There were no big upsets on night one of the New Japan Cup with the heavy favourites moving ahead.

The only close match-up was Yano versus Taichi. Yano and Taichi argued before the match. Taichi told Yano they might as well remove all of the turnbuckles as Yano will do so anyways. Yano tried to roll up Taichi as he proceeds to remove one of the turnbuckle pads. Yano pulled a blue tarp from under the ring. He attempts to cover Taichi in it but Miho Abe shields him.

Miho Abe protects her man, Taichi. Courtesy: NJPW.

Taichi put the bag over Yano and left him on the floor. Yano cannot see where he is going but stumbles back into the ring before he is counted out. The official manages to get Yano out of the bag and that ticks off Taichi. Taichi puts the bag over the ref’s head. Yano rolls up Taichi. There is no official to count the fall though. Taichi wins with a knockout punch. With Tenzan forfeiting due to a knee injury, Taichi gets a bye into round three.

New Japan Cup 2022 Night One

CIMA versus TAKA Michinoku

CIMA scores his first win of the tournament with his double knees from the top rope. Poor Taka. It hurts to see NJPW just jobbing him out like this. Man, I want to see Stronghearts more in NJPW. They have always been awesome as individuals or as a unit.

Winner: CIMA

Tomoaki Honma versus Yoshi-Hashi

Hashi puts Honma away with Karma. Honma fought like hell, though.

Winner: Yoshi-Hashi

Yuji Nagata versus Hirooki Goto

Goto barely escapes with his life but he manages to pin Nagata with a leg lock and a bridging pin.

Winner: Hirooki Goto

Togi Makabe versus Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb has his right leg all wrapped up. Cobb takes Makabe to the floor, hoists him up slamming him into the steel post. There is very little offense from Togi. Cobb even tries to pin Togi with his little fingers. Togi finally gets some clotheslines and punches in. Togi misses the King Kong Knee Drop. Cobb pins Makabe with Tour of the Islands.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Toru Yano versus Taichi

Winner: Taichi

Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Yoh

Tanahashi wins with a Slingblade and a Dragon Suplex.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

Tetsuya Naito versus Yujiro Takahashi

Yujiro rams Naito into the official. Evil and Sho hit the ring. They beat the stuffing out of Naito. In an unexpected move, Yujiro tells his House of Torture pals that he wants to beat Naito one-on-one. Evil and Sho do as they are asked and leave the ring. Minutes later, Yujiro calls for his cane. The official is distracted as Yujiro catches his cane. Naito punches Yujiro in the “lower abdomen” and rolls him up for the pin. An irate Evil leaps into the ring, fights off some Young Lions and puts the boots to Naito. Naito tosses Evil into the air and as he lands kicks him in the “lower abdomen”.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito

Kazuchika Okada versus El Desperado

Okada wins with a drop kick, Landslide and Rainmaker.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada

Kazuchika Okada will now face Master Wato in round two.

Hirooki Goto will take on Dick Togo.

CIMA will face Yoshinobu Kanemaru.

Hiroshi Tanahashi will take on Bad Luck Fale.

Tetsuya Naito will take on Gedo.

Jeff Cobb will meet Satoshi Kojima.

With Kota Ibushi also having to forfeit, The Great-O-Khan gets a bye into the second round where he faces Taiji Ishimori.