this and straight up fire Tully.

The AHFO is in the ring for their board meeting. Andrade wants to know where Hardy’s suit is. Matt isn’t wearing it because it transforms him into a jerk, just like Andrade. Hardy wants to make things right and take a vote. Matt knows he has the votes to stay. Andrade and Jose vote to boot him, but Hardy and Private Party vote to keep him. Hardy keeps talking as Private Party give him the thumbs down. Hardy can’t believe the betrayal and Andrade decks him from behind. The Butcher and Blade join in on the beat down and Andrade lands a big boot.

Darby Allin and Sting walk out to the ring and attack despite the numbers. Not a smart move, as the number overwhelm them. Then it happens. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he runs to the ring and clears house. Matt hits the Blade with a Twist of Fate and Jeff follows with a Swanton Bomb. The brothers are back.

Shane “Swerve” Strickland will make his AEW debut Friday on Rampage. Tony Nese isn’t happy he didn’t get the reception that Swerve got when he signed. Strickland is more than happy to revisit their Friday night history together.

Tony Schiavone welcomes the new “Face of the Revolution” to the ring, Wardlow. I’m sorry, “Mr. Mayhem” Wardlow. Even though Wardlow is still under contract to MJF, Wardlow is ready to step out on his own. He thought the work with Max would give him the chance to do his own thing. He ended up just helping MJF fulfill his dreams. Wardlow wants us to forgive him for associating with MJF. Wardlow wants to provide his family with a better life and Max was his way of getting his foot in the door. No matter how much Max is paying him, Wardlow is sick of the disrespect. Last week when MJF slapped him that sealed Max’s fate. Wardlow is no longer watching his back and he is no longer part of the Pinnacle. Wardlow is free, that is until MJF releases him from his contract. He won’t waste any more time on MJF, which is why he won’t attack him. Wardlow wants to win the TNT title and get a new contract and then move onto bigger things. This is now Wardlow’s world.

Alex Marvez is backstage with QT Marshall, who wants to talk with Keith Lee. Marshall says they have a common enemy in Team Taz. QT wants Lee to know that he and the Factory have his back. Lee tells him that he’s good. Marshall doesn’t take that answer well.

Jurassic Express (champions) w/Christian Cage vs. The Acclaimed – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Jungle Boy catches an elbow on the apron from Max Caster and then Anthony Bowens takes him down with a clothesline on the floor. Back in the ring, Jungle Boy opens up some space from Bowens and gets the hot tag to Luchasaurus. He goes post to post and then takes down Bowens and Caster with a dual clothesline. Bowens makes the save after a standing moonsault to Max. JB tags in, as Luchasaurus sets Caster up. Bowens knocks Jungle Boy off the top rope and a low bridge sends the dino to the floor. Caster hits the Mic Drop, but Lucharsaurus breaks the pin. Jungle Boy takes a dual powerbomb and somehow kicks out of the pin. Christian stops Caster from bringing in a chain. Bowens is pickup on Luchasaurus shoulders and JB hits a springboard Doomsday Device. He covers Bowens and gets the pin.

Winners… and still AEW World Tag Team Champions…via pinfall: Jurassic Express

Jade Cargill wants to know who’s next. Mark Sterling wants to know who’s left? Jade wants to know who is going to step up for the kiss of the death.

“Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa – Number One Contender Match

The winner of the match will face Britt Baker next week for the AEW Women’s title. Hirsch works over the arm of Rosa and stomps on her elbow. Rosa with a drop toe hold into the ropes and she drop kicks Hirsch in the back and then catches her with one in the mid-section. Rosa with a running forearm in the corner, but Hirsch counters with suplex and goes up top. Rosa catches her and hits a superplex. She follows with a neck breaker and a sliding clothesline. Leyla goes to the floor and grabs a piece of the ring. Red Velvet runs down and stops her. She tosses Hirsch into the ring and Rosa wants the Fire Thunder Driver, but Hirsch counters into an arm bar. Rosa is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. Rosa hits the Fire Thunder Driver and gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Thunder Rosa

After the match, Red Velvet celebrates with her. Tony Schiavone informs Rosa that her match next week against Britt Baker will be in a steel cage.

In the back, Britt Baker wants to know why Thunder Rosa got a match right after losing on Sunday. Baker says Mercedes Martinez won’t be available after Jamie Hayter takes her out. Baker also knows that Thunder Rosa beat her last year in the Lights Out match, but in the long run who really came out on top.

Sammy Guevara (champion) vs. Scorpio Sky (challenger) w/Dan Lambert and “All Ego” Ethan Page – TNT Championship Match

The two trade chops. Sammy leaps frogs Sky and takes him down with a drop kick. Scorpio catches Guevara on the floor with a big right, but Guevara is able to drive Sky into the security railing. He grabs a table and Lambert is pleading with the ref to stop him. Guevara escapes off Sky’s shoulders and nails him with a super kick. Sammy goes for the 630 senton, but Sky rolls off the table. Guevara crashes and burns. Tay Conti, Sammy’s girlfriend, runs down to check on him.

During the picture in picture commercial, Sammy is checked on my AEW officials. He is helped to his feet and up the ramp. Sammy wants to fight, though. He returns to the ring. Sammy spits in Scorpio’s face and the two unload on each other. Sky tosses the champ through the ropes to the floor, where Tay comforts him. Sky talks trash to Conti. Paige VanZant gets in Conti’s face from the front row as Sky continues the beatdown on Guevara. Scorpio with a chin lock. Guevara fights to his feet and lands chops. The champ connects with a back elbow and hits the springboard cutter. Sky kicks out. Sammy floats out of the TKO and lands a super kick. Guevara hits the GTH, but Sky rolls under the ropes, so he can’t make the pin. Sammy goes up top, but Sky blocks the shooting star press with his knees. Lambert jumps to the apron, as does Ethan Page. Conti yanks Page to the floor. Paige VanZant grabs Tay from behind and rams her into the ring steps. Scorpio takes advantage of a distracted Guevara and hits the TKO. He covers and gets the three count.

Winner… and new TNT Champion… via pinfall: Scorpio Sky

Dan Lambert and Ethan Page celebrate with Sky in the ring, who decks Guevara with the title belt. Conti runs in to check on Sammy. VanZant cracks her in the head and then signs her AEW contract on Conti’s back. See you in a week.


AEW Dynamite 3/9/2022

Hertz Arena, Fort Myers, Florida

The first show after Revolution served a great jumping off point for new stories. The Inner Circle may be finished as Chris Jericho and Jake Hagar turned on Santana and Ortiz, while bringing 2.0 and Daniel Garcia. It also doesn’t look good for Sammy Guevara, who dropped the TNT title to Scorpio Sky, backed by America Top Team. Wardlow officially announced he will no longer work with MJF. AHFO kicked out the founder Matt Hardy, leading to the AEW debut of Jeff Hardy.