AEW President Tony Khan has teased a major announcement for tonight’s episode of Dynamite. With AEW heading into a PPV on Sunday, that could mean anything. Giving this much lead time just to announce a new signing seems a bit underwhelming…unless it’s to announce that Cody Rhodes is returning. Now that would be the greatest work ever. Enough talking, let’s get to the show.

They aren’t screwing around, Tony Khan is in the ring with Tony Schiavone. Khan cuts right to the chase saying this will the biggest week for the company. He then drops the bombshell; AEW has purchased Ring of Honor wrestling! And the era of Honor stars now.

Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels

The two men observe the code of honor as the match starts. The two trade holds and then eventually stop and shake hands in the middle of the ring. Bryan locks in a hammerlock and then forces a pin by standing on the other arm of Daniels. He kicks out and sends Danielson to the floor. He connects with a springboard moonsault to the floor. In the ring, Bryan kicks Daniels out of mid air with a kick. Danielson works over the back with multiple stretches and submission, but Bryan is flirting with a DQ holding on until the ref hits a four count.

Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Bomb and follows with running forearm strikes. Daniels runs into a kick in in the corner, but is able to slam Bryan from the top turnbuckle. Danielson counters the Angle’s Wings with a German suplex. Bryan with a running drop kick in the corner. Daniels with a flying cross body. The two trade near falls, countering each other at every turn. Bryan with a rolling elbow strike that only gets him a two count. Daniels cuts down Bryan on the top turnbuckle. Bryan blocks a hurricanrana, but leaps into slam. Daniels looks for the best moonsault ever, but Daniels counters into a triangle choke. Daniels passes out and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner via submission: Bryan Danielson

After the match, Danielson talks of the history with ROH and Daniels. Bryan wants to end the match with a handshake, like they sued to. Danielson isn’t in ROH anymore; he is AEW. Bryan stomps Daniels head into the mat. He wants Jon Moxley to know that on Sunday his head will be stomped into the mat.

Mox makes his way to the ring, telling Bryan that he is at a crossroads. He is going to choose a path that goes through Danielson and beat the American Dragon. Jon Moxley’s story is just beginning. Mox wants Danielson to take his shot right now. Bryan squares up, but then rolls out of the ring.

Darby Allin and Sting talk about the upcoming match at Rampage against Sammy Guevara.

Casino Tag Team Battle Royal – Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match

Top Flight, Dante and Darrius Martin, have reunited for the match. Surprisingly the Young Bucks are not the last team to enter. Austin and Colton Gunn are immediately tossed over the top rope after they enter. Tag teams just keeping coming out of the tunnel; I didn’t even know AEW had this many. Danhousen isn’t in the match, but he emerges from under the ring to put the curse on Evil Uno. And it works, Uno is knocked off the apron and eliminated. Eventually the Battle Royal is whittled down to FTR, Top Flight and the Young Bucks. Cash Wheeler pops up Dante Martin, who takes him over the top with  a hurricanrana. Unfortunately momentum takes Martin to the floor as well. Dax Harwood lands on the apron, but is distracted by ReDRagon, who have come to ringside. The Bucks superkick Dax to the floor. ReDRagon attack on the floor. Darrius Martin is left alone with the Bucks. He takes the fight to them. He tries to eliminate Nick, but Brandon Cutler makes the save. Matt Jackson accidently knocks Nick to the floor. Darrius thinks he has the win, but Matt skins the cat. Both men fight on the apron. A low blow staggers Martin and a superkick sends him to the floor.

Winners: The Young Bucks

After the match, ReDRagon joins the Bucks in the ring. AEW Tag Team champions, Jurassic Express walk out on stage.

Chris Jericho, who is looking great, talks about his upcoming match with Eddie Kingston. Jericho still can’t relate to him, as Jericho has been such a big star for so long. Chris continues to sow the seeds of doubt in Kingston mind. If Jericho loses, he will look Eddie in the eye, shake his hand and tell him he has his respect. Ortiz and Santana crash the promo, turns out they are good.

CM Punk is in the ring; he used to ask himself if he is the bad guy. Up until last week, he thought Max was the bad guy. It took MJF courage to say what he did last week, but Punk can’t shake the feeling that he is being gas lit. Punk doesn’t think MJF is lying, but he does question the sincerity. What happened to MJF does knot excuses the things he has done and said in AEW. He wants Mex to come out so they can talk in front of the world.

MJF makes his way to the ring. Punk tells MJF the awful things he has done in his career. He wants MJF to know that all the hate he has will burn him up. This is now about the kids that look up to him. Punk believes that he is trying to be the good guy and offers a hand to MJF. Max doesn’t shake his hand, he embraces Punk in a hug. Punk is reciprocates. There it is; MJF kicks Punk in the junk. He hits him with the heat seeker DDT and reveals he is wearing a shirt with the photo of him with Punk as a kid. Wardlow and Shawn Spears bring the dog collar to the ring. MJF strikes Punk with the diamond ring. FTR runs interference on security. Punk is busted open as MJF continues the assault. Spears puts the collar on Punk and hangs him off the ropes. MJF calls Punk a stupid old man. Sting, Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara finally run in to make the save.

Ricky Starks once again interrupts a Keith Lee interview. Lee tells him that there won’t be a third time.

Britt Baker DMD and Jamie Hayter w/Rebel vs. Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez

All four women brawl on the ramp before the bell can even ring. Rosa and Britt spill into the ring and the match officially begins. Rebel distracts the ref, allowing Jamie and Britt to double team Rosa. After a commercial break, Mercedes gets the hot tag. She hits Hayter with a T-Bone suplex. Baker makes a blind tag, and the two double team Martinez. Rosa gives Britt the Stone Cole salute and slap her hard across the face. Baker rolls way from the foot stomp, but then misses the Ripcord. Rosa with a Death Valley Driver, but Hayter breaks the pin at two. Mercedes takes care of Hayter. Rosa hits Baker with a fall away piledriver and covers to get the win.

Winners via pinfall: Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez.

Tay Conti is with Anna Jay and tries to talk with Alex Marvez. Jade Cargill crashes the interview and Anna has to hold her girl back.

Wardlow w/Shawn Spears vs. Cezar Bononi

Bononi doesn’t even get an entrance. Oh no. Wardlow power bombs him three times and picks up the win.

Winner via pinfall: Wardlow

Spears wants to take the chair to Bononi but Wardlow shuts him down. The two go face to face. Spears backs down.

Malakai Black warns the Death Triangle that judgment day is coming for them.

Shawn Spears gets MJF to talk to Wardlow. Max lets Wardlow know he can keep the TNT if he wins it, but it doesn’t matter because that won’t happen. Wardlow mouths off. MJF slaps him, reminding him that he is the bodyguard; not a wrestler. MJF threatens to ruin Wardlow’s life.

Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish vs. Hangman Adam Page, Adam Silver and Alex Reynolds

This match devolves into a six man brawl in the ring. Cole and Page are the two left standing and Cole connects with a huge lariat. Cole answers with an enziguri. Reynolds makes the blind tag and ends up getting a super kick. Cole lowers the boom with a knee strike and covers to get the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish

After the bell, Cole pounds on Reynolds. Hangman makes the save and then goes to the apron, looking for the Buckshot Lariat. Fish kicks out Page’s legs and all three men assault the champ in the ring. O’Reilly and Fish duct tape Page to the ropes. John Silver is rolled back into the ring only to take the Hight Low from ReDRagon and then a Panama Sunrise from Cole. Page with a head butt to Cole, only to take two super kicks. Cole picks up the belt and taunts Page to end the show. See you next week!


AEW Dynamite

Daily's Place, Jacksonville, Florida

Tony Khan teased a big announcement and he did not disappoint. AEW buying Ring of Honor is about as big as you can get. Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley furthered their story, after Bryan beat Christopher Daniels. The Tag Team Battle Royal is what it is and no surprise the Young Bucks won. Once again, MJF is the MVP of the show with his interaction with CM Punk. What a great build for Revolution.